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    I think my average is .3-.5 day so I guess I need to stop complaining and accept it is what it is and I am still losing more than I ever would lose on any other diet. I was reading last night for women that have less than 20lbs to lose the hunger can last up to 10 days when you start HCG and the losses will be smaller so that made me feel better. I think half of my problem is my hubby is doing it with me and I hear him brag every morning how much he has lost. Makes me want to kick him in the shin...lol! I know I can't compare myself to him it would just be nice if we could lose as fast as men could. I was down .8 this morning so I much better today. Thanks for letting me vent!
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    It helps me too. I swear rounds 1 & 2 were a piece of cake but this time around I am just not losing very fast and am much hungrier than I ever was on the last 2 rounds. I think part of the issue is now I have a 2nd job so I work 13 hour days Mon. Tues. and Wed's. I know how much I benefited the last 2 rounds so I refuse to give up! Just wish it wasn't so hard this time around. Maybe because I am so close to my goal? Who knows. How are you doing on your round?
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    Thanks so much for your message. I would love to try something else but I can't have dairy so the Fage is out. I did my steak day yesterday and dropped 2.6 to bring me down to 1 pound above LDW. I'm glad I have a way to correct myself but even my husband is tired of my steak days. I don't want to leave the house when my stomach is growling and I can't eat. Good luck on your journey! Lorie
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    Thank you for encouraging message. Glad to hear all went well for you.
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    p.s. the weird thing is that even when I went to 5'9" workout 3x a week on that tracker, it doesn't go over 1830 in calories, and most people on Ph3/Ph4 aren't working out 3x a week and say they eat above 2000 calories and stabilize just fine. What is going on there? That sounds like a miracle!!
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    Hey! Thanks for the calorie website.....it says for low to no exercise, my maintenance calories would be max 1492. That sounds about right considering my height. I haven't reached 1400 calories yet, but that makes me happy knowing I have some wiggle room with calories. I've been at 1100-1300 the first few days of PH3, and totally fine with hunger. I want to keep it that way.....and pay close attention to TRUE hunger Vs. Cravings. Like right now...I'm cravings cocoa crack as a late night sweet (afterall my kids just had 3 cookies each-I always justify things)....BUT, I'm gonna sip on some green tea w/stevia instead, and chug water so I have a good weigh-in tomorrow. xo
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    I am so on board with your desire to pursue balance. That is our 'family word' for the year of 2011. Finding balance in every area. It's funny how balance or lack of it, can lead to many struggles! I know you can find it!!! We will both find it! Keep in touch.
  9. Thank you Robbi, I started using my regular amount of salt prior to hcg.
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    Hi... I use salt and think everyone should! You don't want to increase it from your normal consumption outside of hcg nor do you want to decrease it. On hcg we have a tendency to become dehydrated and the salt helps to prevent that. If you use sea salt make sure to double check the ingredients listing, some actually add things like sugar! Crazy huh?
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In the past few years, I adopted a weight gaining lifestyle. I reached my goal mini goal weight of 165 this summer. Instead of moving forward, I became overly critical and regained back 15lbs. I am here to learn and share on my way to true balance.
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Loading P3 Stlye

by PurrrectlyMe on March 3rd, 2012 at 09:14 AM
I am starting round 4 loading today. The plan is to do two days of P3 foods for loading. That way I can minimize the gains. My LIW was 148.4 and stabilized at 150. My final goal is to be 127. Honestly I can appreciate simplicity of this diet, it is my time to focus on me. I learned a really big lesson after round 3. HCG does not make me invincible to weight gains! There is work in stabilization and maintaining your LIW weight. My advice to myself, appreciate each lost and move forward. Off to the

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by PurrrectlyMe on January 17th, 2012 at 03:38 PM
My current weight is 152.6. This round is coming to an end with 16 days remaining. My goal is to reach 145 lbs for round 3. Right now, I must go with my heart and cycle back to P2 in March. My ultimate goal is 130lbs. There is not much to report. My eating is simply eggs, chicken, tilapia and on protocol veggie.

The Truth..I owe myself that!

by PurrrectlyMe on January 11th, 2012 at 07:54 PM

Hello 155lbs. After never stabilizing in R3, I struggled to maintain at 150lbs. To be honest, after I saw 150s again...I felt defeated and stopped weighing daily. So here I am back on round 4. What's different this time? Loading was only healthy fats. Overall I am learning not be hard on myself. Short term goal: lose 10. Long term:reach 130 lbs. Either way I will join a support group for my body issues (BDD). Happy Releasing!

LIW: 145.4, for real this time.

by PurrrectlyMe on July 5th, 2011 at 02:17 PM
R2P2VLCD36, yesterday was my LIW @ 145.4
I am satisfied with the number. Tomorrow is my last full day on VLCD.
There are no particular cravings or wants...just to eat a bit less restrictive for this summer. Can't stop blogging about the inches, since I am in a size 6/8 My third round will be starting September 4/5 around Labor day. If I have my way, I will only load with healthy fat and a few little treats. Once
again the loading weight keep me from seeing 130's. Either way

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A little inspiration helps

by PurrrectlyMe on July 1st, 2011 at 01:38 PM
I am still in P2. I decided to keep going. I will take it morning by morning...Maybe I will reach 40 injections on July 7th. Its only 6 days away! This morning before work I tried on my "skinny jeans". These are my rock and roll ripped jeans textured in tales of debauchery. They fit me purrrfrectly. Plus the scale was down .6 As of today, my weight is 146.8. This weekend is packed with events. Maybe if I focus on fun instead of food, time will fly by. Have a great holiday.
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