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  1. Hey, I ordered bottles of homeopathic stuff, as suggested by somebody who tried that particular brand. I hope is a good one. It's from Powermax Nutrition. http://www.powermaxnutrition.com/pro...-40-day-supply
    Have you heard of them? I am really hoping it will work. I am a little disappointed with myself that I fell of the track while at the cottage. So I thought this will be a good kick start for the diet again.
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    Hi) Im new here. I haven't even started the diet yet. Im waiting for the drops to ship. Should be here soon. Im worried because I read your blog posts and saw that the hhcg drops werent working for you and thats what I got( Ugh....But anyway I felt like I might offend someone by being on this site because i dont have much weight to lose either. Im 5'3" and 126 right now. Wanting to get down to 110-115. But its good to see theres other people...or at least another person on here like me..lol So I have been wondering if you lose say 2lbs overnight do you wake up like wow im so skinny or can you not really tell where its coming from. That is kind of a scary thing to think about for me....wake up magically 5lbs lighter...lol Well anyway...good luck!! Oh and hope you feel better..I saw you said you were sick...boo(
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    I saw your post about hhcg and I totally agree. They are not hcg and I doubt they will burn the old fat. Of course people lose on them...they're only eating 500-600 calories a day. They would lose on water which is essentially what they are getting. There are some brands with some type of amino acids which may be beneficial and may help prevent lean muscle loss but it is not hcg. I am starting to feel a difference in my clothes. I have big thighs and since the baby (c-sec) and two other belly surgeries also gained there. That is where I am losing on hcg. Not my face or just shoulders and boobs but everywhere I am fat. That doesn't happen on weight watchers and doesn't happen on any other type of low calorie food plan. HCG is good stuff.
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    Its wayy off protocol. but i do it on p2, many have success w/ it, some see no difference, some have a negative response, but you never know till you try. If you want to try it start w/ maybe a teaspons worth and work up, thats what I did.
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    I've actually never been in a stall, I just use it in general to up my loses, which it does help with I think. And i think it depends on how you make it and which stevia you use...At first i really enjoyed it but recently i think i've botched the recipe using a different liquid stevia so i just switch to drinking straight coconut oil each day. I'm going to try it with splenda to see if that helps, but when I made it with stevia packets it tasted more like regular dark chocolate, which was pretty tasty.
  6. MominCali, congrats on the two pound loss! Even with a cheat! Wow, your body definitely responds to this diet well.
  7. Chocolate?!!! Remember, it's only like 3-4 weeks without chocolate -- you can SO do this! I'm doing good, didn't feel much different without the hcg. . . today anyway.
  8. Hi MominCali! No worries, you are SO going to lose that loading weight! It's funny because I'm hoping to do the same thing (get 'leaner' with hcg) post-wedding. It's been so successful for me that I'd have a hard time not to use it to get me fit again. I used to be a hardcore exerciser -- running and weights six days a week. I miss those days but the extra has made me so self-conscious and I just have had such a hard time getting motivated. But with so much weight lost, I can't help but feel to really maximize it hcg.

    I am going to take my last drops tonight, and TOM appeared! Lol. So no drops this time because I want to transition to P3 for a few days before I go back to some 'normal' eating during my wedding and honeymoon. But MominCali, during TOM, do fff!!! Oh my goodness, those days have been such a lifesaver, mentally and weight-wise! I know I'll be doing a few of those this week with TOM, lol.

    Here's to amazing losses first week for you!!!!!
  9. Hi MominCali! I'd love to get to 120, but I'm fluctuating at 124!!! And on top of that, TOM is to appear. Ugh. Ergo, my queries about consecutive fff/FFF days. How are you?!
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Hcg Heretic

by MominCali on September 14th, 2011 at 09:25 AM
Weigh-in: 121.5

While perusing other Hcg blogs, I came across this link:


Intrigued, I researched it and decided it might be something to try. Now, I'm not really good at counting calories, and it's not something I want my kids to see me do, but the flexibility of it is very alluring; an egg for breakfast, and then fro yo later on? Oooooh...


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To sleep, perchance to release...

by MominCali on August 29th, 2011 at 08:05 AM
Weigh-in: 122
Weekly goal: 120

These last few days -- after ridding myself of the wretched flu, or whatever it was that I had -- were really productive. Well, with the help of 1 Senecot, and dialing down the cheating, they were. Finally I am looking at 122 on the scale. I can't believe I've been so inefficient at this diet that it's taken me 4 weeks to lose 7 pounds. I'm trying to psych myself up for the last 7. I feel like warning my kids that it's not going

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Afternoon Delight

by MominCali on August 27th, 2011 at 04:07 AM
no weigh-in today

As someone who has cheated every single VLCD, I'm blaming my husband for my not losing much weight. For two very different reasons:

First of all, he should know that I'm dieting --because I told him, not because men really notice these things, like a measly 5 lbs, or that you're only eating salad or constantly salivating over the kids' pasta, or weighing yourself hourly. Naturally, since I've announced I was going on a diet loads of

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Updated August 27th, 2011 at 04:28 AM by MominCali

Undersize Me... My Hcg Journey

A Chocolate a Day Stays on Your Hips

by MominCali on August 26th, 2011 at 11:58 AM
Weigh-in: 124

Woe is me (shouldn't that be "I"? Nevermind). Poor little sick girl, with 2/3 of the children sick, trying to keep up with the housecleaning, laundry, making 2 batches of chicken soup and her video seminar. No running for 4 days and no weight training for a week. Those lucky Burka-clad saps in Afghanistan don't know suffering.

What would cheer her up, above anything else? That's right! The chocolate cake lurking in the freezer.

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Death Becomes Her

by MominCali on August 25th, 2011 at 09:26 AM
weigh-in: 124

Ugggh... I'm sick.

I don't know how any of you manage to diet while sick, but all I want is comfort food. Thusfar, I haven't completely cleaned out the cabinets, but, with no exercise going on, my weight is hovering around where it's been for these past few weeks. Blast! I was really hoping for a starvation-like shedding of a few pounds, but no, not really... I'm really hungry, but now I just don't have other distractions and I can't

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