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    Kelli, Yes I actually like spaghetti squash. YUM!
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    First let me congratulate you on your great picture you look amazing. Well im starting my second round today. I know its early but I feel like I need to already I have only gained 2 pounds since my last weigh in but my body is asking me to start R2. This time my mother and my cousin are doing it with me. It feels so good when people notice your great succes. Good luck to you and I wish you the best of luck in getting to your target weight.
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    I know what you mean about losing yourself after you have a baby. You're so consumed in them (and IN LOVE!). We do have to remember to take care of ourselves, and one reason I gained was I was too busy being a wife/mother to care about me. My son is 17, so I 'found myself' again long ago, but the weight stayed. :P When I looked in the mirror yesterday, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, I thought, 'hey I remember looking like this.' What a great feeling! Carrying that extra 20+ lbs really did a number on my self esteem. Goal is 25, but after 4 lbs more, I will be at the weight I was before my son was born! I know you know how excited I am about that! I got back to that weight after he was born, kept it off for several years, but slowly my weight inched up and up, each time making a new set point. I know that's why I have lost so slowly; my body is overcoming several different set points. Today is VLCD40 and I have lost 20 lbs!! You are doing amazing, so stick with it!!
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    LOVE the new pic!! Your face is definitely thinner (and LOVELY). I was comparing before and after pics with my husband last weekend, pointing out areas on my body where we can see changes, and he remarked "look at your face". Wow, the difference. And I hadn't really noticed it myself.
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    Hi again,
    My first day went better than expected! I will continue my drops until they run out, if and when they do, I will most likely go with the Celeste... I've seen really good things about them. Thanks
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    Are you doing drops or injections? I am just starting all this tomorrow with my first load day... thanks for the tips on healthy fats. I was going to fastfood it all day, but now i will try healthy oliveoil and better fats then just supersizing it! I am doing the drops and there is so much about them out there it is actually overwhelming... I just want to hear people have sucess on the srops and not jsut injections. I would do the injections but they are quite pricy and don't even know how to go about getting them without my doctors perscription. thanks
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    Hi Girl,

    I'm doing good I have gained 5 lbs though but I do blame TOM and not drinking enough water ill have to work on those 5lbs now. how are you? are you still on the drops?
  8. Hey!! I've been doing terrible the last two days.... Not good.... I'm SUCKING at this diet. I am just going to finish off the injections I have since it seems silly to waste them and I have ordered more HCG for injections from overseas so after this "round" I will wait for the injections to get here and then start again and try to do it the right way, loading and 500 cal a day. It may be easier for me then because I will have started school so I will not be in the house 3 days a week so not eating anything I don't bring with me will be so much easier than being at home. I was keeping my cal around 1200 for a little while and was doing pretty good on that but these last two days just rocked me, so I'm up a little bit. I am glad to hear you are back on track! Traveling is always tough because when you are with people you haven't seen in awhile we all tend to go out to eat a lot! I admire you SO much and think you are so amazing! Good job girl! Keep it up!!
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    OMG I know everytime I look at the receipies my mouth salivates by the sound or the thought of cheese and avocados. Well the other day I had a piece of pizza and in that weekend I gained 5 lbs and it made me sick. I want to also loose 30 lbs im excited because im finally half way there I just have to stick to it a bit longer. today I'm on day 26 and I will be doing another detox bath on sunday I have great losses when I do a bath.
  10. Hey! I am doing alright. I am losing slowly because I still can't get a hold on the VLCD but I am staying around 1000 for now and hoping to decrease that. I am working on my dose right now and it takes a little while to see if the dose is working with the injections since I can only do it once a day. I dropped my dose down really low so we'll see how that works. How are things going with you?? Still going strong??
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Update on maintaining post hcg diet

by lawgal on July 27th, 2012 at 01:29 PM
For those who like to know how maintaining after doing the hcg diet goes... I think I'm doing pretty well. I started out at 188 and over 3 rounds lost 70lbs down to 118ish (from February 2011 until October 2011 with p3 and p4 in between). Today I weigh 129, and that's because I majorly splurged last weekend and earlier this week and so I am correcting now. Yes, I still correct to keep my weight in check. That's how I indulge from time to time. I'm not a prisoner of my body. I still enjoy "bad

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by lawgal on October 26th, 2011 at 08:50 AM
Well, I hit my goal this morning. Feels good to accomplish something that takes hard work and dedication and ends up satisfying me more than any bag of m&m's or slice of pizza ever could :-)

Moving to p3 this evening.

TOTAL HCG LOSS FROM 2/14/11-10/26/11=70LBS
VLCD2-8> -2.4,-2,-1.8,-1.2,.6,+.8,-1.2=-8.4, 127.4
VLCD9-15> -.6,?,?,-1.6,-2.8,+.4=-4.0, 123.4

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Goodbye p2! Hello p3 and permanent maintenance...

by lawgal on October 25th, 2011 at 02:05 PM
Well, the scale wasn't lying to me yesterday... I was 118.2 this morning and so I'm moving to p3. My last dose of HCG was last night at 10:35pm, so 48 hours from then I will move to p3... actually dinner Wednesday night will be a p3 dinner since I can't really eat anything at 10:30 at night. More than likely it will just be some sort of meat (anything now, not just chicken, lowfat beef, fish or seafood) and a large amount of veggies. I am going to save trying p3 stuff for the following days. I already

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by lawgal on October 24th, 2011 at 07:11 AM
Ok, so I think my body is anxious to get out of p2. I woke up this morning to a 2.2lb loss and I have no idea how. I even reweighed myself like 45mins later to make sure my scale wasn't playing tricks on me. So, I now have .8lbs left till goal and if I hit that tomorrow or even get close, tomorrow will be my last day of drops. Oh happy day :-)

VLCD2-8> -2.4,-2,-1.8,-1.2,.6,+.8,-1.2=-8.4, 127.4
VLCD9-15> -.6,?,?,-1.6,-2.8,+.4=-4.0,

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Been a while but still here... in p2... but not for long :-)

by lawgal on October 23rd, 2011 at 09:26 AM
Wow, it has been a loooooong while since I've posted. After I had my knee surgery (through which I remained on my hcg and protocol... I just increased protein) I didn't do much of anything for about a week except making sure I recover properly, as I couldn't risk needing to recover any longer than that so that I could get back to work. Anyway, Today is VLCD30 for me in this r3p2, and I cheated pretty badly last week, so I must extend my p2 until I lose 3 more pounds. I'm determined to hit 118 so

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