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    were you ever able to get to that thread? it is titled is anyone loading April 30, May 1
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    WE have a thread that you may be interested in.
  4. I know that my losses will lessen as the days go on, but it was a nice way to start out. I too am getting bored w/the food, but I haven't been brave enough to try any of the recipes. I've noticed that some of them combine veggies, which is a no no for P2. I've only had chicken for a protein so far, usually on lettuce or mixed in w/some chopped up cabbage and vinegar (kids hate it when I make because it stinks!, tastes good though). I drink my coffee iced in the a.m. for breakfast (really missing my flavored creamers ). I eat lunch around 11, then an apple w/cinnamon sprinkled on top later in the afternoon. Dinner usually happens around 5-6, then I have a fruit in the evening. My fave is 100g of frozen strawberries w/sweetener, and then just let it sit and partially thaw...tastes too good to be allowed, like you said, a "treat". That's it! So boring. You'll have to let me know if you run into a great recipe, I really need to venture out of this blah. Talk to you later!
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    OMG me too - the junk food daydreaming is bad!!!! I'm not hungry though - just craving all the crap I'm used to eating. The first two days I literally ate 100 grams of chicken on spinach with lemon juice as dressing and a melba toast for every meal. So I was getting bored quick and today made baked stuffed tomatoes and baked cinnamon apples. Loved the menu change but worried about not losing as well since it all felt like a "treat". They were hcg recipes though so we'll see!! I hope I'm down as much as you are when I'm on day 9!!! Great loss! And YEY for no cheating!!!!!! I'm gonna look up some more P2 friendly recipes on the forum. Bye for now!!
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    Pretty good - craving junk food but not giving in!!! I just finished my second VLCD day and lost what I gained in loading - so that's good! Did you get my last message about the short and long rounds? I'm def gonna try and stick it out for a long round. Sounds like there is way more benefit in doing it that way. When are you starting? Or did you decide to definitely do this diet yet or not? Keep me updated!!
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    Hehe - thanks for letting me know! I'm still getting use to this site too, and you're right- there is SO much info to sort through on this forum. We should definitely keep in touch -- I am loading tomorrow and Saturday so I am VERY excited to be starting soon!!! I heard back from some of the moderators about the pro's and con's of short vs long rounds and I'm thinking I should do the long because it's sounding like people do better in phases 3 and 4 when they do. Did you order your hcg yet? And do you have a start day planned? I'll talk to you again soon!
  8. Hi Pisces, thanks for stopping by! I am still trying to research it out more just to be sure what would be best for me. The only thing that I'm sure of is that I will have to do 2-3 rounds...but not sure how long each should be! So much info to sort through, but this site has been really helpful, so much so that I peruse it a few times a day! It's nice to know there are others needing to lose at least 50 lbs, we can be of support for each other Hope everything is going well for you so far...
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    Hi Bobbi Loo!!!! Totally random, but I wanted to say hi!!! I was just leaving a message on Grammys page and happened to look down at her other visitor messages and saw yours. It was almost identical to what I was asking her AND I also have 50 pounds to lose!! So, I couldn't help but want to stop over here lol. I also asked about 23 vs 40 day rounds -- not because of scheduling like your post has mentioned but because now I am reading that weight loss starts to dwindle down the longer your round. I wonder what Grammy and Mgsondance will have to say about it!!
  10. Thanks you again for the advice.
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Spent my whole life from high school, into college and up until getting preggers w/my first child being fit and health conscience. I don't know what happened, well, I do, of course...but I'm just saying...I don't what changed inside me to allow myself to gain so much weight and start eating too much junk. Needless to say, after 3 children, and being married for 10 yrs...I've been 45-65 lbs overweight. Funny thing is though...I've continued to be active and exercise through it all. My goal is
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R1/P2 (again)/Day?, but into week 7/off protocol losses

by Bobbi Loo on June 17th, 2011 at 10:33 AM
I've been debating on whether to post my results or not because my eating has been off protocol. Here's the scoop. I did 38 days of P2, and was fairly strict w/sticking to protocol...I lost 31lbs. I phased into P3, stayed there for 3 days, after the 3 days of 500cal. I was miserable trying to eat enough calories and fat. I then made a decision to go back on P2 until my drops run out, and treated the 3, (technically 6), days on P3 as a planned interruption. Oh, I forgot to mention that I dropped

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Day 3 of P3...too full to eat the calorie requirements!

by Bobbi Loo on June 12th, 2011 at 03:42 PM
Day 3 of P3 and still 3#'s under LDW. I'm finding it very difficult to eat as much food as it takes to meet my calorie requirement. I'm actually missing the empty feeling of P2 eating, and wish I could go back to P2 tomorrow! Never thought I'd say that...but I just don't feel as good on P3. I'm wondering if I can go back to P2 since I only did 38 days of it??? I'd do a 23 day round if it was safe to do so. Anyone know?

P3 and lost 2 more lbs

by Bobbi Loo on June 11th, 2011 at 09:47 AM
So last night was my first P3 meal. I had a fairly large taco salad w/cheese and sour cream. An iced coffee w/half n half. I also had a 2"/2" square of brownie, well, just because. Oh, and can't forget the 3 oz glass of merlot. Anyway...yesterday I had woken up to a 3 lb loss. This morning I fully expected to have a slight gain, or at least remain the same as yesterday...but I had another 2 lb loss??? Today I plan on a full day of protocol eating and see how my body likes that.

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R1/Day 3 of 500cal...8 hrs to go till...haven't been hungry @ all!

by Bobbi Loo on June 10th, 2011 at 08:56 AM
So, it's the morning of day 3 of P3 500 cal. The HCG will officially be considered out of my system @ 6pm this evening...and I am looking forward to have a nice dinner salad w/real dressing! I haven't been hungry these last couple of days since my last dose, in fact, less so than when I was on the drops. I am also 3# under my LDW this morning. It will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow a.m. after a "normal" dinner this evening. So here I go...into P3 land...I'm praying

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R1/P2/VLCD35...and my last day of drops

by Bobbi Loo on June 7th, 2011 at 12:43 PM
So I've decided to cut this week short and take my last dosage of drops before dinner. I only have 5 more day to go to hit my 40 days, but I feel like my body is ready for a break. I've been in a holding pattern for the past 2 weeks, although I think that I was still losing inches because my pants got a little looser in the waist. I plan on doing at least 1 more round after my 6 weeks on P3. I'm excited to start P3, but also nervous. So if my last dose is @ 5pm this evening, does that mean

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