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Health Issues P3/P4

  1. DenverGirl
    Hey ladies - sorry I haven't been on in a while, but I have been having some issues since moving to P4. My doctor and i think it most likely is a coincidence, but my ovary got really enlarged during ovulation - to the point that it was causing some sharp pain in my abdomen and causing some problems in the bathroom. . I had pretty much stabilized at 1.8 above LDW for the last 4 weeks, but when this happened, I shot up 7 lbs in two days. I had a number of concerns as it's my first week of P4, so I didn't know if the eating did it or what. In reviewing the timing on my cycle, it appears to be strictly coincidental. The good news is that i'm down five pounds since the upswing and I'm feeling much better. Nothing to panic about right now, but something I will need to watch.

    So glad to see everyone is doing so well. Barring any further problems, I will definitely be loading for Round 2 Memorial day weekend.
  2. zeekman
    Gosh, that is terrible. Please take care of yourself. Best wishes coming your way for a speeding heeling process.
  3. Jenn
    Hope your back to normal soon!
  4. zeekman
    So Denver Girl - lurking here to see what you found out?
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