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    It almost seems that I'm supposed to be at 180, as I can never get below and hold that (not even 5 lbs) but yet I still see this ball of hang-over fat on my abdomen and I still have plenty of butt-handles (LOL)

    I've been trying to work on my own n=1.. I want to see if I can tap into the fat w/o the HCG but it's a long road, and I'm tired now... so I think I will stop for a rest.

    You're looking great!!! So happy!! How are you and DH?? Did you get the reference letter you needed for the new house? I hope you had a lovely new Year!

    I'll be checking in to see how you're doing - I was thinking of you the other day!!

    oh, btw, do you like music?
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    Sorry I been so silent - this is the first I've logged in *yikes* since April last year!! I think I have just come to the place where I'm tired of dieting. I try to eat when I'm hungry, and I find I only get truly hungry (limbic) now. Somatic (cravings) hunger is very few and far between. I actually quit eating carbs (high starchy veggies) because I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself (you remember the Lay's Chip slogan?) so I feel I'm better off to stay away.
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    Hey lady! Yeah, I finally came back hehe.. I'm done with R4.. been off P3 now for several weeks. If I wanted to do another round it will have to wait til mid June. This last round went SUPER well for stabilizing. However, I've gained back nearly 5 lbs now (after P3) and don't know why. I cut out ALL grains and sugars and went to a super low carb HIGH fat diet, did great for a time, then came TOM and I've had trouble ever since. I'm thinking I'm not eating enough. A friend just went through surgery so I had to nix my exercise to help care for - will get back to that soon!
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    Saweet! Can't wait to get your next letter saying you've hit the 50lb mark! Yes, I want to wait the full 8 weeks.

    Something both my mom and I noticed after this round... our plumbing has changed drastically... it's like, there's something in the pipes but it doesn't want to move normally (regardless how much fiber/water/etc is mixed in)... let me know if you experience this after R2. (sorry, trying to be vague and still get the point across)

    Yesterday I had yogurt for breakfast. Cheese,Cucumber,Broccoli with yogurt dressing for lunch. Chunk of chicken and 2 oranges for supper, then had a tea party with the girls (with P3 desserts) = Lost 0.8 this morning, still holding 2.?lbs up from wash-out weight :-/ I really want to start exercising (but never was one to be motivated for this, unless I have a Gym to go to).

    Is there any way that you can get a CPA to draft you a bank-worthy letter? I guess the Banks want assurance that all is/will be well..
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    Plan to do another round in June... felt it best to wait for the stipulated amount of time instead of jumping right back in after maintenance (like I did between R1 and R2).

    I get off maintenance this Thursday... gained 3 lbs from this weekend (and I didn't eat anything off protocol). Even though the food I ate was P3 friendly, I ate more than I'm used to so it felt like I was loading in, LOL (family in town visiting.. family dinners, etc)

    will feel good to get back to basics *yogurt and salads*.

    How you doing?
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    Unfortunately, almonds are a bit out of my budget right now... I did splurge and eat a pack of cashews yesterday.

    Spirulina powder? Well, it does have a taste that must be acquired.. I don't particularly like the flavor, but I'm not necessarily eating for my taste-buds anymore. It does have one of the best nutritional values I know of and it's high in protein. If you mix a teaspoon in with yogurt and other tasties, you don't really notice it.

    Had a 0.8 loss this morning. Which means I'm exactly 1 lb up from my W.O.W. Yesterday I had yogurt w/ spirulina pwd, a few walnuts, sesame seeds, cinnamon and stevia. Cashews at lunch. Large salad with tomato, cucumber, broccoli with a homemade yogurt/buttermilk dressing and chicken at supper.
    1/2 gallon of stevia-sweetened green tea - that is too good!

    I've been craving yog like mad!
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    OK, nice to know that one can go below 125iu - glad it's working well for you!

    Yesterday I had ground beef and tomato soup with a little Portuguese squash in it for breakfast. Was out most of the day, had a large packet of peanuts around lunch with a coffee. managed to get in about 1 gallon water/tea (usually drink 1.5gal). Had an orange, cucumber and some sauerkraut for supper.

    Was down only 0.2 this morning.

    So far, I've had yogurt with spirulina powder, walnuts, sesame seeds, stevia, cinnamon, anise seed... coffee. had about 1/2 gallon water. My food has left me, but I have some errands to run later so will probably grab some more peanuts (and eat heartily when I get home) ha!

    Between rounds 1 and 2, I'm down a total of 32.4 lbs, so really I can't complain. I'm thinking I messed myself up when I tried the sweets from Trinidad. They did contain sugar... and fat. :-D
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    Hey Sicki! (j/k)

    Hope you're feeling better!
    I'm not sure what's going on with me.. was real strict yesterday and ate 1 meal, and only lost 0.4! A bit frustrating to say the least. Will see how today goes. (as of this morn, I'm exactly at my 2lb up from WashOutWeight)

    Can a person take less than 125iu? Is 120iu working well for you? I found that I did better at 140iu (after 2 rounds of changing my dose, each time i always did best at 140, go fig)

    This last round I did a little experimenting.. after a week of solid injections, I skipped every other day (I wondered what would happen, and I didn't want to run out). It was interesting but I think there were too many other things factoring in that didn't allow me to really test it. Plus, I think I started back on the round too soon (just a couple days after P3 of round 1) I even had to stop early (after 31 shots). This round is definitely affecting me differently than R1 (still lost more inches than pounds)

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    Wow, that is absolutely terrific!!!

    On the house... OK, there has to be SOME reason things are going slowly. I'm sure whatever it is, will work itself out in due time.

    You know, on this last round there was a time I needed to eat extra protein.. so I made myself 1 boiled egg (gave the yolk to my doggie). At one other point I ate 4 boiled eggs (sans yolks) and did OK... have you thought about doing the little experiment eating an egg in addition to or eggs instead of? Of course, I can understand maybe not wanting to... with a weight-loss as good as you've gotten so far on this round?!? Me oh My!!! Seriously, that's great!

    I think on VLCD of this round (R2) I actually lost more inchies than I did pounds - which, I would rather lose more inchies, then my clothes fit better hee hee hee... ppl are definitely noticing! They've told me that if I keep losing weight, I'll disappear... or they want to know what I'm eating, etc. It's quite the pick-me-up (better than coffee)! LOL
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    Hey Lady,

    Hope all is well with you! Did you get to close on the new house yet? How's DH?

    Yes, I had a good, nice long weekend. Had a 3 lb gain yesterday morning but I attribute it to TOM and pluming.

    Yesterday I was out all day, had an apple at 6:30am... drank 1/2 gallon + 2 small coffees with milk, walked the streets shopping (basically was away from 7 - 5; no food!). When I got home I just HAD to try some local sweets from Trinidad that a sweet person brought me as a gift... some had sugar, but were made with coconut, etc... they were SOOOOOO yummy!!!!). Had some chili and eggs after. anyway, had a 0.8 loss this morning so I'm happy about that. Still have 2.2 to release to be giddy (and back down to maintenance).

    Feel good though!
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I am a mom of two amazing kids - Kaitlyn 13 and Zachary 12. My world pretty much has revolved around them for the last decade and it's time to get *ME* taken care of. I am very excited to start this process and look forward to releasing a lot of weight. I would like to lose about 135 pounds.

I enjoy photography, playing dumb Facebook games, spending time with my family, scouts and my church.
My kids!!! Church, Bento, Paleo, Photography
I'm a Mom.. isn't that enough?
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R3: 273.8, LIW 241, released 32.8 pounds, gained 4 pounds loading for round 4.
R4: 245, LIW 216.2, released 28.8 pounds, gained 11.8 pounds between and loading for 5.
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Back in the saddle again.. Round 4, VLCD3..

by Calythia on January 1st, 2013 at 12:41 PM
The first week of each round is so exciting! Today I am down 3.6 pounds! Wow! And now officially under my LIW from my last round. So far so good. I need to concentrate on my water intake for sure, but otherwise am doing well. I was a little concerned about last night because my daughter was invited to a NYE party and I had to stay awake to pick her up. But I didn't get hungry and actually didn't fall asleep waiting.. which is amazing because I'm usually in bed by 10. I did, however, toast in the

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Last Day of Week 3.. suddenly starving.. sigh

by Calythia on January 24th, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Hello!!! Well.. after yesterday's gain of .6, today I was down 1.4!!! YAY!!! That brings me to 24.2 pounds of fat that I'm never welcoming back again.. kicked it to the curb!!! I am now at 7.88% - my first mini-goal is to drop 10% of my body weight.. I still have 6.3 left to go.. I can't wait!!!!

Yesterday was my planned skip day for my shot (40 day round - skipping the shot every seventh day) and I was hungry. My skip days in the past did not leave me feeling that way... but

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VLCD 18 - Gaining Momentum

by Calythia on January 22nd, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Hello!!! Well.. after a gain of .4 on day 14, a loss of .8 and .4 on days 15 & 16.. and THEN... *it* happened.. two nice losses, two days in a row!!! 1.2 on 1/21 and 1.4 on 1/22!!! So let me catch you up on what you've missed.

On Friday I had a Grissini breadstick in the morning.. was hungry and they are SO good! Lunch was an orange, steak and cabbage (prepped how I always do.. some water, some ACV, some LA on the steak). Dinner was Sole, Asparagus and I had an apple

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Here comes Week 3!

by Calythia on January 19th, 2012 at 10:54 AM
Good morning!!! Soo.. here we are in week 3!!! Yesterday was my two week weigh-in and I had gained .4 pounds I think that some of the problem is that I ate lunch at 4.. prob didn't drink enough water and didn't get enough sleep... but you know what.. It's really ok. I would have been as bummed about a +.4 as I was for the -.4 but I gotta keep my eyes on the prize.. Another "issue" that I'm having is that I have had a BM in two days. I bought some smooth move tea and will drink

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VLCD 13 - Hit the big 2-0 and I'm thrilled!!!

by Calythia on January 17th, 2012 at 09:50 AM
My routine is the same each morning.. alarm goes off.. drag myself out of bed.. pee.. weigh in. So today when I stepped off my scale and it said 259 (I was 288 yesterday) I was perplexed. I moved the scale and weighed myself again... 263. huh??? So I picked up the scale and set it in the center of the room (to make sure it wasn't hitting anything) and weighed again. This time the scale gave me my consistent reading. It was really strange.. Was kind of nice to see the 250's pop up.. but at

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