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March 3, 1985 (35)
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I'm married to a man blessed with a crazy high metabolism so he doesn't understand weight issues AT all. We have a beautiful 2 year old son (born 10/10/10) and I've always wanted to be a mommy and love it so so much. I have battled with weight since I was a little girl. I decided to lose weight on my own at age 11 and by exercise and healthy eating lost 30lbs in a summer and started running and maintained a healthy weight (150lbs) until about 17. I had a tragic event in my life that caused me to spiral down to depression and anxiety and was put on medication. Bad bad move. I gained 50lbs in a few months only worseing my depression and years 17-21 were a blur of eating, gaining weight, more meds, and even a suicidal attempt. I don't know the exact weight but at one point I reached near 250lbs! I came out of the fog around 21 and started seeking a healthier alternative to meds to control my depression. Its been a long long journey but here I am at age 27 (almost 28) and have been med free for over 5 years and I'm at 175 lbs. I got down to 190 on my own before I got pregnant. I was 210 post baby but found the baby weight of 30lbs came off easier than the old weight I had to lose. I could not break that 190 barrier and so my doctor gave me adipex where I reached 165. However I have let some lbs creep up on me. My ultimate goal is to be a healthy 150-160 lbs. My body has taken a beating but I'm proud of all I've gone through. I'm an advocate for organic natural living and healthy lifestyles. Although doctors are good they aren't taught anything other than medicate medicate medicate. I have been suffering symptoms of hypothyroid for years and (by oushing for it) had my iodine levels tested to find they were low. I'm now drinking unfloridated water (floride binds the iodine) and taking a natural kelp iodine supplement. I also recently learned about eating right for your blood type (mine is O) and luckily this HCG diet fits with it perfectly. When I resume normal eating I will follow the eat right for your type guidelines (no wheat/low grain/no dairy) I'm hoping that this HCG can once and for all help me to release the abnormal fat I have left and help my body reset so that keeping weight off is not as hard. Good luck to others out there!
columbus, OH
Healthy living (organic/natural) growing own food, working out, and cooking/baking healthy
Part-time dialysis nurse, Mother of 2 year old boy, and part-time online student
R 1/Ph 2/Rx Ovidac subQ injection


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