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    I was stoked my load weight was gone 2 days!!! My goal weight is anywhere in the 140's but would like to be in the 130's....its been years since ive seen that number!! I actually bought an ab circle pro a few days ago and from friends results I figured I could just do the working out and running thing to get to my final weight. I'm really crossing my fingers that I lose close to 20lbs on this 23 day round... I've read stories and some people only lost like 12lbs...LAME! haha. and Rihanna yes her body is amazing...in a weird way I don't want to lose my curves....just want to be able to look good in a bikini which would be a first....so fingers crossed!! good luck with the family picnic!! Let me know how it goes because I think I'm going to run into that problem on Easter..... oh what I would give right now for some chicken wings!!
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    The headaches are killing me this round last time it was fine....who knows why. I also loaded by butt off I felt so icky after the two days but it paid off because I've barely had any hunger. I'm only going to do a 21 day round...... last round I did the 40 days and it just seemed like forever! The last time me and my roommate did the diet together and now its just me so I'm trying to find a lot of motivation to keep going and so far so good. My first day on the VLCD was monday and tuesday morning I had basically dropped all of my load day weight. Started at 161.8 and was down to 158.6 tuesday morning so thats encouraging! I'm hoping the weight comes off a little easier than it did last round because it was discouraging to see only .4 and .2 losses. I'm gonna assume that all HCG is HCG I wouldn't worry about it....all you can do is try it. I used two different brands for my first round and a different one this time and it all seems to work the same.
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    I am taking the Homepathic drops, they worked really well the last time so I figured I'd give them a shot again. Today was actually day number one for me! I think that today was way easier this time around then when it was on my first round. I didn't have any hunger, but I do have a killed headache! ugh. I also just need to get in the habit of only eating the allowed foods.....almost ate some bananas earlier haha.
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Round 3 VLCD Day...

by Stevia&Spice on July 22nd, 2011 at 11:23 AM
I think its day 12 or 11 but I finally got below 148 I am 146 today. Freaking TOM stalls made it so depressing but I stuck thru it and the cravings and it paid off. 146 which means at 145 I will be finally starting the real weight loss! 145 was my lowest weight on round 2. I hope to be 142 by Monday! Its funny bc only when I am dieting do i wish the weekend to be over and Monday to begin! Next week will be the ultimate goal! I want to be in the 30's so bad I can taste it!

Happy losing!

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Round 3 VLCD Day 8

by Stevia&Spice on July 18th, 2011 at 12:25 PM
1 week down 2 1/2 to go. Geez I still haven't lost my load weight! I only lost .1 today. So for 2 days I've been looking at 149. Its so hard when you don't see those 1lb losses. This week is supposed to be the week I get to my lowest weight since I was 21. I want to see that 144 on the scale bc I know once I hit that number the true weight loss begins and I get a boost of confidence and motivation... I cant wait til then. sigh....

Happy losing ya'll!

For those wondering

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ROund 3 VLCD 2

by Stevia&Spice on July 12th, 2011 at 11:19 AM
So I dropped down to 155.5 today. I'm still spinning about all the weight I gained in loading for round 3. My last weigh in on Round 2 I was 146 I steadily maintained at 148, but then the loading for this round I gained 10 lbs!!!! I hope I lose the load weight fast. I really really want to be at 135 at the end of this round. 21 more days to go til P3. I am so happy I found HCG, nothing else worked for me and I was feeling so hopeless that I would ever get my figure back. THANK YOU HCG! =)

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ROund 3 ~ I'm baaaack!

by Stevia&Spice on July 11th, 2011 at 10:18 PM
Seriously have got to get a new profile pic.

Hello! I am back and today is VLCD 1 I started in at about 148 and my last weight after loading is 159!!!! GASP!!! 10lbs of loading I better lose it quick!!! =) Hoping to get to 135 at the end of this round.

My second round was a bit... relaxed. I wasn't following protocol to a T, but this round I will! I only lost 15lbs my last round and I did it for 30 days. I plan to go 23 days this round and lose 20 lbs. THAT IS THE

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Round 2 Day 3 VLCD

by Stevia&Spice on April 13th, 2011 at 09:13 AM
Whoooaaa I have lost all my load weight! today i am 158.7 thats freaky that I lost like 8 lbs in 3 days but I am guessing that its bc I loaded so so so much fat. Loading is key!!! =) I cannot wait til next saturday! I will be in the 140's and I havent been in the 40's since 2004!!! =) I love HCG!!!

Ok so here's the dilemma, can I buy a different brand of HCG and prolong my 20 day to 40 days?? I currently am using the drops from Rejuvi however I found online I can buy real HCG powder

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