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    Oh maybe once a week if I remember. I should be taking it but right now I'm still losing in P3 and stomach isn't where it needs to be. Plus Its easy to forget cuz I don't exactly 'love' it. So..... Yes if you're going to use it then it should be continued in P3 but I don't practice what I preach. LOL
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    Hi Jami, Unfortunately I must report I am in a "stall", I could've sworn that was a 4 letter word, instead of 5! lol. 3 days at the same weight. I did the detox bath last night, too. But with no result. I do think, however, I'm losing inches. That's good. My last loss was on Wednesday and it was a big one 1.4. I am going longer (50/51 days), as this is hopefully my last round for the forseeable future. I have to do p3 and p4 correctly, though--so the blogs and forums will be much needed. Only 5 lbs to go for u? I agree, if need be, go ahead and go over 40 days to reach that goal. It's just the closer u get to goal weight, the slower the weight seems to come off! Frustrating! If we didn't look so marvalous already (lol) it would be downright maddening! lol. Keep in touch, we're going for the same 5 lbs., I guess! Fingers crossed for u and for me! Stalls be gone!
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    How are you?
    You wanna laugh - it took me a few minutes to figure out what you meant by TOM!! I had the giggles when I realized what you meant.

    : )
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    Hi Jamit,

    I think its supposed to increase the metabolic rate or something. I use Braggs during P2. I take 2 TBS in a glass of water with Lemon and Stevia. It's pretty harsh. I usually drink it hot. On the Braggs site it says to take it before every meal..... who knows...... I know I did have good loss on P2 for the last week when I started using it.... Don't really know if it was coincidence or not. I am sure it didn't hurt tho.
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    thanks for the recipe...now to find a tub...lol our house just has a shower stall in it...we are going to redo the bathroom and add an actual bath tub at some point...may just tell the MIL I'm locking myself in her bathroom for a while..she's offered before.lol.
  6. It doesn't do any good to weigh during the day. Just a glass of water will make you go up 2 pounds.
  7. It's better than nothing! LOL IT stalls me but some can eat it fine.
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    Sorry for replying so late but when i cheated I actually went to a buffet and pigged out for 2 hours. It was a disaster.
  9. I'm in R1P2. Does anyone have any suggestions on good books?
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VLCD day 2, EDEMAME, TOM! ughhhhh

by Jamit30 on January 2nd, 2014 at 05:59 AM
Hello all,

I had done 3 rounds of hcg successfully, the got lazy and started to eat carbs, carbs, carbs. I gained more than when I started.

Soooooo, I was mentally prepared to go back on AND very excited. I'm on Day 2 of vlcd, but got sick yesterday and couldn't eat anything. At around 8pm, I had edemame (I know it's not a veg on p2). I had planned to go to the store to stock up on P2 food, but then got sick and I only had edemame to eat.

I woke up this

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Can you have Edemandme on HP day?

by Jamit30 on August 4th, 2011 at 08:12 AM
Can you have edemandme for a snakc on a HP day? Is there a list that shows acceptable HD foods?

I just did a steak day and now need to get down to adjusted LWD.

Thank you!

I need to get back on track P4

by Jamit30 on June 3rd, 2011 at 04:36 AM
I need to get back on track. The end of the school year is close and all the kids are bringing in treats for their summer birthday and I have been eating almost all of them. I am on P4 and usually NOT a sweets person, but it got to me and I have gained!!!! I am over 1.5 my "adjusted". I should do a steak day, but tried this week and was toooooo hungry, so I ordered a cobb salad to be delivered for lunch.

I also have not been eating as much vegetables as my body is

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Last Drops - sooo hungry but everything sounds horrid on P2

by Jamit30 on April 24th, 2011 at 03:50 PM
Has anyone ate a day and a half after drops instead of waiting the full 48 hours? I can't put a single pice of chicken, steak, asparagus in my mouth. Bla. I have had nothing all day besides water and a couple of m&ms. I also have a really bad cold/flu where I am not going to go to school tomorrow and completely loose my voice. I didn't go to either families Easter, but desperately need something to eat. Blah. I need some food. Food I won't gag on.

Gaining since Sunday. Vets, do I do apple day or hold on?

by Jamit30 on April 13th, 2011 at 04:10 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Jamit30 View Post
What are your thoughts on having a piece if fruit before I go to bed? Last night I got up and nibbled on pita chips. Grrr... Casey, my fiancé bought them last night to bring them to work this morning. I'm so annoyed with myself. These small cheats are CRAZY with this diet.

Sun gained .5
Mon. Stayed the same
Tuesday. .5 up
Wed. Stayed the same

So I'm up a pound since Sunday. I haven't gone to the bathroom, since Saturday as well. I'm hoping for

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