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    Last day of P2 for me - well, with the drops anyway. I did a short round so I could stabilize in time for my birthday. I only lost 10 lbs, not the 15 I wanted to, but I know that if I had the time to continue the round, I could do it. Oh well. I'm actually having surgery (cosmetic) at the end of this month, so I need to be stabilized and eating normal foods by then. Have you stabilized more than 2 lbs above your LDW?
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    OMG! AWESOME!! My original goal was 14lbs, but I kind of think I could do a little more too... I'm actually going to try cocoa crack today - I've heard it's good to have a bite or two, but only when you're stalling, as the coconut oil helps move things along, so to speak. I'm up 0.2 today, but not worried about it. How long was your round? I was planning on the shorter one - 2 days loading, 21 day round, 3 days VLCD w/o HCG, because my birthday is coming up and I REALLY want to enjoy it...but I may do a longer round if necessary.
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    Everything's going really well! I had a 3 day stall but worked through it - I could've sworn that oranges were on Protocol but once I realized they weren't and stopped eating them, I started losing again. I'm down 7.5 lbs from my load weight, (6.1 from pre-load weight.) I'm being really strict with protocol and I'm so glad it's paying off! P3 huh?! What was your total loss?? Also, I'm way nervous about stabilizing, so I'm excited to hear how you do! Good luck and let me know!
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    I'm actually going to talk about that in my blog today...stalling, that is. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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    You are .2 LBS away from your goal!! That's AWESOME!!
    Grissini...those things kind of piss me off...they taste so delicious at the time, but one of those little guys just makes me want MORE of them! Ha. I've been having them in between meals, or after - same with fruit. Mmm...fruit. I had strawberries yesterday, probably a few more than I should have, but seriously strawberries are like zilch for calories. I threw some Stevia on those *****es and went to town. Down 2 lbs again today...JUST under 138, so I'm SOOO fired up for 135 and below. Have you had any stalls at all? I'm nervous about that but I don't know if I'll have to deal with it all.

    And CONGRATS again!!
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    Well...how did it go? I made it through the movies on VLCD1 and today I passed up a breakfast burrito... I'll admit, it all sounded amazing - I KNOW I didn't load properly, and I'm expecting the backlash to get worse before it gets better...
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    Same for me...I'm having a hard time. BUT, I'm trying to at least stick to good fats - or even bad fats, but not so much on the carbs and sugar. Since the whole point is to fill up your normal fat store, it sounds like carbs and sugar aren't as important as fatty foods. I had two slices of New York style pizza for lunch, and then a piece of some weird smores pie (sans the crust) just now. I work a lot, so it's been hard to fill my face! More importantly, I've noticed most people have a rough 2nd loading day, so I figure if I don't stuff myself to the max today, I can go ballz to the walls tomorrow. Going to see a movie tonight, so at least I'll get some movie theater popcorn...

    Oh, one last thing...movie theater popcorn is like my favorite thing on the planet...and the thought of it right now sounds gross. Insane!
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    UGH! NO! I'm so annoyed...I'm in San Diego and USPS tracking says it processed through Santa Clarita yesterday at 4PM....It's 2:15 and I've had a Fiber bar and a protein drink all day because I was hoping to start loading as soon as it got delivered, but it STILL hasn't come. I'm hoping it gets here today at least, so I can start tomorrow morning, since it's already so late in the day. What I really don't want is for it to not come til tomorrow afternoon, cuz then I'd have to wait til Friday. I called every place I could find that offers HCG in San Diego but the bottles are like $70 a piece, when mine was only $20 (Green Web, found on Amazon, read great reviews of it.) I'll keep you updated...
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    I'm brand new - I'm impatiently awaiting my drops in the mail....they should be here tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed for me!) I'm actually thinking I may just skip breakfast tomorrow and as soon as they come in the mail, take my first dose and start loading. I'm SOOO impatient! Plus, my birthday is August 21st and I want to get two weeks of stabilizing in at the end of my 26 day round to make sure I can ****tail on my birthday!
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    Hey - saw your post on the 20-something's group and I'm so excited to see your progress! I'm looking to lose the same amount of weight and it's great to see your results - way motivating! Are you doing a 26 or 40 day round?
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