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  1. Hi again ~ sorry you had computer problems, but glad you're back!

    Good for you ..... sticking with it and finally getting your 2.2 loss! I went 2 days without a loss and then gained 1 lb one day (how that happens on 500 calories is a mystery to me) I was frustrated, so I give you props for sticking with it for 4. The next day after the gain, I dropped 2.5 lbs. so I was good from there.

    I'm doing great! I'm on VLCD 14 and am down 11.5 so I can't complain.

    Thanks again for the recipe link you sent me. I can't believe all the recipes that can be made out of the few foods on protocal. One girl posted some time ago to take a sliced apple, and sprinkle stevia and cinnamon on it. Then bake it (I microwaved it). Wow ...... felt like I was eating dessert. That was a great idea.

    When will you be starting PH3?

    Take care and ~ yes, you do inspire me ..... glad I can inspire you, too!
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    Hi there! It's been a few days since I've been on. I had major computer issues and it took me 4 days to fix everything--had to completely erase my hard drive and start over UGHH! Things have been ok. I can tell I'm getting to the end of the VLCD cause my losses are SLOW! I even went five days and went up a pound, then today FINALLY I was down 2.2 today, so I guess that helped a little! I was getting really frustrated going so long without any losses...then a gain? I was ready to just eat a slice of pizza lol! That's so sweet! I inspire you? I don't think I've ever inspired anyone LOL!<---That perhaps was the motivation I needed to finish this round! Thanks! Hope the diet is going well for you so far!
  3. That's wonderful!! You're doing great! My goal weight is 145. This only my 2nd day of VLCD but not doing too bad. I'm taking 12 drops 3x day.... I'll have to see how the appetite and weight loss goes the next few days to see if I need to adjust anything. Only 1 lb gain after loading days??? That's great. I figured mine was going to be high, but wasn't as high as some I've read. My husband and I eat very healthy (just have to watch portions LOL) so loading days were all about olive oil, meats, high fat dressings etc.... After those 2 days I was ready for grilled chicken and veggies! I agree how this diet blows your mind. I couldn't believe I only gained
    1lb after 2nd loading day. Take care and keep up the good work!! You inspire me.......
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    You're quite welcome Wow we are pretty similar in our start weight. I started out at 170, after loading days I was 171--thought I ate a ton too! After day one of VLCD I was 169!! There is definitely a lot of mind over matter with this diet. It can be rough at times, but some days are better than others. What is your goal wt? I'm wanting to get down to at least 135. Think I'm going to have to do another round after this one. I'm losing, but it's a learning experience on your first round. Today I'm 159.8!!! So I must be doing something right finally! This diet just blows my mind, I can't believe how good I feel!
  5. jrandsheree ~ so good to hear from you! Thank you so much!! I took a peek at the link and it is also very impressive. I just tried the "miracle" noodles a few months ago, and even tho they don't have alot of taste, I found them pretty useful. She uses them in a "rice" pudding recipe. I love it! LOL Definately will use them later down the road.

    How nice of you to make a receipe book together for your neighbor. I, too, have searched ALOT to see the ins and outs of this HCG way of losing and think it's definately worth the effort. I'm starting my 2nd day of VLCD today. I'm finding that it's alot of mind over matter with this. The less you concern yourself with your foods and stay busy with everyday things the better it goes. I did real good. Started out at 170.5 the a.m. of first loading day. Was up to 175.5 after 2 days of loading and now back down to 171.5 after 1st VLCD.

    Thanks again for the receipes, friendship link and encouragement.

    Good Luck to you, too!!
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    Thanks, it feels good to be appreciated Although, I can't take credit for these recipes. I'm like you. This is also my first round! I have done a TON of internet searches for good recipes. I'm putting a book together for my neighbor who is also going to start this diet. And I'll have to say, I'm pretty impressed with it! LOL I'm gonna send you a link...be careful with it though. This lady put a TON of recipes online and I have been trying a lot of them. So far they are all pretty amazing. You just have to pay attention to them. Some of the recipes are intended for P3 and P4, and she doesn't always specify. Just be sure you know the "protocol" foods for phase 2. It's so wonderful all the variety she has provided with such limited food! Thanks for commenting and GOOD LUCK!

    Here's the web address: (it's the jackpot for HCG recipes!) http://www.scribd.com/doc/27090024/Hcg-Phase-2-Recipes
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