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  1. I check in here every once in awhile and still do some 800 cal hcg ish days and fff days..but for now im ok with a bit slower loss as long as it stays off. I was afaid of losing really quick and then gaining super quick when i get preggers. this way i can eat a bit more normal and not obsess over the stabilization when pregnant. I may be back some time. But until then, good luck!! You work it!!!
  2. aww thanks for the check in! Congrats to you lady I actually took a break from hcg for the moment.I may do another round later, but im wanting to regulate my periods to have to try and get preggers and I always mess it up after hcg which makes me nervous. For now im hitting the gym...alot, lol. And eating healthy about 80-90% of the time with a cheat day here and there. Im not near aweight i love but ive lost it on my own before and i am alot happier. I will prob south beach it for awhile. I have no issues doing high protien days and i love to exercise. I just got sucked into how hcg made me lose, that i didnt really see if it was for me.
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    Hey Em, Wanted to stop in and see how you are doing. did you finish out your round and how did you do with it? I am still hovering around LDW and it has been 19 weeks that I have been on maintenance. Still not eating any carbs except what is in some vegi's other then that I am still just eating real clean and doing the leptin reset. I have to say one thing the leptin reset have for suire taken my carb cravings away and my wanting to snack all the time is gone too.

    I hope things are going good for you and that you are maintaning well.
  4. im just scared and I hate p2 so much right now..dont know why. If i was dieting on my own id be eating similar to how i eat in p3..so i may was well stick it out for 3 more weeks huh? How can people do p2 for more than 40 days, it makes me depressed to not even have the option to eat eggplant, lol. Thanks for your advice
  5. i think i will.. i just used to eat pretty healthy and exercise but I did hcg to get lower than i everr have before but im unsure if i should just exercise and eat "normal" which for me is still pretty haealthy and low carb..and if I can only get to 140 and not 130 then maybe I should be ok with that?/ God i dont know, lol. i really want it but I like to eat some carbs ( not even like real sandiches..low carb bread and wrap and the occational lean cusine) I like to eat like that an im not ready to eat p3 for ever.. I do love p3 foods though. I do know that last p4 I stayed p3 for 6 weeks then every blue moon i would have a treat and bring it back down and that was helpful....
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    I am very low carb and eat mostly protein, good fats and low carb vegi's. Once in a great while I will have a glass of wine or a beer or maybe a food I shouldn't but it is very rare I do and if I see a rise on the scale I do't panic and I just eat clean agian and it is back down in a day or two.

    Stick this round out and be strict with yourself and no chating and then do the sa,e for phase 3 and in phase 4 add a starch in and see how you do and if you gain then eat clean and don't eat it again for at least 3-5 days and then try it again and see what happens.

    It for sure is a life style change and we can't go back to eating how we used to or we are going to gain.

    Hang in there girl you can do this and make it stick!!
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    UGH girl! So sorry to hear you had a rough time and gained it all back!!! I have been off HCG for 116 days now and have been staying right around LDW and some times 5 lbs below, lets just say I fluctuate down and then back up to rigth around LDW but never over it.

    Keep focused and stick to the protocol and you know it will come abck off and then rally stick to it strictly when oyu hit p3 and set that weight good and don't cheat during that time at all and it should stick good!

    I don't get on here much any more as I am a moderator on another forum I was on before I found this one and then I am on a Leptin Reset forum also so between those two forums its all I can do to keep up with it all...lol

    I will check back in a few days and see how you are doing and will be sending good vibes yoour way for a great FINAL round!!!!
  8. you are so right! my last p3 landed during a 'sister weekend"so I said this p3 has to be back to the basics. Cant have too much fun in p3.. I like it without all the fun. Anything is great after p2, lol Glad to see you're back and happy your doing well this p2. I hope my last part of p2 goes by quick. I have like 28ish days..basically all of feb.. I wanted to be in p3 by valentines day But i gave in and had a super bad week. Back to p2..and here to stay! fff day today, i love those and im never hungy on them. im usually not hungry at all in p2.. i just get mad I dont have the options, lol. There are so many p3 things to try! I wanted to try califlower pizza last p3, but cheated before i could and then was doing corrections the whole time. Keep me posted on your weight loss. Ill be soooo jealous when your in p3 and imon p2, lol. I would be going in p3 next weekend if not for the set back..boo me!
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    Hi! Yes, thanks for asking! I am on p2 right now. I cheated my last round on p3, I gotta stop being on vacation when I'm on p3. lol! So anyway I'm on day 16 of p2 and doing great right now, haven't cheated at all. I am only doing the 23 day round this time. I am SO excited to get on p3, I am really wanting cauliflower crust pizza right now. Lol! I hope things get better for you. Just decide in your mind to do it correctly and you can do it! It is worth the weight loss. I'd rather wait till I reach my goal and eat then, than cheat and eat. You can do it!
  10. I only had about 10 pounds to lose to get to my final goal. though I wouldnt mind a few more, Im afraid to do another round...my weekly weight loss is slower every round and it doesnt seem super worth it for 5 pounds. It does seem harder the less you have to lose becuase I feel like Im constantly doing a small treat day ( or big and then having to do a correction day..but I guess thats the game. As long as we keep moving and correct before we treat again it keeps it off. I just want to eat normal..or at least like I did before without having to correct every other day..after the holidays ( seems to be a treat day or two every week!) I plan on just a free day once or twice a month and then doing a correction day ( like all protien or FFF) once a week to stay on track. Good luck to you in p2! Keep me posted
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by emross82 on February 2nd, 2012 at 10:06 AM
so it really seems to help me to look back at my journal notebook from when I did round 1 and 2..to really see how happy I was and to see how it worked when I worked it right. I stabilized so well and everyday I was pretty good. Stabilized pretty well with the exception of a tom gain. sooo yeah, way different from r2 p3..I know what I need to do. maybe I need to do yoga during p2, lol. I need the zen and to clear my mind!! Im trying to focus on other goals not weight realated. Im dying my hair back

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cant take it!! goin tannin...

by emross82 on February 2nd, 2012 at 09:32 AM
Even though we cant use the lotions ( at least I dont risk it) i am going tanning today. I dont want to super burn, but I know I feel a bit cuter with a bit o color. normally its do a self tanner in feb, but I cant so im going to the salon. It actually makes me feel better , like happier when im tanning. They say it raises endorphines like exercise or chocolate...we'll see!! Gonna buy a package and go a couple times a week to get a base back. Feel a bit better today, mornings are always better,

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I need to stop googling!!

by emross82 on January 31st, 2012 at 07:41 AM
Ok I need people to tell me ( people who have done more than one round or are in p4 and happy!!) I need you to remind me that this is the way to go. I know Ive lost on this I know I was stabilized at one point before my round 2.. but my head has been SOOO back and fourth on whether to do this diet again to re-lose my weight ive gained, or to just go back to all my exersize and diets. now i know this works fast..which is what I need! I eat like a south beach ish p3ish diet to lose weight anyway,

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interuption ending on sunday

by emross82 on January 27th, 2012 at 06:19 AM
I cant wait to start p2 again ( not loading but ive eaten off p3 as well) i havent weighed but even if I gained.. i neeed the break. I hope the first week resembles that of a normal p2 first week. Im rteady to go! I promised my hubby a date night tonight and then im doing a p3 correction day sat and p2 on sunday for hopefully 3-4 weeks. Then im so over this, lol. I was actually torn on doing hcg for the last bit or taking a new diet pill I heard of and doing exercise and like 800-1000 call a day.

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p2 high protein day

by emross82 on January 13th, 2012 at 12:09 PM
shakin it up a bit to see if it makes a bigger diff on the scale. Sats are always min fat free fage days and i lose the most on these days ( about 2- 3 each day) I did then last round and the round before and stablized fine. Im luckey I can do fage in p2 for protein. Decided to try a high protein day maybe once or twice a week if they help my losses.

No fruit and minimal veggies ( just lettuce)

noon- 1 whole egg and about 2-3 whites on a small lettuce salad with vinager

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