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    Hi Ktydid!

    I have been MIA too for over a month. I guess I got to the point of everything-HCG-overload. I am right with ya -- do a steak day, go overboard next day, do a steak day. My weight goes up and down. I have basically settled at 4 lbs above LDW but I have gone as much as 15 lbs above in a freaking single day!!! That was a Chinese food and too much wine day.

    I've been having some craziness in my life the last month also - been a bit depressed so I eat and drink to try and be merry. Doesn't really work. The one thing I really don't like about HCG is how perfect you have to be for so long after the protocol. I mean I know I should get my eating cleaned up anyway but I think the pressure to do it or else gain tons of weight is like a black cloud over my head. Sorry I guess I am in a crabby sort of mood today. Would still like to meet you for that glass of wine

    I'll send you my contact info in a private message. Hang in there, we'll get through this!!
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    Hey Ktydid,

    I thought I responded to your msg. Sorry that I haven't yet. How are you stabilizing on P3? I've not heard of a leptin reset - will need to look that one up. Wow, you made it through Bravo -- that is saying something!! Sorry to hear that you are still struggling with parent woes. Are your parents ill?

    Right now I am shopping at thrift stores because I don't plan on being this weight past January and don't want to waste money on new clothes. I have 7 more days left. I have lost 26 lbs this long freaking, never ending round. I am at 142.8, but want to get to that magical 139.8 I hope I can get there.

    Again, sorry I dropped the ball on responding. I've been looking for a response from you and then realized tonight that duh! I didn't write you back!! I hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you
  3. Hi Not so great. LIW was 160.8 on Tuesday, W - 159.2m Th - 158.4, F - 158.4 (TOM), s - 161.8, SU - 161.6, M - 164.8 (FFF Day), t - 162.6 (steak day), W today - 161.6. I was going to do a high protein day but I need veges so I am having dairy & salad and P2 foods no eggs today.
  4. I started in on Fage right away but waited until sunday to have eggs. I had eggs and yogurt on P2 so I didn't think it would be a problem. I have never done an offical steak day until yesterday. Last round a FFF would drop 3-4 lbs same w High protein day. I have been a stress monster w parents, had 2 glasses on wine Friday night. I will be so sad if I don't stablize better this round.
  5. Even though I still have tons of weight that needs to come off I feel like some normal fat came off at begining and end of round. I am hoping that w even out in P3. I haven't cheated or had nuts or anything crazy. no crack (ever) just my fage. I have been reading about the leptin reset and wonder if I should try it. I just am not mentally up for it right now.
  6. I did go jean shopping. My shape is still crazy. Calves are huge and thighs jiggly. I tried a tons of pairs and found one style of DKNY size 10 that fit. I am happy to find them. Picked up a couple more but still need to try on. They all fit so different. Had to get new shoes - all are too big. so funny. well I need to figure out dinner.
  7. How are you doing??????? How many days left??? BTW went to a surprise party at Bravo's last night and couldn't eat or drink anything. I made it w/o cheat but man it smelled good.
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    Hey Ktydid How are you doing on P3?
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    Ok so what's your LIW/LDW? Did you reach your goal? What size are you? Maybe I have some jeans you can borrow until you are sliding out of them - hee hee. A friend and I did that when were losing weight. She was a size smaller than I was so we always had clothes to share. She even borrowed my smaller sizes. It saved us a ton of money while we were transitioning! I have some size 14 Levi jeans. Over the past 4 years I shopped for cheap clothes because I couldn't stand spending a lot of money on clothes that were eventually going to be too big.

    Sounds like P3 is suiting you well I think I finally have my "grip" back on hcg reality. I'm not struggling anywhere near what i was. Man, that was a horrible trip. I felt like I was losing it big time!!

    What kind of wine(s) do you like? I know of several places to go either for wine tasting or wineries. I don't have any friends who drink wine, so it'll be fun to get together Good to hear from you!!
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    Oh, sorry I thought you were in P3. Well, it's right around the corner...literally! Everyone seems to use the highest load weight to calculate their losses, so you've lost a 32.8 freaking pounds!!! Woo hoo!!! Way to go You rock!
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R1P2 start date 1/19/11 starting wt - 235.8 loading wt- 238.6
R1 wt loss - 33.4 lbs LIW - 205.2

R2P2 start date 4/19/11 starting wt - 205.2 loading wt - 210.6
R2 wt loss - 31.40 lbs LIW - 179.2

R3P2 start date 8/6/11 starting wt - 185.4 loading wt - 193.6
R3 wt loss - 34.4 lbs LIW - 160.8

R4P2 start date 1/1/12 starting wt 178.6 loading wt 182.8
R4 wt loss - 27 lbs LIW 155.2
Lots of stalls but had reshaping

Total loss of 82.8
I LOVE HCG!!!!!!!!!!!


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