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    Where are you??? I miss you!!!
  2. What's up *****cat? I did the steak day yesterday and I'm down 3 lbs. Today is protein day. Just bits of fish and chicken until 7pm. C'mon back.
  3. My husband has been the model of restraint, but he has had the benefit of me informing him of how to do an extended round. I had to do everything to myself before I could bend the rules, ya know. I should never have gone off after my first 40 days. I should have stayed on for the additional 10 or 12 days and just finished altogether.

    He did 52 days and he is DONE and in P3. The same total amount I wanted to lose...

    Me, I already knew I'd have to go back into P2 with YOU TURKEY's!

    We will begin high protein on Monday, you and I. And hopefully Santa got you some real ef'in hcg. I've been abusing steak pretty well, so I may go with something else.

    I seem to have a sensitivity to the Greek yogurt this little P3 session before the Xmas YA-HA. That pains me because it was an excellent low cal protein.

    Monday is the 1st day of my life again. We'll IM here on any particulars. Let's see how Amanda is doing too.
  4. **** it! It's the holiday's. Pick it up again on Sunday! A Merry and A Happy to YOU!
  5. Hey buddy!
    Thanks for the kind thoughts and Whoa! Blazin' ahead in the weight loss dept! Yeah BABY!!!!
  6. Read your post today. Could you please buy some real f--king hcg so I can help you...
  7. The quote. Great & exactly true. I think you have a good plan. I'm afraid I've invested myself in your "psychological situation", in the sense that I've found something that works for ME in a relatively easy fashion & I was your age & overweight once. Of course I do realize it may not work for you, but I would feel better knowing! Me,me, me! It's all about me! LOL! I would feel better knowing because I "get you". Everything you've said in these messages is, spot on. And I want you to be victorious because you are fighting the good fight, in the right way, & you are so young. I don't know that what you are doing now is "wrong". (This is where people sometimes don't get me,but I think you do). "Wrong" is not what I'm talking about. It's the doubt/fear that you express-- that's what gets my antennae up. You are absolutely right in looking at the 'rest of your life' & the 'close a door, open a window' concept. There is nothing that teaches more personally. Absolutely, my friend! Love ya.
  8. Continued:
    I fell asleep last night and didn't get my hcg until morning, so let's see what that does. That is the 1st screw up ever. So, more data in my mental hcg file. But my results have been almost painless.

    When you mentioned that you check the scale at night to see what (essentially) the food weighs in you stomach--and it gives you a clue as to weight your weight loss is going to be in the morning, I thought: holy cripes! You GET IT! And I have to tell you, I can't understand why these pounds aren't flying off, because you are significantly overweight. I've been 80 lbs overweight and living on 330 calories before. You can hear the pounds falling and hitting the floor! (I was 24).

    So, clue me in!
  9. Shmily!

    First I have to know if you read what I wrote the other day just before the moderator ask us to move on in conversation...It was my answer to Lady G's "WHERE'S THE PROOF", "STOP SCARING ME", rant. Notice Margie didn't correct me...ok? And she has corrected me before, on a point here and there. But I'm smart. NOW.

    What the F---, are you and Lurkey Turkey taking?

    Because, I do understand the emotions and pitfalls of dieting, but when you have a problem I want to scream.

    I'm going to level with you. There are days where I choke down a plain boiled chicken breast and drink the 1/4 of juice , and eat 2 apples and CAN'T EAT ANOTHER THING THAT DAY particularly when I'm busy. That's P2!

    So this 10 +10 hours thing, is making my hair hurt for you--and your food fear.
  10. Hey I just started my VLCD today, and saw in another post that you did as well. We can be buddies and help guide each other through our weight loss journey. Good luck
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