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    i just get really scared that im messing up my metabloism ( even though tis suppost to fix it" im scarred that ill be com sensitive to stuff I wasnt before You you ever eat carbs? I dont thin kI can do that.. I mean lower carb yes.. as long as I can have like one a day and then treat every once in awhile and take it off with a clean day. Im so scared that I wont be able to maintain this unless im crazy low carb forever.
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    You seem to be doing great! I need that motivation to keep me knowing this is the diet I should be doing. Im scared that I will snap again and waste more time. I do lose well on other diets but this one keeps me so strict that i lose so fast! I mean you know how addicting it can be! Good luck in any phase that you are in. Let me know how you are I was in p2 for about 3 weeks. lost like 15-16 pounds in 2 weeks, then nothing the 3rd so i gave myself a "free day" that turned into a week.. I enjoied it but i KNOW i did bad damage. so im counting this as my vlcd 2..took me awhile to get back on track. I miss eating normal. IEven if its just "p3" or p4 with a correction day after a treat day normal!
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    How have you been?? Im back in p2 after a massive bust last p3..like gained back everyting in 3 weeks bust I could have just died. I thought ok maybe 10 -15 pounds... I thought I wouldnt gain above where I stabilized in r1 p3..but I guess my r2 unet my set point?? Who knows. sad face. Are you in p4 right now? I need some motivation from people athat are workin this, I know I have but im super starting to doubt if its for me..but then my mind goes back to how well it worked! I mean I lost fast and i kept if off til I snapped. I hope it was just me and not that fact that we nver really stabilize and just gain whenever we treat. I learned that for every bad day.. I need a good day to get back on track. Sigh.
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    You look freaking amazing, AMAZINGLY GREAT!!
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    BIG difference! Way to go! I know you are pleased. :-) It IS hard to take pics with our phones.... my daughter does a great job. You look terrific.
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    Good deal! I bet you are just cute as can be! How are you feeling?
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    We need you to put up a new pic, Shannon. I KNOW you have lost more weight since this pic was taken. ;-)

    Glad the Leptin plan is working for you. I love the BAB!!
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    How are things going with you? Are you almost at goal? Thats exciting for you!
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    doing alot better! I feel like im almost back to pre load..i weight tomorrow and am doing a FFF day tomorrow and weighing again on sunday...to see if the fffs still work for me in p2 and for some reason i only like to weigh on the weekend. focusing on that gets me through the week. i dont change up much so I dont really think theres anything i do that may change up the weight loss. i just eat what i eat and cross my fingers, lol. I really hope the positive attitude sticks around, it makes it so hard when you feel c**py to stick with it. I really want to be in p3, to feel normal, but p2 wont kill me. I just hope i lose at least 10 pounds after losing the load weight to make it worth it. It owuld suck to have to "re-stabilize" only 3 pounds less then my weight pre r2. Ill keep you posted How have you been?? are you closer to that goal? Keep up the great work!!
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    5 pounds from goal good for you girl!! See just hearing that makes me feel so much better; ) it really is aroller coster. I go back and fourth like 5 times a day.. I can do this, no I cant.. yes I can. I wasnt like that in round one. It wasnt an option. I need to do the same with this orund. So glad to have you guys to talk to!! Wedding was so great! Weighed in at 3 pound below lwd from being so busy, but dang it came back! went to chicago, ate everything! But I did an FFF day and it too cam off! I was like wow, this is great. Pan to load day 2 and i m up so high!! I was like ooo noo, so i need it off, and im pmsing. erg. Thanks for listening. Keep up the great ! Stay on here during your p3 and 4 so we can chat and motivate. You look awesome!!!
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I am a single mom to a 25 yr old son and an 19 yr old daughter. Grandma to the most amazing 4 1/2 yr old little girl who is the light of my life! Just got my oldest graduated from college and my youngest is starting her 2nd yr of college. For the last 25 yrs my life has been all about my kids and always putting my self last. Now that they both are going to be gone I figured its time to put me first and finally work on getting me back :)
Raymond, Washington
Camping, Walking, shopping, Traveling, laying in the sun, spending time with friends.
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12 days into phase 3

by shannon741 on August 9th, 2011 at 06:59 AM
Well I am 12 days into phase 3 and am holding just a tad below my LDW, been bouncing between 148-148.8 and LDW was 149. The weekends seem to be the hardest for me to be able to get enough food and water in, just too much going on and too much running around. I do so much better when I am at work on week and can stay on a schedule and keep track of my foods that I eat to keep my calorie intake up. It seems if I don't get enough I gain so need to work harder on the weekends to keep track and keep

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Back to LDW

by shannon741 on August 5th, 2011 at 06:44 AM
So happy to wake up this morning and be back to my LDW and not having to do a steak or FFF day to get there. I was up 1.8 lbs above Monday and now back down........phew!

I am finally feeling like I might be getting a grip on this phase 3 thing but not gonna hold my breathe just yet...lol

New to the forum and first week of phase 3

by shannon741 on August 3rd, 2011 at 07:54 AM
Hi all

I am new to the forum although I have been stalking it for several months while I was in phase 2. Just finished up phase 2 with a loss of 33 lbs and started phase 3 on Friday. I am currently .6 above LDW due to adding too many new things in too fast, so backed most of it all back off yesterday and starting over today adding 1 new thing at a time. Phase 3 is definatley trial and error thats for sure and scary as all get out! I am now dreading getting on the scale every morning

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