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    I hope to try and eat p3 for the next couple weeks to really set it in. God bless FFF and high protien days. I rotated cleaning eating with full fat fage and combo steak days and its back down. I lost a week of p3 and hope it doesnt mess me up. but I was the exact same weight yesterday at noon as I was today at noon, so somethings working. Just hope to be able to maintain and the be able to to eat "normal" ... pretty low carb for the most part, and then splurge and correct. That seems to work best for me. And exercise. Gotta keep movin How have you been? Holding steady? Smart to give yourself thanksgiving, p2 would be terribly hard. Are you starting after xmas then? or are you going to truck through the holidays on p2?
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    I feel pretty good! Thanks for checking in. Thankgiving wasn't as hard as i thought it would be, i mainly filled up on turkey and a p3 veggie cas i made. I had one bite or a roll and sweet potato cas but drank alot of water all day. Today is thanksgiving day 2, but im not worried cause im not super excited about it, lol. Im bringing a salad to share and p3 pumkin cheesecake muffins i made. So good! My weight did come back down to lwd pretty much and that, I am thankful for!
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    Sorry about this massive posts, but buddies help so much. I wouldnt have made it though last time without it. so many people with answers and experience. Just a place to vent!!
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    So i feel ik.,.im pmsing ( i didnt start right after my tom because hcg makes me start again within 8 days anyway so I figured whats the point. so im puffy, had 2 load day ..and a half Havent eaten my apple yet today. not too hungry but i think im just holding back cause im pissed at myself. Ill keep you posted on how things go today and hopefully the rest of the week til i get to 137 again, then ill feel like, ok..its go time. Dont want to lose what tiny motivation i have by then. This diet makes me so up and down. one min im like oh yeah i can do this..and the next im like...god im sooo bored!!! Not hungry, bored. But we can deal with bored right? The I can do this always comes back. I wont let this 10 pounds break me. unless my body just says nope, youre a 130 girl or a 135 girl, that would suck but it is what it is. What are your goals, have you done this diet before, or what phase/ round are you on?
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    May have to break this into a few posts, lol.I know once I get down a few days ill be fine, i just need the motivation. I was so on point last itme, and I m terrified to gain it back, but I had my wedding as a goal as well...that helps. i lost about 18-20 ( 20 on my own prior to that) stablized at 137 ( im 5'8) ...did well in p3, and p4, basically ate p3 with some fun here and there. was 133 on my wedding ( a few busy days of no eating!) then I was 138 when I left for the honeymoon ( more of a noraml weight for me) I ate everything I wanted ona drank..alot of cocktails. sugar sugar everywhere. Came back, did an FFF day..gone. back to 138 how great! Then I load..erg, so bad, i swear who goes form 138 to 145 in one day?? Crazy.
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    Today for lunch I had chicken salad with your acv/mustard dressing and I may be a little in love with you now

    Sooo much better than plain acv and water, thank you so much for that!

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    Yes, I have a little cocoa crack about every day. I love it. I think it keeps me sane and I've never had problems with it causing stalls. In fact, I think it helps with losses. Things are going well for me this round, except tonight I came down with a brutal stomach virus, so I haven't been able to eat at all. Really sick. Yuck. Hoping tomorrow is better. How's your round going?
  8. Right on! Doing the hhcg this time myself More of a clean up round. I ended up about 5lbs over liw so i'd like to get back there plus an extra 5. With this extra 5 that came from loading i'll need to lose about 15 also. Hoping to get it done in 26 days this time. Instead of 60!!
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    Yes, this is my second round doing HHCG. My first round started February 2011, so I went through the phases, stabilized 2 pounds above LDW, and decided to come back to HHCG for another 15 pounds!
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    It very well could have been the milk... too many carbs/sugar. I used heavy cream in my coffee through p3 and on my one steak day.... never doing a steak day again though - yuck. I'm vegetarian now anyway thanks to a video I saw...
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