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    Well, I'm done playing around with the dosage. I went from taking the 4 drops 4 times a day, then tried increasing the dose, than lowering. I am sure that it was too high. The last two days have gone MUCH better at 2 drops every two hours. It's more of a pain in the neck (and b/c of that I'm going to do pellets next time), but it works better for me. My biggest problem was also in the evenings. Not only that, but I was always looking forward to my next meal and most people report that they have a difficult time getting their food down. But now that I figured it out, and a week is pretty much wasted, I think I'll do better. I hope you figure your dose out too! Like I said, it took me a whole week of playing around with the dose but maybe it wont take you as long?
    Blessings on your week! RJ
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    Morning! I see family only once or twice a year as well. I know what you mean. Even at my age I still miss my mom so bad that at times I cry. So how are you doing on the diet? How much are you down?
    This week I have really struggled and don't expect the scales to move much. I've been playing with my dose, as it doesn't seem to hold me very well. I actually think my dose is too high! Yesterday I did two drops every two hours and that seemed to do well except for when I went longer than two hours. This a.m. since I was up later and have way too much to do, I started out with 4 drops. We'll see if I'm just imagining or something.
    Well, my little one is asking for eggs and toast so I had better get on the mommy hat and get in gear. Best to you this week! Be a loser
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    So glad to hear from you! I thought that maybe you had given up. I've been sending "hello-where are you?" messages to a few people on here, who I think "have given up." You are the first one I've heard back from, that hasn't given up.
    Any way, 3.5lbs is not too bad. Just think what it could have been! I did well over the holidays but the last several days we have been up in Billings, MT and I didn't take my drops like I should have and I ate out several times. Came back with a one pound gain (for two days!). Today is another day though, and I'm back on track (I hope).
    Any ways, glad you are still with it and also getting back on track. Will be good to hear your progress!
    BTW, how was your Christmas and New Year? Ours was quiet, as the hubby ended up working. Not bad to have a quiet one though LOL
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    It's been awhile since we've heard from you. Are you doing okay? What's going on ? Can we do anything to encourage you?
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    Where did you go?? Everyone left me!
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    I'm doing well on the diet. So far I haven't gotten too bored with the diet. I use a lot of different spices and try different things. I use my lemon in the 8 cups of water I drink, with truvia. Water to me is boring I'm sure another week of this and the boring part will set in. Or maybe once my DH is back with us and he starts cooking some of his yummy stuff. Yup, that's probably when it's going to happen, this Thursday.

    Did you try asking one of the senior members for advice? I am so nervous for you and the trip. I guess I'm just a bit **** when it comes to things. Sorry.

    I'm glad you feel good about your finals, that's a good indication of how you did. I'm excited for you! It always feels good to get them done with.

    So what about you? Other than boring, are you sticking to protocol? Hunger pains still staying away? Missing anything?

    LOL, RJ
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    Oh my gosh. . .6lbs, that's great! I don't know how you would go off the diet or do an interruption without gaining those pounds back though. You had better ask a senior member quick, in case there is any prep. work you have to do before you go visiting. Luckly I don't have those kind of hurdles this Christmas (I don't think anyways?)
    I hope and pray you did well on your finals. How many did you have and how do you feel about them? I was always pretty fortunate that many of my instructors would allow us to opt out of finals if we were happy with our grades. A few of them would still have a paper or two to be done, but that was okay as long as the topic was something I was interested in, otherwise it was a struggle. Let me know how you did when you know.
    BTW, don't go MIA again. . .I worried about you! LOL
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    Where are you? Are you doing okay? Miss ya!
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    Forgot to tell you, decided to go ahead and start loading today. Just couldn't even wait one more day, how sad is that?
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    How are you doing? Are you visiting any other threads and finding some great info? I found one with people who are taking the same type of drops that I am. Still looking for one with nurses.
    I just accepted a Christmas party invite but thinking that I might call back and ask them not to have a plate for me. It's a catered event. I don't think they'll mind. Other than that, I don't even plan on baking this year, other than cinnamon ornaments. What about you?
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Back from vacation, and ready to start fresh...

by kmarie612 on January 5th, 2011 at 03:47 PM
After coming to terms with the fact that I had to stop the diet for our trip home, I am ready to go again. Loading today and tomorrow, then getting back on the vlcd's and hoping to have success. Although I am not frustrated with my slight gain, I am ready to go. I even talked the husband into eating some of my meals (just modified to taste better for him), so it wont be so hard for me to cook several things I cannot have each night. I am really excited about this, it will just be so much easier!

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Loading - Day 1 (round 1)

by kmarie612 on December 5th, 2010 at 07:11 PM
Wow. I really underestimated how hard it would be to eat this much (with the drops). I'm on the HCG Platinum from GNC and I have to say I feel stuffed. My Loading day 1 menu....

Sausage/egg burrito & Orange Juice

Pizza bagels & soda

Pork Chops (breaded) w/ mashed potatoes & green beans

AND 2 snickers Santa's (haha) I will miss those!

I really hope I am eating enough of what I should, I am trying to keep the sugars

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Preparing For My Journey

by kmarie612 on December 3rd, 2010 at 12:47 AM

December 2, 2010

Waiting for my drops to arrive! (probably tomorrow)! I am so excited to begin this diet and change my life! I have been wanting this change for a while but it has just been so easy for me to put it off. I always had an excuse.. "oh well, it's a holiday soon" or "well, I dont have time with school for a new diet." but no more excuses. I am finished with feeling ashamed and self conscious at times when I shouldn't. In preperation to begin

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