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    RE: The dairy thing...have you tracked down Daiya yet? You'll probably love it! I'm having scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, and daiya for breakfast this morning (okay, more like brunch, since it's 11am, but I got up late).

    The books are fiction. They're both different. One is on hold for the time being, since I think it's better suited to a graphic novel format, and I don't have the contacts/time/resources/craft yet to really consider taking up a project in partnership with someone else. I really ought to publish something first. The other one is...hmm. I'd call it 'speculative fiction', which is that very vague genre into which alternate reality timelines and things like China Mieville's books often fall into...not fantasy, not sci-fi, usually some weird blending of the two. Mine happens to be post-apocalyptic. It's also not getting written much lately, which is bad. I blame Dragon Age 2.
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    FINALLY made some cocoa crack yesterday, but I haven't tried it. Looking forward to it, though.

    When do you start P3?

    (Bloody visitor messages can't be over 1000 characters. Pfeh!)
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    Mmm...what else? I was going to eat some pre-made stuffed hamburger patties that I got at whole foods, but somehow they mysteriously did not make it home to me. I don't really like nuts on their own, so I'm not eating any nuts just by themselves, but I do love cheese, so I've had some cheese plates...went out of my way to get cheese made with raw milk. Robusto and Morbier are new favorites....robusto in particular (though I am a huge pecorino fan). Uhhh...hm. Bacon, nitrate-free, grass-fed. Same thing, but hot-dogs. I think today I'm going to cook up a big batch of chili. I've got greek yogurt but I haven't had any since starting P3...I do love it, though, and don't really mind the 'sour' flavor of it that puts a lot of other people off. Water, tea. Half a cup of whole, unhomogenized milk sometimes, just for a treat...or with chai made on the stovetop.
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    I made oopsie rolls (they turned out more like oopsie pancakes...I didn't know not to try to whip the whites when they were cold, and I wound up giving up after a while so that my arm didn't fall off). I've had one of those during the day recently for a snack, with a thin layer of almond butter on it...delicious! I'm not a peanut butter fan anyway, but I really like the almond butter. Had to search whole foods a bit before finding one without sugar added.
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    Hey! got your message. Thank you very much! That made my day, hahaha. I'm knee-deep in trying to write a book (two, actually), and it's always very heartening to hear kind words. Even on a weight loss forum.

    Right now...let's see. I'm eating a lot of salad with lots of veggies and cheese/nuts/meats, and Bolthouse Ranch is amazing (it's yogurt based and has no added sugar, but still tastes really rich to me...not like a 'diet' ranch at all). Trying to have one of those every day. I made some curried egg salad the other day and while I haven't really gained since eating it, I have stopped losing, so either my body's found somewhere to stabilize that it likes, or the egg salad (it had mango chutney in it) might be heavier.
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