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About BronzeYoko
This is just going to be my weight journey through the years.

Like most folks on here, I've been dieting for the majority of my life. I started in 4th grade when I thought I had a pot belly and decided I was going to eat less and be tiny like everyone else.

My parents thought it was a fabulous idea and bought me Tae Bo, Denise Austin tapes and a plethora of Jane Fonda tapes. They also thought I needed to eat meals about a similar size to my father since I was working out so often so as you would imagine,

I was still very much tubby but I was fit tubbo by golly. By 8th grade, I was the heaviest person in my family at 215 lbs. I didn't feel so awesome about that and was clinically depressed most of my childhood in a weird cycle of binge eating and binge exercising.

Once I hit high school, I learned about vegetarianism and veganism. I decided to cut out all meat and started long distance running. Then I got down to about 150.

Went to college. Started losing hair and had no energy once I became a vegan. Got severly depressed, stopped moving about, started eating meat again, used food as emotional crutch. Bounced back up to 190.

Got a little more depressed, EDNOS became a thing and dropped down to 147 (I remember this because I was so close to being in the normal range in the BMI charts). Hit the plateau of all plateaus. Did not so nice things to my body and had not so nice things happen to my body.

Decided having an ED and depression sucked, like a lot. Quit school. Started doing things I liked. Ate food like a normal human. Went to tons of therapy. Moved to a nice warm place that gave me happy feelings. Ended up at around 220.

Dieted for 6 months on a 1300, keto diet doing HIIT 4xs a week. Lost a whopping 15 lbs. Started studying the HCG protocol and hormonal imbalance.

Talked to 4 doctors. Finally found one that believed I wasn't a lying, willpowerless slob. Had all of the tests done. Found out I was pretty stinking healthy but my cortisol was way outta wack. Now I'm here, taking IsoCort and HCG. I'm thinking about doing food allergy testing but...I'm just gonna hold off on that for a lil bit

I'm making my main goal more food based. I just don't want to really diet anymore. I'm only 22 and I'm already over all the calorie counting, macro tweaking, fasting days, cleanses and superfoods. I just want to eat, be happy and feel good and I'm pretty sure it's not supposed as hard as I'm making it seem.

And that's my journey in a nutshell. If you stuck throught that, you're a trooper and deserve a gold star lol




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