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    Hey you, I just realized I have no idea what to call you, lol. I don't think I have ever seen you post your name. So for now, you are my 'little' friend in Russia. =) I completely understand how it overtakes you. I have the same issues. I let loose a little too much in P4 and the scale climbed and climbed and climbed. I started doing what my personal trainer brain would tell me to do. Started P90X and eating a balanced diet. I did this for 8wks and lost NOTHING! Honestly I think I messed things up when I went into P4 too early. We went out for our anniversary about 1.5wks into P3 and I ate LOTS of carbs and from then on just let myself eat them throughout the day. So I don't think my body was able to reset properly. So now, I have been back on hcg(vlcd) for 4 days and have already lost 6.4lbs of the 13 I gained. Yikes, I still can't believe I gained that much! I visit the boards often to check up on you and I see that you are doing REALLY well.
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    Thank you for keeping up with posting....it really helps me actually. We are close to the same size so you always give me hope. Oh and the thing with raising girls, I am so there right now. My almost 13yr old is having a hard time growing.....We just try to teach her/them that we have to do things to take care of ourselves and then be who God created us to be. I am STILL learning that lesson in my 30's though....
    Ps. I just saw a place where you posted your name so I guess you won't be my 'little' friend from Russia anymore, lol.
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    Thanks, I kind of changed up my hair a bit. It's temporary but I am loving it! It should last a few months.
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    Yes, I am excited for my son. He just graduated from college in Sept and got this job in Dec. His degree is in Video game design/programming. This company develops 3D modeling and software for a variety of businesses and he is traveling to set up these 3D showcases for them. I think!!! LOL he explains and I don't understand exactly all he is doing, but I think that is close. He just gets to do alot of traveling the world and he is thrilled by it! I am for him, too. And don't worry,,,I think Belize is technically considered central america---- it is a bit on southern Yucatan peninsula--- I am doing final fitting for dress today, so I am hoping all this reshaping is staying where it is supposed too!!! LOL

    Back to work for me---hope all is well there---and sounds like you are doing great, keep it up!
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    The protein shake I use, is sweetened with stevia. Yes, sucrlose is a form of sugar/sugar alcohol, but I would say you would be safe to use sparingly in P4, when you need some more protein and are on run and short on time, etc. It is my go to when I am having to work very early or know I won't get to eat till later in morning. Also, if I really need to up my protein too.
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    HI,,,oh, your welcome. So many have helped me, I am happy to pass it on if I can---but certainly not the expert!!

    On the Bleu Cheese dressing--- I buy it--there is a brand Marie's Bleu cheese that doesn't have sugar in it. That is what I would look for there--but you are so close to P4 & "life" yeah! That I would still try to find a yogurt based or as little sugar added. Even on P4, I just try to steer away from as much added sugar as possible---to me, no reason to waste that on something I can't really taste it in!!! LOL I have never tried to make my own dressings--some do, but think I am kinda lazy about that and not too fanatical--just find the one with purest ingredients I can.
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    Hope all is well!!! Hey, my son is traveling to Russia possibly in next few months. No, I am not sure exactly where yet--but I let you know. He is off to Romania first I believe---anyway---I am a bit jealous, I would love to visit that area! Keep me posted, I am leaving for Belize on March 5---wedding day is March 9th! yeah----and back on Mar 16th. So I am very motivated to keep stable as my dress was fitted and she definitely made it fit like a glove.....no room for error

    I don't like how our messages come out as the last one is on top----sorry...
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    I know last time on P3 I tried more of the baking with almond flour, etc and I ended up stabilizing about 4 lbs over my LDW and having to adjust that LDW up. So, this has been better for me. But I would encourage you to just eat clean and not be hungry! I also just went to California to visit my daughter and had no scale, always a bit scary in middle of P3, but just ate as P3 as possible---no sugar or starch cheating---and I actually saw a 1lb loss over the 4 days when I got back.
    Sometimes, just not stressing and making best choices will let your body stabilize where it should be. Seems even on last rounds I would fight it and once I realized it was going to stabilize where it wanted----it was easier.
    But again,,,,if you are not sure what is causing you problems, go back to P2 type foods you know are ok--but more of course, and start adding things again slowly and see what causes the jump. Maybe you can discern what you are sensitive to then.
    Sorry,,,got a little wordy there!
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    Are you going over the 2lb LDW in one day when you do steak day? What they say is, if you add something new (dairy, nuts, etc) and the next day jump over that 2lb in one day, then a steak day is in order. But if you are staying within that limit and up down a lb, I do think that is stable. That is what mine has been doing also. And if I see it go up a pound I just eat cleaner and not have the nuts or cut back on my cheese and dairy, more high protein day. On this round I am really trying to stick with lots of veggies/salads (love my bleu chesse dressing!lol)
    and protein. I also have a Jay Robb protein shake almost every morning to get that extra protein in and the Fage yogurt with some fruit,,yum! LOL
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    I also found if you just eat P3 sometimes,,,,,don't think about it---it seems to even itself out. Just like I went on this trip for few days,,,,did not eat off protocol, but had to eat out etc more than normal and came back to a pound and half loss from when I left. Sometimes I overthink it for me!! Good luck and I know the frustration. But really if you are constantly at about 2/3 lbs over your LIW....adjust up and you will not be fighting what your body likes to be at!!

    Sorry...wouldn't let me post all in one !!!! Hope all else is well!!!
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