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  1. LinenPants, I do..try this:


    I have been taking the suppliments and doing the face recipe for a couple weeks now, and notice a difference. I don't have much skin hanging on my body, but will buy what she suggests for that too. I also use "ROC" intensive night cream, and Lancome ultimate absolue night serum...they are fantastic. Best of luck to you...
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    I am on an extended p2 now, day 80. I had planned to go on to p3 and all of the sudden I had big losses so I stayed. My skin is getting a little lose and it concerns me, Do you have any words of wisdom for me?
  3. Thanks Mila! Yes, I did the extended round. I am still at it at 91 days. But, not as excited to keep on it. Getting very tired of it. I tried some new stuff---spaghetti "sauce" from "Perfect Portions" with ****aki noodles...ummmm, yuk! They tasted like rubber and I kept seeing them again all the next day! They do not digest! But, I am so tired of the boring food choices. Salad and meat; meat and salad with an apple...sick of it! I am going to finish the bottle then move to P3. I have lost the 50 pounds...I have been gone for awhile. Lots of family turmoil to deal with at the moment. And I have done it without turning to food to help me deal...very happy about that. How are you doing?
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    Hi... Just checking to see if you did that extended P2? If so, how did it go? I was thinking of doing that next round...
    Haven't seen you around in a while--hope all is well.
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    I've used both hHCG and rx injections. You have to be cautious on the hhcg as some brands these days don't even contain any homeopathic hcg at all. Not all hhcg is a fraud though
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About lindahoyt
I started my career as a fat woman about 16 years ago. It only took me 2 months to put on 70 pounds, and I have not been able to lose it since. I have an auto-immune disorder that includes the hypothalmus and thyroid glands.

I have tried every diet and basically have not eaten carbohydrates for 10 years! I have fasted on a medically supervised fast; eaten 6 meals a day; lived on lettuce, done weight watchers, TOPS, OA, the cookie diet, slim fast, the cabbage soup diet, everything. Truly sticking to it, and not lost anything to report. And what I did lose I gained right back with more on top.

I often have to take medications like prednisone and heart medications that add pounds very quickly. It is so discouraging.

I had given up on diets. My husband loves me and I was trying to like myself fat. I have many health problems that hurt more than weight! So, I made the best of it, and tried to learn to live in a large body.

But, I started menopause. Yikes! Now I became mean along with being fat! Mean, fat women are especially odious! I didn't even want to live with myself - it was a lot to ask my family to live with me too! I was looking for hormones. The doctor makes menopausal women wait for a year to get Estrogen, (or until they actually kill their husbands, which ever comes first).

I had heard about this diet and dismissed it as another fad, that was probably dangerous and would definately damage my already poor metabolism. But, I wanted the hormones to >>fingers crossed<<< hopefully, ease my menopause symptoms. Since I wasn't interested in losing weight, I just took the drops for 2 days and didn't change the way I ate at all. I didn't even look at the diet! I lost 5 pounds in two days!!! I was thrilled, decided to go on the diet, and have lost almost a pound a day, everyday. I don't find the VLCD difficult at all. I love it. (by the way, a sympathetic nurse practitioner perscribed a cream for my other symptoms, because the hcg did nothing; and my family had taken to sleeping in the chicken coop!)
I have lost 37 pounds in 40 days; my family likes me again and I feel human again!
travel, education, politics, collect antique books and china, history, genealogy, natural healing
self employed
R3 5 years later P2 Rx injections


Round 1 phase 2 did 107 days Hhcg Lost 52 pounds. So glad I fell for this 'scam'!!

Started R2 10/26/11. Lost 6 pounds first week. Bad drops, no lost weight, the holidays did me in!

For 4 years I stayed within 10# of my LDW. But, in last year, packed on 40#!

R3 P2 07/14/16 Rx premixed injections from clinic.

I attend Celebrate Recovery for support and encouragement. It's free!


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No loss on Day 12 of VLCD

by lindahoyt on July 27th, 2016 at 10:21 PM
No loss today...makes me sad!

Yesterday, I skipped my shot, and felt absolutely no different at all. I am doing well on the dose I am on...I am just going to tough it out.

I cut back to one fruit, since I didn't lose. But, I also ate tomatoes on Day 11. I never lose when I eat them, so I should know better.

I stuck to Protocol today. Getting blue...getting sick of the diet..yes, I have lost 17 pounds, but I am still so fat, that it makes me depressed.

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Day 11 of VLCD round 3

by lindahoyt on July 26th, 2016 at 02:06 PM
So, I woke up on day 9 to no loss. I had walked at the mall, on day 8, and again on day 9. But because I had no loss on day 8, I decided to cut all carbs again on day 9.

I woke up on day 10 to a 1# loss...I was hoping for more, but happy for this!

But, I am hungry. On Day 10 of VLCD I again cut out carbs, but I did not walk.

So, I woke up today, on Day 11 of VLCD with another 1# loss. That makes 17 pounds in 11 days of VLCD! YIPPEE!

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Day 8 of VLCD in Round 3

by lindahoyt on July 23rd, 2016 at 01:47 PM
Super pleased with my progress so far. Now that the hunger is under control, I feel good and strong and excited to be losing weight.

This morning I got up and had one pound lost! So, that makes 15 pounds in 8 days of VLCD! Day 6 I had no loss. I think I have figured out why. I ate shrimp, which never works for me. I always stall when I have it; and I had mushrooms. I forgot that they are not on the protocol!

I am going to go strictly on the protocol this time...I

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I Finished My First Week of Round Three, ----Four years after round 2

by lindahoyt on July 22nd, 2016 at 06:40 AM
Well, I just finished my first week back on the HCG diet.

5 years ago I lost 52 pounds with Hhcg drops. It was a miracle for me. I did two rounds, but truth be told, round 2 was no good, because I never could find good drops after the first round, I tried and keep to the diet. Anyway, I found it very easy to keep the weight off for 4 years. I didn't return to the diet, but kept busy...moved to London, where one walks everywhere, and healthy food is for sale on every street; and we

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So, no carb helped me get over stall

by lindahoyt on July 22nd, 2016 at 06:16 AM
Quote Originally Posted by lindahoyt View Post
So, on day 6 of VLCD I didn't lose anything. I decided to ask this question, and give it a try. I decided to fast on day 7...but, I couldn't! I had dinner. I ate fish with peppers, zucchini, onions doused with lemon juice. I did not have the fruit, and I never eat the melba.
So, I lost 2 lbs yesterday. I feel great. No carb helped me get over a stall, and more importantly, it pushed the hunger right out of my life. But, because of the danger of quickly gaining a in P3, I don't think I will

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