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    Hey thinking about you and hope all is great in your world!
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    I will finish this round properly p3 and p4 and I think I will wait to start round 3 till the new year. I need a break and just live for a bit and make sure I am stabilized. I did really well the 6-7 weeks after my last p2 but this round was a bit crazy for me so. I feel pretty great about the way I look. The size 12s are comfy and look good (no muffin top)

    I was 159.8 and then even 159.6 then I went back to 160.0 and 160.2 today back to 160.0. I think it was "plumbing trouble" did some purging today and have my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be back in the 159 neighborhood. I would like when I stop p2 to be comfortably under 160 so I dont see that number while I stablize.

    Your steak day was a huge sucess congrats for that! you rock.
    How are you feeling looking in the mirror?
  3. You are taking a break? Where is your weight now? Or do you mean, taking a break AFTER you reach 159.8? I am sure thatyou will stablize just fine. You have done so well. I did Rx HCG last time, so I believe it is 48 hrs for the drops.

    Otherwise, how are you looking? Are your clothes much looser during the time of your stall? I forgot to measure myself this, week, but since getting back on P3, i feel stopped up and so afraid of getting fat again. But I did stablize on P3 ok last time, so, I will just chill out about the whole thing.

    Whya re you going to wait until next year...just to really settle in with you new weight?
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    I am going to take the break. Maybe not do round 3 until the new year. But that is assuming that I stabilize as well as I did after round 1. If not I will be back much much sooner.
    It 48 hours from last drops I believe and 72 from last injection. I know about the injections not so much about the drops. sorry. Happy p3 to you! CHEERS!!
  5. I took my last drops yesterday morning of HHCG, so not sure if I start P3 tomorrow for breakfast. I am just frustrated and I feel like, ok, that is it. I feel kind of bad for giving up a few days early, but I think that just like relationships that are going no where, R2 is that kind of relationship at this point.

    Good for you to keep going. You have done amazingly well and you should be very proud of yourself. I will definitely go slow on P4 this time and do correctin days the way I am SUPPOSED to.

    Are you going to take off the full 8 weeks this round or are you just going to do P3 for 3wks and then P4 for 2-3 wks? I think that I am going to do P4 about 2 weeks and then go back. If I did not have this trip out of the country coming up, I would have hung out longer on P2 with you.

    Hope you are having a great day!!
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    You arent abondoning me! I will be in p3 in about 10 days or less I just mixed up a new batch of hcg on Sat so I will be in p3 as soon as I see 150 something or this vial is dry or I slit my wrists with rusty spoons.
    I know you will kick butt on this p3 and p4 just go slow and balance your carbs with protein in p4 that was really the trick to my successful p4. When are you thinking of round 3?
  7. Great that you are on to 164. I am supposed to go to P3 8/17, but I am debating whether to suck it up and start on the wkend. I went to 166 on Sat, and on Sunday. I went to my sister's house, said f*ck it and ate TOTALLY off protocol. It seems like this is where I am staying, so might as well enjoy some sweets and mac& cheese, (today 167.8) since I plan to do a strict P3 and have to travel the 1st wk of P4. Plus I messed up on my last P4 and gained like 10lbs over LIW.

    So, I give up! Don't know what else to say. Figure let it go and deal with 167-166 and hopefully get down to the low 140's high 130s the next round. Taking it as a learning experience...1. don't mess up my P4 again and 2. I guess the body does what the body WANTS to do, not what you will it. also, I realized that I was at 166 or so for about 2 years, so maybe that is the reason for the stall....WHO KNOWS!!!??

    Where are you now? Sorry to that we are abandoning you in P2. When is your "40" day round over?
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    She has moved on to p3. I finially got off 165 and I will go p3 once I see 150's like 159.9. Or until I lose my mind. which ever comes first. How are you doing? Keeping strong I am sure!!
  9. I know riiight? I am so through..what the heck is going on? I am trying to think maybe i have been on HHCG too long for this round, anything...but this is crazy.

    How are you and the other 160's staller doing otherwise?
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    Dang we should start a thread "Stalled in the 160's" I know someone else on here that is in the same boat. I am getting so very frustrated. We can do this I know we can! Keep the faith!
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Round 2 / Day 3 -Starting VLCD

by Fab@44 on September 27th, 2013 at 03:09 AM

Ready for the low calorie diet portion of this diet and getting this fat off of me!!

I started with the Rx shot. Man, they were hurting. I realized that I was with rushing it, putting the fluid in my body in too quickly or pushing it in my skin too deeply. Today I took my time and slowly pushed the fluid in my tummy. It did not hurt.

So I am up from loading to 104.2! Ugh! But I have to remember that this is just part of the loading process. Unfortunately

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Wrong product! I had HGH not HCG. Paid $200, when 5000IU is $9

by Fab@44 on September 22nd, 2013 at 11:43 PM
Man! I am so upset! But ready for action. Took my HCG, so I thought. Looking at the IU's I realized something was not right. Did some digging around and found out that I had HGH, Human Growth Hormone, instead of HCG. I was like "oh man!" Plus I had waited and paid like $200 for this injectible pen.

So I go back to the pharmacist. He looks at it and says, yes, you are right those are two different things. The personal trainer uses HGH. He goes into the refrigerator in the

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Back on HCG

by Fab@44 on September 22nd, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Was down to 167. Looking fly. Over the past 2 years with Emotional eating. Back up to 226. So gained the weight plus 28 lbs. Tired of beating myself up and already past the embarrassment of the whispers of "D@mn! she gained the weight back and THEN some" Just going back on the diet and getting this weight off of my so I can be fly and happy and not worry about my weight again. Felt so free before, now feel burdened, aside from the fact that none of my clothes fit right.


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