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    - This is the time to get all the things in place support-wise to set yourself up for success. Look ahead and find events that will make it harder on yourself, and come up with alternative plans. Get the crap food out of your fridge. Get a Foreman Grill (or something like that...this is not a product placement). See if someone else can do the cooking during your injection phase.
    - Kiss your fat goodbye~
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    - Check your toiletries for oil. If it has it, see if you can find some that doesn't have it.
    - Get your family doctor on board. It takes so much pressure off when there's an MD watching out for you. Blood/urine tests are important (in my eyes) to make sure your liver and kidneys are happy through this. This is a wonderful time for a before and after of your cholesterol scores too.
    - I would start weighing yourself every morning from now on, after you've gone to the bathroom, and record the weight. I am a huge proponent of charting your progress and think that this is an understated support that makes a massive difference in your success on any diet. I put mine in a bunch of places (weight loss ticker, my blog, the first page of this thread, on a piece of paper and the wall calendar by my computer). I have constant feedback of how well I am doing.
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    - Expect to be low energy, crabby and other wonderful side effects while your body questions your motives. Plan accordingly. I stopped working out halfway into P2 after trying to be bullheaded and continue through it. Walking is important...walk loads.
    - Giggle, your goal is closer than you think.
    - You might go into ketosis throughout this process. That comes with some really funky breath. I chewed sugarless gum from my local health food store. Not suggesting you do it, since that's off protocol, but be aware it might be you that smells.
    - Find yourself a trustworthy scale.
    - Ensure that if you are cursed with family members/roommates/whomever that will decide to come home and eat your favourite foods in front of you, that they understand that you are not eating much and you will likely tear off pieces of them if they test your resolve.
    - Relax, we're here to help.
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    I posted the following in our loading group for you:

    - Read Pounds & Inches. I found it a bit dry, so I downloaded the free copy from Itunes. It's 3 hours long, but that's not bad to scratch kitten bellies and relax.
    - Call right now Phase 1 and get your head in the game in terms of eating cleaner and pushing water.
    - Load well. It is both a nice excuse to be naughty (hey, I'm on a diet here, pass me another eclair) and very important to ensure that you have sufficient stores of reserve fat.
    - Smile, you're about to be a much smaller you.
    - Get a good water bottle and get used to drinking so much that your second home will be the bathroom.
    - Throat punch all the nay sayers in your life that are going to inflict their opinions on you.
    - This worked for me, but might be too hardcore for some others. I replaced all my plates and bowls with 500ml capacity locktop-type containers. Not only is this great for storage, but it also does wonders for portion control both on the diet and after.
  5. Hello there! Thanks for visiting! Any advice would be awesome. I'm new to this and haven't done much research yet.
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