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    Sexy Bikini Pics Me You are looking amazing
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    Is this your second round?
    P2- I like coconut oil. I even had one tablespoon yesterday and I'm down another 1.6 pounds. And I had extra egg whites too.
    (But, I did get a haircut yesterday, thinned it out quite a lot-I have lots of hair!)
    I didn't use any other fats in P2.
    P3 I used coconut oil, olive oil and butter. These I think worked well for me.
    This P2 I'm still using my lactaid milk too. Not large quantities 2-3 oz at most. Just a splash in my coffee. AH bliss!
    I'm hoping I can still lose with a little tweaking here and there.
    Lucky to stabilize with cheese/avocados and salsa. I think I have trouble with all of them. I just read somewhere that both tomato and avocado are part of the nightshade family. Who knows?
    Haven't been to Gig Harbor, but my brother goes there frequently. He's a painting contractor and works with a buddy there at times.
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    For me. I was physically dragging towards the last Days of P2. I work outside and I felt like my body just needed more nutrients/fuel to function. I really dreaded the idea of having to revisit P2 for only 8-10 pounds. But, after struggling with P3 (mostly due to sensitivities- dairy & nuts), going back for another round of P2 seemed pretty inviting. Also, I think it's a good learning experience for the next round of P3. If I could suggest one thing for those going into P3 for the 1st time, take it really slow and up the calories at the start with P2 foods and good fats. Even with this P2, I may add in a tiny bit of coconut oil from time to time, and depending on the time frame for loss, may end up sticking to the 23 days minimum and if I hit goal before that, just up the calories with P2 foods.
    Where do you live in Seattle? My brother lives in Ballard. Enjoy the area so much. I used to get out that way often as I had business to handle at the Port.
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    Hey, thanks for the website and info... I've been on the website checking it out. Do you know what is in HCG1234? I'm trying to figure out if it is any different from the brands I've been using. I assume that the 1234 doesn't have real HCG in it, right? Wouldn't that require a Rx?
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    Hi Stephanie,

    I miss the chats too At least you are lucky that your husband does the program, my b/f does not and some days it is harder then others. But, he is here for me and helps me through each step of the way. So, I am glad he does support me. I am hoping this can be my last round and I will maintain with WW or something. I am going to join CKO with a co worker at work as well, so I am looking forward to doing that. Of course, can't box, jump around now or I would pass out! lol
    I am hoping to lose another 30 this round, but we shall see and then go from there.
    nice chatting..keep up the good work...so close to your goal!!! That's wonderful!
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    Hi, I seen your question in the chat room, but of course no one chats any longer. Since, they have added more rooms it is empty anymore. Strange that is. But, I did 45 days on my first round and was not hungry. I am on round 2 and not doing 45 days cause that was way to long to do for me! I almost cracked up. I am going to do 25 days and see where I am there, but I am not feeling hungry at all. In-fact i have to force myself to eat something. Today I was not hungry, don't know if I am fighting a stomach bug or just tired of this diet lol...Good Luck you are not to far away from your goal!!
  7. Hey Steph,

    I havn't been on lately cuz I noticed we can't IM anymore... Wassup with that?? Or maybe i'm just not looking in the right place... IDK...

    Anyway i'm 15lbs away from my goal weight!! WOOT WOOT=D My bestfriend is now back on the diet with me which makes it tons easier.. The hubby is also back from DC so that helps alot in some ways too. Hopefully he dosen'y piss me off and start bringing fast food in the house.. LOL i'll have to hurt em=]

    How are things going with you? What phase are you in etc and have or did you meet your goal? I hope all is well with you and yours!! It was GREAT hearing from ya! KIT

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    Hi!! How you doing? I am still hanging in P2. Average of .8 loss a day. Had a 5 day oopsie/stall/TOM so it really held me back. Before that I was at almost a 1.5 lb loss a day average. Just broke this morning so i have something to start looking forward to again in the AM's...

    So you are in P3 right. Is it 2 more weeks left in P3? Did you stabilize?

    Im excited to hear how it goes for you. Let me know
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    HOw are you doing? Are you moving into P3 soon? How did P2 finish out for you after your planned interruption? I restarted on Easter and am doing SOOOO much better this time. I broke a previous set point already and am learning so much more about my body. Good to hear from you!!
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    Okay hermit! :-) I use Jay Robb shakes and no, they don't have any sugar or carbs! Thats why i am amazed they taste so good. I get them on amazon but the Vitamin Shoppe carries them too and I know they have locations in Seattle area. They have good deals on them too. Let me know how you like them and don't fear P3, it will last. I have now stopped really worrying what I am eating and just go with the flow. I know when my body has eaten somehting it doesn't agree with.....I have not fluctuated but 1.5 lbs either way and it's amazing me. It's much easier than I thought it would be, that is for sure. I can't wait till round two though so I can get to the 125 mark.... Survive the weekend?
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About MeOnHCG
HI! My name is Steph and I am a professional domestic diva :) Two kids just now in full time school, and I have found that I have a lot of time on my hands so I enjoy working with the youth group, having friends over for tea and muffins, the gym, cooking for my family and helping my husband with our business.
Overall I am a happy person. I have always made the most of what i have. I want to be able to lose weight, feel great, and find my bodies happy balance without worshiping the gym or food
greater Seattle area
God, becoming a better Me, Prov 31:Wife, encouraging others, painting, crafts, sewing, exercise
Domestic Diva, Bookkeeping
Ph3 Begins May 23rd


I can do all things through God, who gives me strength!

June 13th, PH4 Day1: 116.5lbs, Eating around 1450, Not counting calories!

Round1Phase4: 117lbs
Round2 VLCD8: 115lbs
Goal: 110lbs


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Round3 VLCD1

by MeOnHCG on January 17th, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Will weighin tomorrow.....Find that tracking the loading weight is NOT very encouraging!

I find that the success of each round has to do with where we are at mentally. If we are prepared, motivated, at a good place in our social life/personal and emotional life.

My twin's husband fell very ill right after halloween. He has been in a vegitative state until 2 days ago. We have not known whether he would live or die, but we are beginning to see that he is truly fighting

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Updated January 17th, 2012 at 11:20 AM by MeOnHCG


Round3 Load Day:1

by MeOnHCG on January 15th, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Ghastly weight in:
138lbs. I've let myself eat 'whatever' knowing I was doing another round. I was 132 earlier this week.

Goal:stay focused, prepare food, continue walking at gym regularly, focus on how i feel, trust my body to do it's thing and follow procotol.

Unfortunately one friend is already two weeks in, and doesn't talk much about it. My second friend found out her pharmacy has stopped selling HCG due to the FDA. So....I'm on my own again! My husband

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Round THREE, Prep Phase

by MeOnHCG on December 19th, 2011 at 06:32 PM
It's been several months since my last maintenance phase update. It's true....most people don't get on as much because they don't need the support on a daily basis. Out of site, out of mind. Wish I had accountabilit through maintenance phase though......My goal was to keep all the weight off, well this is what acttually happened.....Summer happened, we had many BBQ's and hangouts at our lake, dinners on our patio, BBQ at my sisters, get togethers, we had our house remodeled from July until currently....we

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Ph3 Day3 R2

by MeOnHCG on September 12th, 2011 at 03:22 PM
Well.....I transitioned into Ph3 as soon as I could. I hit VLCD22 and knew it was time. I ate regular food while taking drops for the last 2 weeks while I was taking my antibiotics. I didn't gain, and manged to end my drops at 119lbs. I was happy with that. Funny thing...that's where I ended up with Round1. My body liked 117.5, but then adjusted to 119lbs. I am working really hard this week to detox off of sugar, and to stick to Ph3 protocol. I've been having bacon, americano w/half n half, nuts,

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VLCD20 R2 Ph2 Need encouragement!

by MeOnHCG on September 8th, 2011 at 06:17 PM
Weigh-In: skipped it again. Not enjoying seeing my self in the mirror lately. That's a new feeling after having such good results with Round1. My size 2's are still fitting fine, just looking bloated I guess with period on the way. I really do think a lot of my struggles this round are mental. Not sure what to change, accept my attitude. I've had so much to do lately preparing food is last on my priority list.

Today is the first day I've managed to stick 100% to protocol. We will

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