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    Amino acids are what allows the body to rebuild and replace cells that have reached thier end of life . They wont go unless it seems safe.

    We only need free fatty acids and amino acids. glucose is optional
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    you are very welcome
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    Liss126 wrote:
    How much more weight did you lose after your LDW?
    I'm doing well. Finally made the 20lb mark. 7 days to go.
    Can't wait for P3 but still scared at the same time.
    Since P3 is not really vegetarian friendly, what will you be eating?

    aliyah7 Answers:
    I lost about .8 lbs after last dose. That's it. If I gain tomorrow, I may do a Fage day.
    You reached the 20 lbs mark? Awesome job!
    Just think; losing 20 lbs in 5 weeks!
    Oh, there are things for vegetarians on P3. Most options maybe rouge, but they can work.
    For example I plan to use: Eggs, Tuna, Protein Shakes, Greek Yogurt and Other Dairies,
    Soy Protein Meat-less products.
    I changed what I ate today. I pretty much took it down to a P2 day, but doubled servings. Also added the olive oil and cream of mushroom soup for dinner. I had got sick or something today. I felt nauseous this late afternoon and had some diarrhea. This was before the COM soup. Weird.... I just don't know what to expect from day to day.
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    Hey Liss. I am on Day 2 today. I gained 1.2 from yesterday. Which is no surprise cause I had around 1160 calories yesterday. I did not want to use my LDW to stabilize, but the weight I was when on the day I started P3. Yesterday my stomach was growling like crazy and I would eat whenever I thought it was hungry.

    Today is different. Not really any growling. Don't feel really all that hungry. I've only had a protein shake and about 6 strawberries so far today (about 166 calories). Yesterday close to this time I had already consumed over 700 calories. I figured since I gained 1.2 I would take it down a notch and not add so much so soon. Just do like a double P2 day and add a little olive oil to saute my veges.

    Just have to take it one day at a time. I don't know what each day will bring. I have to remember not to lessen my calories because of weight gain. I feel good though. I have a blog for my P3 journey/menu.

    What about you? Any more losses? How are you feeling?
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    Hmm, it's probably the inactivity for me too. Yes, I know it can get better.

    Hey, I don't blame you. I'd do an apple day too. And I know what you mean,
    I would not have the motivation to keep going on this if I was not having any
    losses either. Heck, I don't feel all that motivated even right now with the little losses
    I've been having. Diet's too hard to sacrifice for nothing. But I keep going, mainly cause
    like you I wanted to break into the 50's (155) when I start P3. Right now I am 158.8, but would like to get lower in the 150's to keep room for fluctuations (if you know what I mean).

    Are you excited about P3? I used to be, but not so much now. I've heard we should ease our way into it.
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    Concerning your buttocks area, have you tried doing a search about this issue? Here on the forum or on google. There are probably others who have or have had this issue that may have found solutions/help.

    Yeah, I need to do some training too. I mean I love the weight loss and everything, but don't want to jack my body up. I have really been contemplating quitting P2 early. Since I started my second bottle of drops, I've been feeling hungry or something. I felt so sick to my stomach today. I was so close to the verge of vomiting, but I stuck it out.

    Can we lose weight in P4?

    I have not had a problem with mood much. No!! I take that back. Yes, I forgot,I do get irritable off and on for no apparent reason. I think it's due to a strong desire to 'eat'.
    I hate eggs now. They make me feel like puking. Yuck! Spinach is bleh too! I forced myself to eat both today. Had nothing else to really eat.

    Hang in there girl. We're almost there!
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    Yeah, we got to keep trugging along. Don't feel too bad about your skin. I felt my legs last night and was horrified! I could hardly feel any muscles. When I tried to flex my leg muscles, They were not that hard. They felt kind of soft. I felt so concerned and wanted to quit this diet. I have never had that happen before, even when I was more fat and sedentary. My leg was smaller in general too.

    I have decided to stick it out till P4 but do some leg squats or something. What do you think? My arms seemed fine though.
    I had a 0.6 lbs gain today. It could be the new protein powder I've been taking, or because I was out yesterday in the heat sweating.

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    Hey Liss! I am so happy for you. It's good to hear that you stuck through this too. Good that you only had 1 round to do (I have another). Hoooray!!!

    I am doing really good. My stomach has been growling in the mornings lately. I have like until 2 weeks until I start P3. If I could at least lose 4 more pounds by the time I get to P3 (which would put me at 155, I'd be soooo overjoyed). TOM didn't mess things up for me, loss was still really good. I had went 7 days without a BM. Finally went. Didn't feel stopped up, neither did I have better or worse weight loss. But I know that still is probably not good. I am thrilled!

    Congrats to us both!!
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    How you doing Liss?
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    Hi! Saw you in the "newbie" forum...good luck to you! :-)
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