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    Yes it is. Thanks for asking!! I was a bit busy this weekend--not home much so I was "disconnected" from the world for a bit. I'm catching up on the posts right now. How did your weekend go?
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    It's taken me almost 2 years to get this weight and stablize pretty well. I haven't checked in here for awhile so sorry for taking so long to reply. I have had issues with keeping the weight off and now I have finally figured out what I can and cannot eat. I also followed the Jack Kruse Leptin Reset (LRx) which helped me fix a 40 year insomnia problem within 1 week. It took me 4 months to achieve Leptin Sensitivity. I still had more weight to lose so I continue to do hcg off and on. I cannot seem to do a full round anymore since doing the Reset as I miss fats way too much after a few weeks! And I also learned that I need to balance my hormones better which will also help me stablize. And if you have trouble stablizing, get your hormone levels checked so you know which, if any, biodentical hormones you need. Leaky gut is another obstacle to stablizing. This causes inflammation which packs on weight very quickly and is another thing to treat for your overall health.
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    Aww thanks I believe in paying it forward so that's what I do.
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    I sent you a friend request so we can help each other if needed! Good luck!
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About CrystalMamaof4
Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully you say hello, don't be shy I don't bite! I have small 4 children, I am guessing by the name you've never guess!

I started my VLCD HCG journey on 5/1/12 and I lost a total of 35.2lbs. Wow right? I was on VLCD for 46 days. I followed protocol to the letter and it worked! I completed my R2 in Sept and lost another 27lbs I did a extended round of 59 days. I don't recommend them at all after my 30 days I only lost a additional 2.3lbs in a MONTH, not worth it! I started my r3 on Feb 8th and did 26vlcd lost 17lbs, my liw is 134.7. I call it goal, as I have learned from going through this it doesn't matter what my weight is I need to love myself for me and all my physical flaws. This is a process that is so hard to do, not only after weight loss but giving birth and nursing 4 children plays a huge toll on a average womens body! After reaching goal I am also working on how I use food and dealing with how to live a "normal" life with food. I don't want to be obsessive, getting on and off the scale 20 times a day, watching every mirco bite I put into me. I want to be able to eat a piece of pizza or have a piece of cake and I can, but I have to be prepared to correct any gains which I have but it's a process that is much harder than I ever could have imagined it to be.

Please follow protocol, it works each and every time!!
Camping, bike riding, spending time with my family.
Goal! Lost 70lbs in 8 months.


4/28/12 start-204lbs
6/11/12 ended R1P2 lost 34.6lbs! LIW 170.4
6/14/12-7/3/12 R1P3 lost 1.3lbs
7/28/12-9/14/12 R2P2 lost 25.6lbs! LIW 145.6
9/15/12-2/4/13 R2P3 lost 2.6lbs
2/5/13 P2R3....After loading 150.2
2/5/13- 3/1/13 R3P2 lost 16.3lbs! LIW 134.7
3/6/13- 7/2013-Stabilized perfectly at 138lbs
R4P2 9/14/13- 150lbs after load Summer Fun, back again

Does comfort food make you feel comfortable or does fitting in your clothes?


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r2p3 How's it going? Not so well.

by CrystalMamaof4 on October 3rd, 2012 at 09:47 AM
So I am day 18 of p3 and have had a total of 5 steak days. Should have been 6, I was over my 2lbs LIW but I had a bm and it dropped me to .1 away from my 2lbs and that day I had guests over for dinner so a steak day really wasn't going to work for me so I decided not to do it. I have looked over my food and there are no common factors as to what's causing the gains. I think it's something then not eat it and still gain. So here is my menu from the start of this p3. I can't find any pattern as to

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Round 2 has begun!

by CrystalMamaof4 on August 9th, 2012 at 12:18 PM
I started loading on 7/28 and began VLCD on 7/31. From Vlcd1 to 7 I lost 14lbs (WOW right?! I also gained 7.7lbs on loading!) day 8 I gained 1 pound and it has taken 2 days to get that pound off. So I am now day 10 back at my 14lb loss!

R2 has been so easy, I don't have cravings the way I did before. I am not fighting hunger issues the way I did before. I actually think I figured out why I was hungry so often..it was because of my skip days. I am starving on my skip day and then

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So I lost all this weight but I still feel fat..

by CrystalMamaof4 on July 26th, 2012 at 06:00 PM
If you would have asked me 4 weeks ago how I felt about my new body, I said things like "Amazing, sexy, beautiful" I felt myself flaunting and flirting with my husband again. Those things that I couldn't bear to bring myself to do when I weighed 200lbs. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS. Wow, saying that now it hit me, that's a LOT it's not a few pounds overweight, it is obese for my height.

So I start r2 on Monday, I feel both excited and scared, scared because I hope I can do it again

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First real sugar attempt last day p4.

by CrystalMamaof4 on July 26th, 2012 at 09:49 AM
So TOM got the best of me last night. Well TOM and just my emotions in general, I kinda dove into "I don't give a crap if I have to do a steak day tomorrow" attitude (I also want to say, this has been my ONLY time where I allowed myself to feel this way since starting HCG. I did allow myself, I thought it through)

So, this was my first time getting buzzed since...well it's been quite some time They say that it doesn't take much after hcg to get you to that point I found

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