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    Hey there my friend!!!! . Just checkin' in on you to see how you're doing! I've been in the middle of a "stealth" Round 3 (didn't post or anything) but I just started into my days without hcg before P3 so I posted a recap blog about this round.

    I see you're back in P2. How's it treating you?
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    Hey girl! Where ya been? Miss you! How have things been with you?
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    Hi Doll...
    Yes, it is funny that we are both on the same day! I hate the pellets. The injections are so much more convenient. I am doing a short round also. Only got a 23 day kit. What brand did you get? I did Ovidac last time and had to get Corion this time. I am SO hungry on the pellets also. Maybe since it is hhcg? I lowered the dose but am just impatiently awaiting my order to get here today. Will shoot up as soon as it comes! LOL I set a new goal of 110. I really want that cushion. And if I stabilize at 115...all the more better! I COULD NOT lose a lb no matter how hard I tried!
    I am so happy to be back in touch with you!
    Oh yeah, if you know anyone that wants some pellets, I have an unopened bottle!
    Hope your trip was fantastic!
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    hey, how ya doin? Saw you on another thread.
    Just started R4 today is vlcd1. Excited!!!
    so good to see you here.
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    Dubbles, saw that you commented on a blog today. Hope you are well and maintanance is being kind to you!
  6. I miss you Dubbles! All the Chompettes are going to hell without you! Please come home!!
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    Hey girl. Starting R3 next week. I will be missing you and all your great encouragement. Please drop a blog post & let us know how your maintenance is going...

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    Hi Dubbs, how's it going? I'm healed up and ready to complete Round 2. Start date is May 5th. Going shopping and preparing this weekend. Missed you.

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    Dubbles, I read in one of the forums where you said you used hair essentials, what can you tell me about it, I'm on my last week of p3 and noticed my hair coming out. I've always had thin hair, can't afford to lose more. I use rogaine (3yrs now) and started using biotin 5,000mcg, also lots of moose, sprays... I've been reading about hair essentials and ready to buy it, but wanted to know somebody that really used it. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks
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    I miss your posts too. Seems a number of the fabulous senior members have dropped out of sight. It makes sense (nothing lasts forever) but I am missing you all.
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About Dubbles
Proud Grandmother of five boys! Getting bolder, not older! Refuse to give in to being or looking old.
Family, Cooking, Interior Design, Gardening, Reading, Pets (3 Dogs)
Homemaker/Bookeeper for Family Construction Business
Started Round 1 January, 2020 WILL BE Injections, once received



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balsamic vinegar slaw

by Dubbles on May 29th, 2021 at 09:01 AM
Quote Originally Posted by justbe View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Dubbles View Post
I had cabbage several times this week, maybe that is why I didn't hold on to that 1.8 loss one day. Had the rest of it for my veggie for lunch, hope it doesn't show up tomorrow. Interesting. You mind sharing recipe for your sweet balsamic vinegar slaw?
I remember ten years ago, I was not alone in cabbage causing gain. It truly leaves me sad! lol For the slaw... I take a standard bag'o-slaw... shred or dice apples... add balsamic and stevia (to taste) and chill overnight. I top

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skinny paloma drink

by Dubbles on May 27th, 2021 at 10:27 AM
Quote Originally Posted by PearlyMae View Post
Good morning, you early birds!

I worked hard yesterday to get a proper amount of food into me. I was able to get almost 1200 cals in by 5 pm. I went out for a happy hour / dinner at a new-ish restaurant with a womanís group. I looked at the menu before I left and had my food and bev both picked out.

For a drink, I had a Skinny Paloma. Thatís a lie. I had two. A real one uses grapefruit juice but there are several skinny mixes available that are 1 to 5 carbs/ sugars.

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My correction day...3.0 loss next day.

by Dubbles on May 27th, 2021 at 07:21 AM
Quote Originally Posted by firstandlast View Post
Hey everybody, I wanted to share my correction day with you as maybe it will help you. I usually do very well with steak days, meaning a 1.2 lb loss but I hate not eating till evening as I am a breakfast girl... so I needed a correction day that worked better so I got the "opportunity" to do one on Friday. LOL! My struggle was with how MUCH food do I eat since I am in P3 and trying to get calories in yet stick to high protein so I don't kill myself and STARVE all day \o/

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Leez food ideas

by Dubbles on May 26th, 2021 at 05:51 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Leez View Post
do you ever eat a dessert or something you shouldn't
Maybe a bite or two if it is something I really want. If I'm really wanting more of that taste, I'll go home and make a version that is sugar-free and with better ingredients. I generally end up enjoying my version more. Most sugary desserts are way to sweet for me now.

What are your favorite high carb/low fat meals?
I like to do lean proteins in the air fryer coated with a smidge of oil and dusted with

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Lower sugar adult beverages

by Dubbles on May 26th, 2021 at 04:41 PM
Quote Originally Posted by justgitterdone View Post
Well...I was super bad last night. I was really good up until they brought 2 huge dessert samplers...what was supposed to be a small taste turned into a total disaster...I wonít go into anymore details. Itís depressing. I didnít weigh this morning. I had a good workout this morning and have been fasting today to clear my body of all the sugar.

Dubbs- I usually drink vodka/soda with lemon and a stevia based sweetener or tequila with limes, water and stevia, or like Tracy mentioned,

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June 11th, 2021

June 10th, 2021

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