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About SchlaferMom
Married Mother of two (Olivia age 5 and Ben age 3). I'm an older Mom... I had my daugher at age 40 and my son at age 41. I am now 45. I am a huge fan of HCG. My concern is KEEPING off the weight and I hope with this forum I will team up with others who will coach me and keep me going.

I have a total of four experiences with HCG.

Experience One or But not ROUND ONE (I did not finish it): May 2011. I did the injections and I went to a physician's office in my area and paid $500 for 3 weeks of injections and then the three of the stabilizing visits. I abandoned after two weeks. I was not into it, and I was not having results. Truthfully, i was breaking lots of rules so of course i was going to mess up. I wasted a lot of money! I do not count this as a round.

Experience Two or R1: I consider this my first round. I finished, and that is what counts as a round to me. I started April 2012 after losing about 17 pounds on my own from the beginning of the year simply by watching what I was eating. The 17 pounds were nice considering it really had people turning heads then when I started R2, I dropped 13 pounds in my first week. It was unbelievable! Then in total I lost 23 pounds over the course of 3 weeks. I got down to 159 by end of May, and I was feeling and looking good. My goal weight is to be much smaller but when you weigh about 201 pounds then you get down to 159 you just feel amazing. And people noticed.

Experience Three BUT not a Round: A few weeks later, i started another round. This time I ordered from a pharmacy in India (it was the real stuff)… Escrow Refills. I mixed it but i was absolutely starving day in and day out. I almost went out of my mind. I did drop six pounds in the first week but I was so hungry that I was about to go mad. I posted on this site and someone said my dosage wasn't right but it did not matter... I could not even think clearly b/c i was so hungry so i stopped. I quit it, and I don’t “actually” count this round in my ticker (sorry I don’t b/c I did not complete it). I looked to it as an experience but not a full round. This is when I learned about this forum so I somewhat studied it for a while before I did it again.

Experience Four or R2: I kept my weight DOWN until about Oct 2012. That is when the weight started piling on! Seriously piling on. It happened so fast and now I know why. My insulin levels were off the roof. OFF THE CHARTS is better way of putting it. I got up to almost 210 pounds by Jan 2013, and I was seriously depressed. Actually I decided in Feb I wanted to do a round but I decided to go to a physician who wanted me to do a major blood work up first THEN we started the HCG early March (March 6th to be exact). I did a full 6 week round and I went from 205 to 174.5 (that’s 30.5 pounds). Pretty impressive, right? Well, I gain about 13 pounds back. Depressing!!!!

Experience five or R3: This time is Round 3. Again I DO NOT COUNT MY FIRST OR THIRD EXPERIENCE AS a ROUND even though some may say I should. What does it matter you may ask? It’s a principle thing, I suppose. I do not think an experience counts as a round UNLESS you FINISH the round (I just don’t). But for whatever the case, I’m starting R3 on Wed 7/17, and this time I am meeting with a Nutritionist (and Trainer) Mon 7/15, and she BELIEVES in HCG. She believes the problems with HCG are not the VLCD. That’s great as it really cleanses us out. But the challenge is P3 and P4. The doctors administering it do not spend enough time on this phase, and it is a very important phase. And she is right. I need to get it for life, and that is where I’m missing it. I’m great on losing weight on HCG. I do follow Dr. Simeons protocol even though many go rogue and still have losses. I do go rogue on a few things i.e., I mix in a few tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers with my spinach for a nice salad combined with my blackened chicken. But that is about where it ends.

Looking forward to another round. This time I am approaching differently. This time it is for life!
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