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How to Do Phase 3

  1. zeekman
    Ok help guys...I am ready to start P3 and don't have a clue....do I stop taking my pellets for a few days and still do the 500 calories? Help...then what do I eat? How much?
  2. hoping2losefat
    Yes, stop the pellets for 72 hours and then you can start your P3. Just remember to take it slow and add in one thing at a time. The first thing I added was eggs, then bacon, then cheese in my omelets. I mixed P2 veggies just fine. I'm technically in P4 but haven't added in potatoes or pasta yet. I probably won't since I'll be doing a second round. Good luck Brenda!
  3. zeekman
    Thank helps...thanks. So basically add in a breakfast, so eggs...and a fat of some sort. So can that be oil or pam that you cook with?

    So can we order from a restaurant now...like grilled chicken? And count the oil as a fat?
  4. zeekman
    This was really helpful if anyone else needs it

  5. hoping2losefat
    Yes, add fat to the pan......olive oil, coconut oil is good too but at a low temp, and add in Fage yogurt when you are ready...any significant jump in the scale and you want to eat clean for the next couple of days, or steak day if you need to.
  6. Loul29
    Is Greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom okay? Or does it have to be plain? I am curious as to how you guys did in u2 and for any advice you could give me. Greatly appreciated!
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