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    Saw you post somewhere about beginning round 2 - I'm just starting round 2, I'm on day 3 of VLCD - would love to join your group ... but don't know where to find it ? I have easily 80 to lose - my LD 1 & 2 days WI was 281 - I'd like to get under 200. I have 4 kids who are still young enough to have some influence over, so I'd love for them to see me at a healthy weight before they start leaving for college. I have 2 years before #1 is at that point in her life - I'm giving myself 1 year to get as close as possible to under 200.
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    I am doing great. I am a couple of days away from P4 of round 4. I have lost 89 pounds with HCG and it will be a year this month. I am stabalizing well. A lot less correction days this round. I am not certain how many more rounds I will do. According to the charts I have about 30-35 pounds to lose but at 60 yrs old I just don't know. Don't want to have more hanging skin then muscle. I have been adding a lot more raw food to my diet and eating less meat. I know I can't do that on P2 so we will see how I feel when it gets closer. Right now I need a break so this is good...going to take at least the summer and then decide. I couldn't wait with the clothes. It is so good to shop in regular stores I am excited for you. You are doing great! keep on keeping on!
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    actually just getting started on P3, but so far so good, and like you, diligent =) and... slow !!! I went 40 days and felt awful by the end of the round. Would have loved to have felt good enough to go on. I am pretty active at work though and I think that may have had something to do with it. My symptoms were like low blood sugar, shaky, weak and anxious =( had to up my protein the last couple of days. keep me posted, I'm rooting for you =)
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    Hi, no I don't belong to any other threads. I guess I don't post as much in P3/4 Maybe I will post a little more. How are you doing?
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    so have we made it to onedreland yet?!?! started p3 today on this end !! =)
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    I started a new thread if you would like to join in! I promise no drama! LOL
  7. Started on Jan 16th. I'm sticking to protocol and experiencing very little hunger. The first week was great... the second week was not as good, and because that was emotionally difficult for me, I have not weighed for 3 ddays. Will weigh tomorrow at the end of my 2nd week.

    How about you?
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    When did you start your drops? Has it been everything you expected, so far?
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About Cpow
I'm 66. Been married to my high school sweetheart for 48 years.
We have 2 adult daughters & 6 grandchildren
I am a Christian
And I'm sick of being FAT!
Western Oregon
Startin' all over again!; Drops


One step at a time... One day at a time.


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It's STILL Working, sorta! End of Round2, Phase 2

by Cpow on May 31st, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Okay, I'm pulling the plug... sadly. I only lost 15 pounds during this 40 day phase 2. I've gone almost 2 weeks with gains & small losses. I've lost less then a pound total in the last 14 days. I'd say my body is done with this. I didn't make it into One-derland - and I am VERY disappointed about that. Next time...

I'm doing my first day on VLCD without HCG today. Starting noon on Saturday, I'll be beginning p3 - Adkins style. I'm am sooooooo hoping I have not become immune

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It's STILL Working!!! Round2,Week3

by Cpow on May 13th, 2012 at 01:04 PM
It's working... but WOW! Was this a rough week! I was up and down all week, like a yo-yo, even though I was right on protocol. On day 6 of this 3rd week I had a grand total of a .2 GAIN for the week!!! Yesterday I did my first Apple Day - and it worked. I woke up to a 2.2 loss. So, the week ended with a 2# loss for the week. Wheeeew!! I certainly hope next week is more positive. I have made a vow I will not end this P2 until I reach "one-derland." And I plan to stick to that...

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It's STILL Working!!! Round2,Week2

by Cpow on May 7th, 2012 at 05:00 AM
Of course I didn't loose as much in week 2 as in week 1 - but 4.2# in one week is still great! The total since I started Round 1 is 38.8# disgusting pounds GONE!. Averaging over the last 14 days, I've lost .9# per day! What other diet does that??? Especially for an old lady of 65? And the weight is coming off nicely - uniformly all over. I've lost 26.75 ugly inches so far (I measure in 8 places... so it adds up!) But I've lost 6 inches across my butt alone! I'm certainly not saying this diet

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Updated May 7th, 2012 at 05:02 AM by Cpow


It's STILL Working!!! Round2, Day 9

by Cpow on May 1st, 2012 at 06:39 AM
I keep being shocked that it is still working!! And so far, this 2nd week of round 2 has been great, unlike the 2nd week of round 1... I'm lovin' this! If it keeps up (and I'm thinkin' it won't... the "stall/gain" week has to kick-in sometime, right?), I will be well into "one-derland" by the end of this round!! Can't wait to see that 1, instead of a 2!!

Yes, I get sick, sick, sick of the same `ol foods - but with results like this, who cares???

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It's STILL Working!!! Round2, Day 8

by Cpow on April 30th, 2012 at 06:10 AM
Whaaa-hooooo! Lost 9.2 in the first week of this round, and another 1.8 on day 8! I love it!
However, if this round follows the course of my first round - week 2 is rough! So I'll glory in today's weigh loss while I can!

I sure wish I could find, make or buy a salad dress I really like! That would make this diet oh so much easier! BUT! With losses like this, I'll suffer through it!

Round 1 Began Jan 16- P2,3,&4: - 27.8
Round 2 - April 21;

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