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    Its disgusting I hate even admitting it. Even though I'm not ready for a relationship I still think that way. I need to quit basing my self worth on numbers on a scale or what other people think. I really do feel so much better with the weight I have gotten off, well off. I would suggest going with a cognitive behavior therapist, instead of a regular one, because they go beyond just talking about stuff and actually work on changing the way you think. Anyway, look how far we have come and how great we have done, we should be celebrating that!! Not worrying about being "perfect" Eh, I'm exhausted, I work 14 hour days on the weekends and I always gain I think from lack of sleep but otherwise I am stabilizing ok... still 1 lb under LDW but I worry because my calories are still only around 1200 a day but I dont want to eat more in the future and balloon up... hopefully it wont happen that way.
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    omg.. Sodium! Of course, too much is bad for you! I tried cottage cheese in p2 and gained like 1.4, I wonder if thats it?? I haven't tried it since though, and I dont plan on it. I'm going to try Jay Robbs I think. Right now I have plain medical grade whey powder.... Toss that cottage cheese out the door!
    Therapy is wonderful. Go for it girl! If you ever want I can give you the basics of what mine has taught me, it might help? I haven't gone in a little bit because of school starting and draining all my cash flow but I need to. I'm having the exact same issues. "anorexia brain" is a good way to put it. I still feel awful and keep wondering when I will feel "thin" At least you have your DH! I'm single and terrified of dating again.. thats a whole other message though. lol. I keep thinking no one would want me, or I'm not thin enough.
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    I do this sometimes and make a huge pitcher full so that its just ready to go, warm it up or on ice.
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    woot! Saving money and calories! Awesome! I actually have some sugar free caramel syrup..but I banned it because it has splenda in it. But you know what, I think a little wont hurt..I'm drinking it in my coffee now and its yummy... :P so who cares.
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    OMG so much pressure!! I hope you like it. haha
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    So- about STARBUCKS lol. In the morning I use a flavored coffee, one tablespoon heavy whipping cream, vanilla stevia and sometimes plain protein powder and put it in this magic bullet knock off blender thingie and it comes out foamy and rich and yummy. My sister hated it, but lemme tell you, it is delish IMO.
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    My mind set has changed a little. I'm not gaining, or losing really, but I've already been out for drinks twice in my four days on p3. lol. Thats not really even like me, I just wanted to have some fun before the semester started. I'm actually sitting here with a huge headache like "really andria, that was not necessary!" lol I think I'm eating ok, but my cals are still 800 to 1200 and I am SO uncomfortable eating so much fat. I dont like it to go over 40 grams a day. And I get full. My vices are now fruit and nuts, thats all I want to eat. Too bad your not close, we could go walk, or have a healthy cook out! But- Keep your head up
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    You are still in your range, so it's ok. The goal is not to keep shrinking in p3 right? I know its hard. Just keep pushing forward. Dont let one day of "bad" eating derail you. Do some clean days. I miss some foods too, but I am so desperate not to go back to where I was that I just try not to. Its like, I keep telling myself, this is not forever, its just food and it will always be there. This is not easy, a blog I read on here that I found encouraging said... " It's willpower so deep it comes out of your toes, it's finding distractions, it's knowing that this will work. It is not about negotiating with the diet, because it will laugh at you and not give you anything back." I know you have that within you! Look how far you've come
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    Thank you for the support! It helps alot. My friends did notice, but I dont believe them. That is a self esteem issue though! My friend walked in and said... where did the rest of you go?? It made me laugh, so I just have to learn to be okay with myself. I keep reminding myself that just cause I'm done with p1 doesnt mean I have to be done losing weight! Its a process.
    And I'm proud of you!! If you find anymore yummy recipies please share
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    OOOOH. I am going to have to look into that site!! Today is my last drop day and I'll do VLCD for two more days. A part of me wants to keep going, you know just lose a few more lbs, but I can tell that its becoming very difficult. I'm tired, foggy and cant quit this cold that is lurking. Also I start school in a week and wanted to stabilize before then. Don't need the added stress you know. I will either have to eventually do another round, or try to get the lbs off the slow way. I am having the hardest time accepting this weight loss and celebrating it. A little voice keeps telling me its not good enough! Sad I know. I see some old friends today so hopefully they notice? That might help. Please, please keep in touch! Hope p3 is awesome for you
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I have many friends that have had success with the HCG Diet, but this is my first time. My husband and I are on week 2 and going strong!
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