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    Hi, Sorry been out of town for few days and just now checking in!!! Oh I am sorry to hear about stabilizing for you. You know,,,I don't know to be honest. This time I am trying to just eat when I am hungry and last few days I have cut back on almonds(my love) LOL--- But right before I left I had went up to 119---well....I think---I was having to weigh so early in morning, etc--so probably lower,,,but anyway....came back today and I am at 118.0 at about 1 1/2 hours earlier than I weigh in. so I should still be right at LIW of 117.6 or so. I also think that your body will stabilize where it wants and sometimes that is not where we want!! but in my last 2 rounds I did fight it and then just adjusted my LDW to about 3lbs higher and that is what was perfect for stabilizing. I am hoping that won't be this time and that my longer round has helped with being more at LIW this time.
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    Hi Christine.....Thank you!! I am thrilled as well to be where i am. Now, to me, the real work begins---stabilizing!!!! But I am very happy in hind sight that I did the rounds the way I did. With 30 lbs to really lose back in July---I wouldn't have dreamed I would do 3 rounds---so many lose that in 1 round!! LOL but I think with the way my body holds on to this...it was the only way to be successful. I start P3 on Thursday morning--yeah! but yet,,,,I find it to be the most challenging of any of the phases.

    I haven't seen your progess or where you are in your phase??? But I hope all is still going well for you also---again my hats off to you with the extra challenge of providing meals for family!!! A STANDING OVATION IS RIGHT NOW TAKING PLACE!!!!!! Hope you pat yourself on the back each evening-----
    Keep me updated!!!
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    To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how I stabilize so evenly. It happens every single time. I DO eat quite a bit of healthy fat with my proteins now. I am not careful about how much protein and what kinda I eat. I don't eat peanuts as they are more a starchy nut but I eat almonds every single day. In fact I have mug cake made with almond flour usually twice/day. I have some recipes I can send you if you want to message your email addy to me privately. Don't be afraid to eat, but pay attention to what you eat so you know what kinds of things make you retain water. Thats all the extra weight is and is usually just means something got added in too quickly, you aren't eating enough, or you have a food sensitivity to something. I hope this helps....
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    I am choosing to stabilize without exercise first so that when I do exercise it is a benefit to my body, not something that it requires to maintain my new weight. Since the 3-6wks after hcg are about refreshing your metabolism and learning to stabilize while FEEDING your body, I would rather let my metabolism do the work it should have been doing this whole time. I can't afford to retrain it only to have it require exercise for maintenance. Does this make sense?
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    Okay . . . how do I get my picture to appear with my name on your friend's list? MOM
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    This is a test . . . let me know if your get this. MOM
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    Good Morning, Yes this works ok-- Glad to hear the headache is going away,,,alot of people say that happens in first few days. I am feeling much better today, thank you! I am down almost 7lbs on VLCD 5 today---so ok with the losses.

    I hope things work then that you can stay, sounds like a great thing you are doing. I looked up the city you are in and it looks beautiful there.

    Have a great day!!!! and here is to lots of losing!!!!
  8. Is this where it is easier? I don't think you will be notified...
    How are you feeling today? Better? Hope so! My headache is gone. I am at VLCD4 and down 4 from before my loading, so I am content.
    My husband and I were in Moscow as singles working in orphanages and public schools when we met. After we married and had one child, we came back here. There are a lot more Americans in Moscow. Now we live 17 hours south of there. Every year the number of American families in our town dwindles because of the tough visa laws. We are struggling to stay right now. This is home and we hope to stay indefinitely... we find out later this year if they will give us residency. That would make things much easier.
    We work at the University teaching conversational English and talking to the students about their futures... looking over all their choices. We also take advantage of where we live and do a lot of extreme sports with them (hiking, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, etc.).
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    I don't think it matters where--I can see the message easier when it is in this space though.

    I do hope you can avoid this cold also. I am very frustrated I am starting off sick--I am sure I am not seeing the same results with all this extra fluids I am retaining, etc!! But I am down 3lbs in my 1st 2 VLCD days---I gained 4, so I haven't taken off all my loading weight yet, which I know didn't take that long to get off in last rounds. But I will stick with it and just keep on going. Hopefully, catch up when this cold is over.
    You are a good mom, that bakes for everyone then!! What brought you to live in Russia? Are there lots of American families there with you also? What a great experience living there--are you planning on staying indefinitely??

    Hope your headache is better, I have heard of many who have that. Some say detoxing, etc may contribute. Usually, just some extra fluids and Tylenol see to help. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Hi Christine,
    Oh, no problem----I am excited to be on this "last" journey and more than happy to swap stories while we go down this road. I admire the fact you can do this with 5 kids under the age of 14 ---I at least only have to worry about my fiancee and his food, but even then he eats very much like P3 most of the time. My 4 kids are all grown and out of the house---so you having to cook and not taste things, that would be hard for me.

    Russia???, that is so interesting. Love how the internet brings our world into such a small space! Where in Russia are you? Where you born and raised there? Sorry, didn't mean to ask so many questions!! Just very interesting to me learning about other people/other countries---how their lives are different or the same?? lol

    I am on VLCD 1, and have gotten a chest cold to start this round with---not good, so I am hoping this doesn't affect my loses.

    Hope you are having a awesome day!
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