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  1. Sounds delicious! I will definitely have to give it a try! I should be finishing up my reset around the end of July but I will probably wait another week to make sure I have REALLY reset (I'm still paranoid) and then start another round in August. My goal is to be darn close to done by November 12, my brother's wedding.
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    Well that is great news! I think we are at similar place in our journey - I have 30 more pounds to go in this journey, as well. I'm going to start my round at the end of July, so I'll be nice and slim in time for the Holidays!
    Speaking of ice cream, I concocted a guilt-free reasonable facsimile this weekend: I made some sugar free whip cream (sweetened w/Equal), a put a couple of scoops in the freezer. I made up a batch of cocoa crack, and drizzled it over the frozen whipped cream. Sprinkle with chopped nuts and some strawberry slices, and voila! A pretty good ice cream sundae, if I do say so myself!
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    I hope you're feeling better soon. 38 days is great, it's awesome you made it that far. I only do 2 days of VLCD after last dose. You only need 2 days with the homepathic, b/c it only contains minute amounts of the hormone (your body makes the rest); those doing the injections need 3 days for the HCG to clear their systems.
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    BTW, the phases are something made up by Kevin Trudeau....everyone refers to them just to make it easier to identify what "stage" of the diet you're on when you're discussing it with others. Every manufacturer of all the different brands of HCG will give customers "a version" of the protocol, but just like Trudeau's version, they're all based on Dr. Simeon's original protocol. His recommendations DO describe the steps that correspond to "P3" and "P4", he just didn't label them that way. Hope this helped!
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    Hi again! I am SO SORRY about the delay, but while I was trying to reply to your message, it suddenly disappeared from my inbox!! I have not been able to find it again until TODAY!! Goofy, huh?
    I realize this advice may be too late but - Yeah try to stick it out for a long round the first time. Your losses are always best in the first round, and you have the most motivation to help you push through on that very FIRST time you do this protocol. My first reset was perfect, stayed 1# under my LDW. I'm having minor problems with this time around - mainly that my scale broke on the day I had to do a steak day! EEEK! I'm stable now, just probably 3 or 4 pounds above LDW, which is fine with me, as long as I don't have muffin top in my new jeans
  6. yeah, I've got a call in to my doctor. She's going to ask them how to transition. But I thinkI"m going to injections.
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    Hmm, that might be a problem if you cannot adjust your dose....I am not sure, but perhaps you can change to RX? Since you are already on day 30, Maybe either do the 2 days without drops and go into P3? Or get some Rx and continue. But I am not sure about switching to Rx mid round. Some people have asked about it and done this BUT I am not sure, can you switch to Rx sublingual for the remaining 13 days? Did you ask your clinic? Do they offer RX? I wonder if people have done this before, maybe we can ask on the threads?
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    Hello know what you mean about being tired of the diet. sometimes I feel like that. But I can be very obsessive when it comes to numbers. LOL hich is probably not a good thing...but thats the reason I have rationalized the 66 days. I want to be 165 by the end of this round. That is just number stuck in my head and so I am determined to get there. Hang inthere though. you say you are hungry a lot...have you tried twesking your dose? Maybe the HCg moderators can help, Grammy and Mgscondance have an urgent questions thread? Maybe they can advise you on the rght dose for your drops. Hunger may indicate you are losing the wrong type of fat and losing muscle. it may still be correctable...why don't you post on the thread? they may offer some insight?
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    I did a long round. I am on day 57. This is my first round done succesfully. In december, I tried hcg for a little over a week and cheated and couldn't get back on track. No cheating this time and I am doing a 66 day round. I haven't measured my total fat loss yet, will be doing so in about two weeks. I have only used Injections so I don't know much about homeopathic drops. What day are you on? 1.2% seems like a very small loss of fat. Are you still in your first week?
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    Hi there, Thanks for the message I am doing RX Injections 125 u daily. I am going through a medical doctor and I have a diet coach as well. I also visit with my Primary physician and have an upcoming appointment. I am 9 days left to P3. Are you doing drops or Inj?
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