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    Hi Julie! I am sorry to hear about your coworker. How tragic.
    My loss is slow too..it is hard to be ok with it but still, it is a loss daily so that is good! Feeling good ,even if I am not losing fast. I don't have terrible hunger, headaches. I am not tired. I"m feeling better about myself.
    Thanksgiving...my plan is to eat. A little bit of whatever I want,that will include p pie. My fave pie of all time. I decided since Thanksgiving is my fav holiday, I'd be miserable so I am going to enjoy it. I am sure I will get full fast. After, I will get right back to it. Add some exercisse for the duration of my 40 days.
    Tonight we had Hake & romaine. Man, that fish good. I seasoned it with lemon pepper, herbs, dill & used CO to pan fry it. Had a glass of Reisling.

    What are your plans for Thursday?
    Oh, as far as using same drops- not sure. I thought I would try a diff kind perhaps. But maybe not. I am going to have some left. not sure it will still be good?

    Take care !
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    And here is another reply... I guess my advice would be to stick to the plan and have rewards and firm goals in mind. For me I keep my journal/blog, have a reward system and hung a pair of "skinny pants" on my towel bar. I tried them on every week. They kept me so focused. And I actually went through 3 pairs of skinny pants! The first pair are huge now.... There will be days when the scale won't move/a stall will come along. But, it seemed I was still losing inches. That helped me mentally. Keep reading the actual protocol. It makes more and more sense as time goes on. Watch hcg videos on youtube. There were/are days where I needed a boost and I would check out success stories. Reach out to anyone and everyone on here when you need a lift. There are some awesome folks in these forums. Finally-Believe in yourself, focus on the positives and know that you are worth it!!
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    I am finally replying to your comment on my blog. Sorry! I have no idea what collagen will do for you. I am still unsure about all the recovery part. I had actually reposted that as a reference tool for me to reflect on. Some say in time the skin will bounce back on it's own, too. I just intend to keep moisturizing, taking vitamins and hoping for the best...
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    still answering your questions....I don't use makeup except for mascara and I DO put cream on my face at night! During the later part of the diet, like after 23 days I even would go to sushi for lunch every now and then because IT IS SOMETHING YOU ARE DOING FOR LIFE....not just for a small amount of days. I found that if I restricted myself too much it would be something i would want to go off as soon as my diet was up. The basics of protein and veggies, no carbs and limited VERY limited sugars just works. (for me) I even started to have wine, or a coctail later on and still lost. My entire metabolism changed and that is what is supposed to happen. If I saw myself go up, I simply did a steak day and all was right soon enough. Good luck newjulie! stick to it, and you will see great results too.
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    Hi newjulie
    here is what I have done. It is what has worked for ME, TWICE! First off I take HCGdiet.com drops. I think that I continued to lose weight while I was off it because the I did NOT follow protocol exactly. I did things that I knew I could stay with. In the morning I have one coffee with ONE creamer. I never eat the bread allowed. I use organic coconut oil (less than a teaspoon...) whenever I cook because nothing sticks. I eat turkey burgers with diced green chilie in it. A LOT of water. Bok Choy, flavored with Bragg Amino acid....sounds gross but tastes good! I love ground beef, tomatoes, onions with cumin and cilantro in lettuce leaves like tacos!!!!! Make food taste great with seasonings, no sugar.
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    Hi Julie!! How are you doing?
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    Hey there, how are you? I'm trying to catch up on the boards and check on all my buddies.

    Hope all is well!
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    Thanks Newjulie, I really appreciate your response and support. I'm reading and re-reading everything in the forum and the net. Considering there are so many different ingestion methods (injection, sub-lingual, pallets, etc.), it is a bit confusing. For instance, does Pound and Inches apply to HCG Drops although it is written for the physician assisted method? I received 4 bottles from hcgultradiet dot com, which is enough for 60 days. However, RD1 is only 40 days. I thought I read you could apple-down or something 1day and keep going. I went through the journal of one of the moderators which is very very thorough. Absolutely love it and using it for a primary reference (It's in chrono order, and easy 2 read).

    Okay headed back to the newbie posts. At least until Monday, you will find me on this forum. So keep in touch, I plan to do the same.

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    I completely love your avatar! You crazy girl! You will get there yet!!!
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    Hey Julie, just saw this. I was having a horrible weekend so I never logged on. I am sincerely happy that this HCG is working for you! I took your advice and posted on the newbie thread. (I think I did that right anyway LOL, I am still trying to learn how to navigate around this site) Keep up the amazing work and great upbeat attitude! xo
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HCG No More!!!

by Newjulie on November 16th, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I am so grateful to have learned about HCG and this forum. Learning the protocol and about how my body reacts to it has been a bumpy but rewarding ride. It has been about a year since I began R1. Since then I have been able to drop about 65 lbs. which has had huge health benefits. It has not been easy... I wont say that it was! But all the tools and support are here and so I have never felt alone or adrift. I am only a few lbs from my goal and I will stop now to give my body a much needed rest

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Updated November 20th, 2012 at 08:27 PM by Newjulie



by Newjulie on November 7th, 2012 at 06:18 AM
I havent been blogging for a while --- had some challenges; personally, professionally and most recently from mother nature!!!! But its time to finish this up! Taking HCG, and the incredible results, can become the end instead of the means to an end... seeing that scale go down is addcitive. But I have to get into a new mindset... i have to accept the weight I am NOW and understand how to keep the weight loss I have already attained. Maybe its not as motivating at first, but I can find a new

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Once In A Blue Moon... be audacious!!!!

by Newjulie on August 31st, 2012 at 09:32 AM
There is an event happenning today that deserves our attention. Did you ever use the expression "Once in a Blue Moon."? Well, today is that day!
The last time a blue moon occurred was December 2009? So how will you mark this event?

I know you are already audacious if you are already taking HCG and have opted for good health! But what else do YOU wish to do that you are waiting for a better/thinner/healthier time? What have you been putting off? How can you

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Round 3 Wrap Up!!!

by Newjulie on August 7th, 2012 at 04:31 AM
Round 3 done! R1 start 11/5/11 - R3 end 8/6/12

I am in total awe of HCG!!! The program does absolutely what it says it will do...
Total Weight loss 64.25 lbs Total Inches lost 58.50 Sizes dropped from 18W to 8!

I will put up a post later in the Success thread as I want to encourage as many people as possible to try this for themselves. But the real clincher for me is looking at my mid section --- I lost 8.5 inches in my waist, 9.25 inches in my stomach and 8

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Updated August 7th, 2012 at 04:49 AM by Newjulie


Round 4???? Oh Lord...

by Newjulie on July 20th, 2012 at 06:41 AM
I have been in the midst of R3 for some time. I started with homeopathic drops and had a spectacular load and less than spectacular results for 4 weeks (-15 gross and -9 net).

I did a planned Interruption of 2 weeks and now on my third week with RX. I definitely feel better in terms of hunger. But since I am not working, the lack of activity has slowed my losses. I am still exercising but of course, i am leary of stepping that up too much as it is not recommended so here I sit

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Updated July 20th, 2012 at 07:45 PM by Newjulie

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