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  1. LOADING...

    This is my first day of Loading and I need help. Ok, so the question is fats. I know that on our loading days, we should consume a lot of fats but what foods specifically?

    This morning I had 2 donut sticks and a chocolate muffin with chocolate filling but I think that is wrong..?

    For lunch, I had a bean burrito with cheese and a soft taco from taco bueno. I'm thinking this was good because beans are good fat, right?

    Then as a snack i have a bag of sweet 'n salty mix of peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisons and M&M's... is this good?

    I just want to load right because I know this sets the pace for the entire 1st round. Please help!
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About HcgLindseyKathleen
Hello fellow HCG’rs!
Ok, I’ll give you a short rundown of myself. I’m a 28 year old female from Texas. As long as I can remember, I’ve been a little over-weight. I’ve tried every diet in the book with little to no success. I guess a little over a year ago, I was at my highest weight ever at about 190 lbs. I didn’t see myself as being too over-weight but I was only kidding myself. I moved to Germany to be a nanny for 9 months August 2010, and came back to the States June 2011. During that time, without even “trying” I lost about 40lbs. After being in the states, I stayed around 156lbs and even getting to my lowest ever weight at 145 which lasted about 1 day. All that because I was taking the diet pill Phentremine and basically not eating. Can you say unhealthy? Well needless to say, my boyfriend noticed that I was very moody and recommended I stop taking them and so I did. Not too long after that, I started gaining weight back and landed at 168lbs. I obviously was not happy there, so I tried eating healthy and walking to drop the weight. Well, 2 months later (last Thursday) I was at 167lbs. For 2 months of hard work, that definitely was not paying off. So I got desperate.
On Thursday of last week, I found some vlogs about HCG1234. I started researching it and decided that I wanted to try it so I asked my boyfriend to order it for me, and he did . Well that Friday, I decided that I wanted to try to follow the diets guidelines as much as possible. So I restricted myself to eat about 600 calories per day. The next morning, I saw that I weighed 166.6. Thought, hey well if this works I try it another day. So I did and the next morning I weighed in at 165.4 and the next morning at 165 flat. Then, yesterday I ate very low calorie and then played volleyball with some friends burning actually more calories than I ate that day, and work up this morning weighing 163.2lbs!!!
Well I came home last night to find that my HCG Drops have come in!!! YAY! However, I now get to eat crazy amounts of fat which means I will most likely be gaining back all the weight that I lost. BUT, I do know that this diet works and I am soooo excited to get this thing going.

Wish me Good Releases!
Lindsey Kathleen
R1/P1/HCG1234 Drops


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