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    Hey, girl . . . I'm not sure what happened to Shuly. I know she was very, very busy (imagine that!) & was having computer problems, too. I do miss Oliver . . . he brought some freshness to the thread.
    Mom is doing well . . . she seems very weak & taking a lot longer to recover from the diabetic problems than even with her heart, but she just pushes forward! I'm telling ya, she definitely is working on that 9 lives cliche. It took me a long time to recover from that scare, but I look at it as making me stronger. I definitely am taking ur advise in the last message!
    Wow . . . I'm proud of u for starting pellets! I just don't think I am ready yet. I did get those 10 lbs off from my "week from hell", but just need some head clearing.
    How is ur daughter handling the move?? I know she is young, but sometimes that's kind of dramatic. I want to know how this round is going too! Are u doing load days?? I also emailed u a copy of this! Either way is fine with me!
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    I RJ, I thought I had sent you a message earlier but guess it didn't go through. Where do you work RJ? What kid of missions do you do? i have enjoyed reading everyones posts and geting to know about your journey through HCG. I think it was DT that told me that you had trouble with your drops at first too what did you end up doing? I think I'm on the right track but was just wondering. Thanks Aly
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    Ur thoughts are basically what I was thinking. And, yes, they did expect her to die. This happened in April & all 3 doc's told us to spend as much time as we could with her, but definitely not buy any Christmas presents. She WOULD NOT be around for Christmas. Yep, she is my miracle mother . . . and her cardiologist reminds us all of that! LOL . . he really is a good man & never happier to be wrong!
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    About my mom . . . Initially, 15 yrs ago, my mom had massive heart attack & didn't know it. 6 wks later & 50 lbs of water weight, doc discovered she had a heart attack. Obviously, the damage to her heart was permanent. Docs did a heart cath & tried to remedy some of the damage, but was unable to do anything . . . no stents, no bypass, no nothing. Left the hospital with 18% heart functions. Over the years, she has increased those functions to estimated 25%-30%. She has had 2 heart caths since the initial heart attack & stents placed this last time. In the 15 yrs, rehab has never been mentioned. Honestly, I have no idea what rehab would involve or why it has never been an option for her. LOL . . . so after all this, just wanted ur thoughts on the situation!
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    Ah man, I don't really know if my drops are at the correct dosage, I do 6 drops 3x a day like it says on my bottle, I always have hunger late night, its terrible! I have been saving my last apple but it's hard! I'm still only down the 3.5 pounds total after my vacation, since I had to practically start over. I am trying to not be discouraged but at least I am not gaining! I'm finding the hardest thing for me is when my husband and I go out with friends or try and be social I cant eat/ drink anything I want to, and usually there are no healthy options that are on the diet! ugh! haha
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    Glad you had a good holiday! Since we traveled we were living out of suitcases and it was very busy trying to get our visits in with everyone. It stinks that we only see family 1-2 times a year, we're just too far! We also had to eat out a few times lately, I stick with grilled chicken salad no dressing and it seems to be fine! I want to work out, but I cant seem to muster up the energy!
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    Hello!! Just back from our extended Christmas vacation! It was good, lots of traveling and attempting to keep things under control. I have gained 3.5 lbs back but I am not discouraged and I can now get back to my routine and prepare my own meals again, I am just thankful that I did this before I lost that much weight so I think it slowed the gaining down a little! How was your holidays? Did you have any problems keeping to the diet? Hope all is well, I am back and will be on daily from now on updating as I go!
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    I can do plain water but it has to be freezing cold for me to enjoy it! I have been bored, cooking my husband yummy meals and me = borrriinnnggg. haha but I have not cheated! I am really enjoying a handful of strawberries at night, I save my last fruit for after dinner because I always crave. I do wish they were dipped in chocolate! haha. The only advice I have gotten was to do the planned interruption, go off hcg for 4 days and then start up again. I will eat as close to protocol as possible but I know i'm going to have turkey one night, I just know there is nothing I can do at this point. I have ordered another bottle so if I have to start over I'll have enough for the full round but I'm hoping I wont have to!

    ps I wish these lbs I lost were noticeable! I feel like it hasn't made a change yet!
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    Haha! I had 4 finals (1 was a paper) and I am glad it's over! I am confident that I did well so we will see! I have looked up planned interruption and I have to be on a whole round before I am supposed to interrupt but I wont have enough days. I think I'm going to stick with it for now, and take 4 days "off" (no hcg) and try to stick with P3 foods... at least I will be able to have a little more options, then go right back into P2 (not sure if I have to load again?) but if I do I will use Christmas day & the day after to load. If I can just maintain through that week I'll be okay.. and even if I hit a snag or gain I will just keep on going I will start over if I have to SO how are you feeling? Are you finding the menu as boring as I am? I bought some lemons and used it with my chicken, it was a nice break!
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    Thanks for your words of encouragement its much easier when i have fellow determined people to do the journey with!

    Im so excited to see the final end product!! i know the 20 i gained this past year will melt off me, but the additional 10 on top i want to lose is what i really started this for!!!!!!!!!!! Woo super excited!
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