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    It has been so long that I was even under 200 that it is hard to say where I will feel my best. I put my goal at 160 which if I go by the charts is the high for my height and frame size. But who knows I may get to 170 and think it is fine or I may want to go to 150. I am much older now so I probably won't go to the lowest on the chart. I will also have to see how my skin is doing. I started out around 273 and am at 211.5. I was a little bit lower when I started HCG. When you are over 50 your skin doesn't always respond like you would like it too. Only time will tell. You are doing great and so close to your goal. Way to go!
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    Thanks so much for all the info! You are very kind. You have done an incredible job and I hope to have success as well. I am doing really well but things are slowing down to 2 or 4 oz a day. When that happens, i do not experience the big drop that others have after a few days. So I find myself leaving out the fruit or exercising more to try and push things along. I dont eat the breadsticks either. I ate them for a few days but that really wont help me get better results. I am trying to be patient since I have hypothyroidism and not sure if that will affect things. But from what I have read it does slow things down even with Synthroid (meds).
    I was really curious about the type of HCG you are taking so thanks for the info. I take the ones from Body SHaper but am not sure if I will reorder or change to your brand. I have another week to decide.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are planning to enjoy some time with your family. Take care! Julie
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    Wow 50 pounds!!
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    yes I remember you too. April seems so long ago! that was 50ish lbs ago for me and a whales penis ago for you I guess LOL! (I had far more weight to lose) so what woould 50 lbs be? a first grader?
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    I am so sorry that your mother passed on - not passed away but passed on in a manner that she may have wanted - in her sleep and without any pain. It will be hard but each day gets better.

    Stay strong.
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    My apologies that I did not see your message on my blog last week. I have not been online lately as I've been super busy.
    Did you get a chance to hit Los Gaviotes/Puerto Nuevo last weekend?
    We cannot wait to go down again, looking at a trip in the later part of July.
    Be well,
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    Re your post: brother's hesitation due to the 'pregancy'.

    My Father is the person that turned me onto HCG.
    I have NEVER seen my Dad on a diet up until HCG. He comes from a 'Good 'ol Boy' cowboy upbringing and today works in a corporate office of a construction company with many similar-type personalities. His male boss has lost 139lbs since 08/2010 on HCG. My Dad, who was feeling VERY unhealthy and overweight by about 100lbs was seeing his boss' results, went onto the program and lost 36 lbs.. He is starting R2 this week.
    If these macho males can do it, so can your brother! Best of luck to both of you!
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    prdreams, Thanks for the support. Yes probiotics and Natural Calm are my best friends right now. Looks like we are on simular dates when are you hitting P#?
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    This is my day 20 one more to go on drops then off. Don't quite know what to do next. I have only lost 12 lb mostly in first week. This could be half water, and the rest normal weight loss from low cal diet. Which would make anyone lose. My hunger has been off and on, not gone completely. I have stayed on protocol. However, today for the first time instead of an apple for breakfast I had one soft boiled egg. To see if this helps stop the morning hunger that I have always been having (even with taking more drops). When I take drops it does seem to push off the hunger for a while, but comes back as soon as I start to prepare food. Probably when stomach acid starts being produced. Please let me know how you are doing on Dukan? I am very interested in his ideas, have tried Low carb before without success. But his is different in that it is low fat as well and alternates, which may help your body not to become tolerant to the diet.
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    Doing pretty good! Put on 2 pounds this weekend. I think it is water weight from working my butt off in the yard and being all over the place where water wasn't the first thing I was thinking about. Was going to do my last drops yesterday but had more this morning. I think I'm addicted! But, today will have to be my last day for sure since I plan on having eggs, bacon and cheese Friday morning when I am camping! I will not sway from that. Not to mention it's mine and my partners 1 yr anniversary on the 7th as well. We want to grill up some steak and lobster for dinner that day. nothing like surf and turf while you are camping!

    Are you feeling better today? I hope so, and, yeah, give yourself a little shot if you're not doing good. If anything it will let you get some rest, lol!
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little disappointed

by [email protected] on January 18th, 2015 at 12:08 PM
well I just weighed in for my 14 day on VLCD. here are my stats:

starting weight 187.0
5.9 inches.
week one loss: 12.8
inch loss 4 inches
week 2 loss 4.2
inch loss 2
total loss in 2 weeks is 17.0 and 6 inches in stomach and hips (those are the only 2 measurements I take)
Kinda disappointed with the small loss in week two but I guess all together I am happy.
I did drink a lot of water yesterday, so maybe I have some water

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For those of you who are bored with the phase one foods......

by [email protected] on January 13th, 2015 at 01:12 PM
Hi just wanted to say if you want some food suggestions.....read my previous blog "Back again" all the way through.

Back again !!!!

by [email protected] on January 13th, 2015 at 01:08 PM
Hi HCGers
Well, I am back again. I do this once a year and do well...but never really do the later phases which leads me back here. AND....I'm good with that.
I started loading 11 days ago and am on day 9 VLCD and have so far lost 14 pounds and 4.5 inches. (I only take measurements once a week) so everything is going smoothly'
Just want to say hi to my old friends Curvygirl63 and AimMee and to hopefully some new friends.
Good luck to you all. This diet works just

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Feeling better but hard to completely recover

by [email protected] on January 30th, 2014 at 12:49 PM
Well, although I am feeling A LOT better than I was this weekend (with the flu) I am still weak.....my sons insist that I STOP taking my drops. (And by sons, I mean my 31, 28, 25 and 21 year olds ranging in height from 6'1" to 6'5" !!!!!!) I feel better but very weak and am just not bouncing back as quickly as I should. My sons say when I have such few calories, it makes it harder for my system to fight off the flu so STOP. Since I have completed VCLD24 day 26 of the diet I will stop

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Radical flu

by [email protected] on January 29th, 2014 at 12:31 PM
Had a radical flu for the past three days but today I feel great!!!!! Down 25 pounds and 10 inches ( I only measure my hips and stomach) in VCLD 23. I will continue to 28 days then off to P3 BUT I have never done P3 in all the rounds I have done this diet. I don't really know how. So next phase is just watching what I eat and still eliminate carbs...I guess it is just the atkins diet from here on out. Anyway, it was a good round. thanks friends for being around to bounce things off of and

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