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  1. FOR LOADING:I would do 2 days, never saw a reason to do 3. You don't have to over eat or go hog wild like many thinK, just eat until satisfied and eat healthy fats, be sure to eat anything you think you are going to miss over the next few weeks even if it's high carb and sugary, get it in there. I don't load anymore unless I just want to be bad for a day. For me HCG kicks in by mid day #1 so I don't have any issues with hunger and have plenty of fat stores so no need to build them up. By the end of week one I find I lose more real weigh (not counting load) if I don't load. Many of us on the board don't do loading anymore, think it's more to get the dieter mentally psyched up for the diet than anything and get all the cravings out of the way. I will just inject and go from there but I'm going totally rogue this round (not following protocol at all) so I don't suggest anyone do what I do LOL
  2. Hi, I got my supplies today too, just waiting on the hcg.There are awesome mixing direction on the newcomer thread. I personally mix mine in a tighter formula than they use, which is why I use the 1/2 cc needles so it's easy to see the #'s and adjust the dose but Grammy prefers the looser mixes so you might want to go with the formulas posted on the board. They uses more bac water than I use. I find the tighter way of mixing seems to control my hunger better.
    For a 5,000 iu vial I mix with 5,000iu of bac water, the board recommendation is 10,000iu of bac water. I tried the higher amount but didn't like it, it caused more bruising for me (I bruise easy). Mixing is super easy, only takes a minute to do and once you do it, you will be a pro for future rounds. Due to length I'll have to split the message up.
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    Hello poobears,
    I received my supplies just waiting on hcg. Thanks again for all ur help!!
    Since its been awhile since I've done this. And I've never mixed myself. Can you please give me rundown on how to safely mix it up. And what's best your opinion on what to eat to load and do you prefer 2 or 3 days loading?
    Hopefully rest will get here by Saturday for loading....
    Thanks so mych for your time
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    Ok, that's right, I remember you telling me that. Thank you I'm still waiting for an email back from safemeds but I'm going to get online there soon and see if someone's available for online chat because who knows how long it can take to get an email back and since it'll probably take a minimum of 10 days to receive this, I'd better get a move on if I want to start in January.
  5. I get my supplies from missourimedicalsupplies.com. For each vial you are going to mix up you will need one mixing syringe, one mixing vial and one vial of bac water. Then of course you will need your needles and alcohol wipes. Some people can buy the needles at their local stores without a prescription some states won't allow that. I just order boxes of them online. There are other places that are cheaper to order from so you might want to look around a little.
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    Oh, I'm so glad you saw this because I wasn't sure if I did this right lol! I mean, I didn't see a send a message button that would send it privately so I thought this was it. Anyway, thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it because I feel so uneducated and lost with this injection stuff because all I know is drops and that's all I've ever known. I'm so excited to start these injections and get going again. I'm sorry you've had problems with cysts. I know all too much about those too and they sure can get painful. Hopefully you'll be able to start up another round again like you'd like to and have no more problems with them. Oh, I was wondering, where do you get your supplies from? If you've already told me, I'm sorry. I've had a loooooong day lol! ;-)
  7. Hi, Yes that's only for the hcg. The more you buy the cheaper the price is. You just choose how many vials you want. I usually order enough for 2 rounds, if you only order one round be sure you order one extra vial. That way if you drop and break one you have an extra on hand.
    If you want to mix more often for fresher hcg you can get the 2,000iu size. Been a while since I did a round but I think if you check the mixing instructions in the newcomer area it will say how many of each size you will need per round. I usually just buy the 5,000 ius and don't mix as often.
    I've used all the brands they offer and like all of them. I just had trouble with ovarian cysts my last few rounds, that is why I quit doing it, seemed like every time I did a round it made the rupture. Might try to do another round soon though now that they haven't been giving me any more trouble.
    If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know
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    Hi Poobears! Thanks for all your info for overseas injections. I checked them out and you're right-way cheaper, but I'm a bit confused because it brings up like 5 or 6 different kinds then when I clicked on the first one which was Hucog brand (the one that's being replaced by another name, there's stuff on the bottom that lists 1-20, then 100 which is price per unit and how do I know which one to get? And this is only the HCG and not the syringe and needles, right? Can you tell I'm a newbie? Lol!! Thank you
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    Hey there! In searching the forum for weight watchers info, I came across your name in a thread and figured I'd shoot you my question. Did you do WW during P3? If something can possibly go wrong with me, it will. Although I did really well my first round, I never stabilized. This round, I have already cheated twice so I'm not hanging on the fact that stabilizing will be easy. Plus, I'm just anti-hcg diet these days. I lost some weight, but I really need to lose more without being on hcg. So I was hoping that I could go straight from P2 to the WW diet (of course keeping sugars and starches to a minimum in the beginning). If you did WW for P3 I'd love to hear about it!

  10. WW worked amazing for P3. I lost a bit more and then I stabilized perfect. Even went on vacation and totally endulged without any big gains, dropped right back off when I got home. Steroids are horrible I've done numerous rounds in the past but it's been a few years, forgot just how bad the weight gains are. I went back on HCG and protocol but it doesn't seem to work with the left over steroids in my system so I am going to go back to WW. Hopefully it will at least keep me from gaining more until my body clears these out and then it should take the weight back off. I am so happy I did WW instead of P3. I didn't have any of the stabilizing problems or big gains I see many that follow P3 have. It was perfect for me.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions too. I'm not on here everyday anymore, not been feeling too well after the steroids but I try to check in often. Good luck with your surgery, hope it goes smoothly for you.
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