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    I did the first half of R1/P2 without exercising. I was losing an average of .6 pounds per day. When I started exercising heavily though I began experience stalls of about 4 days because of water retention. Then, I'd drop about 3-4 pounds all in one day. On days with heavy exercise I would increase my caloric intake. So, I didn't see an overall increase or reduction in my weight loss. I continued to lose the same amount while exercising, just in a different way. I really miss seeing the daily weight drops, but I'm used to it now. I know that I'll net the same amount of weight loss in a given period. If you enjoy exercise, then don't let the diet stop you! I don't think it speeds weight loss up considerably for me, but it definitely hasn't hurt. The main thing is to make sure that you aren't burning muscle mass by not consuming enough calories. Not all weight loss is good weight loss!

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be glad to try and help.
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    I really don't exercise, I am a hairdresser so I am on my feet all day. My typical day is: B; 2 cups coffee, L; 3.5oz chicken, S; coffee, D; 3.5oz beef & tomato or cucumbers. Sometimes I'll have an apple for a snack at night but very rarely. Hope all is well with you on this journey. Pam
  3. you added a total of 5 cc's, so 5000 div by 5= 1000. you have 1000 iu's PER cc of fluid. so .2 is indeed 200. BUT- i would not start that high with corion. i'd start at 150. I'd also add more water. the way you have it now, it's going to be extremely difficult to adjust your dose because it's too concentrated. It's better to have a mixture of 500 iu's per cc. Since you've already taken out 200 iu's, you now have 4800 iu's of hcg in your vial, mixed in 4.8 cc's of water. if you add an additional 4.8 cc's of water to your mix, you will have the proper dilution.

    After you do that, inject .3- that will be 150. (500 x .3= 150)
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Feeling......off. & Anxious about birthday & being social.

by BostonGirlNLa on September 3rd, 2011 at 08:48 AM
I woke up feeling a little...off. a wee bit spacey...I woke up after a good nights sleep feeling a bit fatigued. My body feels achey but not achey...definitely not like a flu but just....off.

Today is my 7th injection and when I think about making it through this entire 40 day process I feel a bit overwhelmed. I want this so badly. I have so far to go.

So many of my friends tell me to just imagine how I'll feel on the other side or to visualize myself where I want

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It's working!!!!!!

by BostonGirlNLa on September 2nd, 2011 at 08:25 AM
So as evident from my reported Diets - I am sticking VERY close to protocol...and I was so nervous about the egg white issue. What issue? Well I bought Organic Egg Whites in a container but it doesn't state how much is one serving. So I poured probably way to much into my bowl with the one whole egg. I really don't know how many gms it was...but my biggest losses YET

Also I am trying to get in a gallon of water a day. Yesterday I was just shy of a gallon.... I have NEVER tinkled

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R1P2 Day 4 - Second day of VLCD...kinda hungry consistently...kinda doesn't overwhelm

by BostonGirlNLa on August 31st, 2011 at 11:44 PM
I hope the constant nagging hunger feeling goes away. It isn't overwhelming me yet but it is constant....


  • B - Grapefruit
  • L - Chard and shrimp
  • S - Apple
  • D - Iceberg lettuce & Tilapia

LIW - 278.2
8/31/11 - 275.4

R1P2 Day 3 - First day of VLCD

by BostonGirlNLa on August 30th, 2011 at 11:59 AM
so...after my Loading days filled with guacamole, cheesecake, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake, pizza.....yeah...it was just wrong

My weight on the scale this morning was 278...doh!

I injected at 8am

My diet for the day was:
  • Breakfast - Grapefruit
  • Lunch - Herb salad Mix from Whole foods with 100g of grilled shrimp on it (dressing was mustard, acv and liquid aminos)
  • Dinner - Tilapia and asparagus

I will say that I had a

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R1P1 Day 2 "GET IN MY BELLY" Fat Bastard

by BostonGirlNLa on August 29th, 2011 at 07:51 AM
During loading day one (yesterday) I ate….

  • 1/2 a slice of cheesecake factory’s Hershey’s cheesecake
  • an obnoxious amt of cheddar cheese and crackers
  • A Burrito from Lotteria with Black Beans, Rice, Nopalitos
  • Papas con Rajas

I’m learning it is harder to eat like this than I thought

I got on the scale this morning feeling like fat ******* from Austin Powers but the scale has not moved. I’m still at 276.2

I injected this morning

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