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    Just stoppin' in to say hello! Missed you! I'm in p4 and back on the boards. So need the support right now...let me know what you've been up to. I'm still duking it out in court with the ex. Oh the joy...truth and right will prevail though...it has to!
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    Hi, was surfin, saw your tag line "I am a leaf on the wind." You must be a Firefly fan? I love love love me some FIREFLY!
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    HI Carrie! THanks for your message! I'm glad I am being thought of..I think of you, too!!! Just working my tail off to pay my attorneys and for the custody eval. THings are looking up every day...I know it won't be long now till I can go home and be with my kids every day. I'm maintaining at about 168....want to keep going to 160, but gettin' tired of my round....we'll see. How are you?????
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    Thanks for your message! You are so sweet! Man...it takes all I've got to stay afloat...I'm trying to get another part timer or full time job right now so I can syphon money to my attorney...I feel very hopeful things will go right, but it's a mess right now.

    You'd be happy to know that I joined a Dr. Who Meetup group in my town. LOL!!!! I'm such a nerd! I have a huge crush on David Tenant though...so I can't help it. hahaha!

    How are you?? What's new and shaking?
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    So glad to get your message today!!! I miss you, too! I hope your strep clears up soon. I'm starting my next round on May 4th, so maybe we'll start around the same time? I've had major drama in my life lately. My husband is making false allegations of child abuse and has temp. custody of my kids. He shmoozed his way back into my life during our separation and now has complete control. What an a$$!!! I have a good lawyer and we'll kick butt. I miss my kids!
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    How are you?? Haven't seen you in a while...when are you doing a second round?? How's P4 treating you? tomorrow is my last day of P3, then three weeks of P4. only one pound above LDW. Yay!
    Miss you!
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    I'm positive you are GORGEOUS!!!! And you have good taste in sci-fi shows to boot, girl!
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    Carrie, thank you for the compliments, dearie! My arms are less flabby, but by no means skinny! So when are you gonna put up pics??
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    Carrie...how are you doing in p3? How's life treatin' you?? Miss you on the hhcg thread...hop on sometime and let us know how you're doing. Have a great Saturday, dearie!
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    Thanks!! I am partial of course!
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About tardis
Above all things, I am ridiculous.
singing, yoga, belly dancing, shooting, writing, general geekery


R1: P2 1/12 - 2/25 2011; 192# - 165.5# (26.5 lbs lost!)
R2: P2 5/11 - 6/14 2011; 177# - 153.5# (23.5 lbs lost!)
R3: P2 8/14 - 9/12 2011; 169.5# - 146.5 (23 lbs lost!)
(There may be a round 4, most likely in early 2012)



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Gearing up for Round 3!

by tardis on August 4th, 2011 at 10:52 AM
Hey, everyone! I've missed the boards, but I just can't visit much while I'm in P3/P4. It makes me neurotic for some strange reason.

Round 2 was alright for me; I didn't lose as much as I might've liked, but I think I may have actually gained some muscle during R2P2, if that's even possible. Early in P3 I noticed that I was a lot stronger than I had been before round 2. I've maintained okay, needing some correction days here and there. Steak days don't seem to work that well for me.

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Medication Conundrum!

by tardis on June 15th, 2011 at 08:29 AM
I went to the doctor yesterday, and she wants to start me on a new detox protocol for my ongoing health issues. This will involve taking several supplements and prescription Questran, a powdery drink mix that traps bile in your intestine.

There are two preparations of Questran: one contains sucrose (sugar), and the "diet" version contains aspartame.

I will not do aspartame since it can exacerbate neurological issues (which I already have), and I've contacted

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Ending R2P2 earlier than planned!

by tardis on June 9th, 2011 at 09:38 AM
(Cross-posted to hhCG lounge thread)

Wow. New development. So, I just found out I'm going on vacation the second weekend in October, which means that if I want to get another round in between now and then (and be in P4 in time to go on a vacation where my very generous hosts in a remote area with limited food choices WILL be feeding me some carbs) I need to have Sunday be my LDW for this round. Basically, I could either go for maybe another week or two and maybe not lose anymore and

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Coconut Dilemma! And Round 2 P2 stall

by tardis on June 8th, 2011 at 10:23 AM
So, this P2 is still a lot better health-wise than round one, and I'm grateful for that. I'm even able to do some exercise.

Losses have slowed way down. In fact, I'm mired in a very frustrating stall.

I've been 158 lbs for a week now, hovering 8 lbs above my round 2 goal, only 6.5 lbs into VFT. Just... stuck.

Things I have tried (none of these are strict protocol):
1. Three days of higher protein
2. A mini steak day
3. Currently on

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I think I can, I think I can...

by tardis on May 21st, 2011 at 10:44 AM
Today's R2P2 day 9 for me, and it's going pretty well. Today I'm finally back down to my LDW last round, so I'll be making real progress soon.

Last round I averaged about .6 lbs a day, but the fact that I had a major stall at the end brought the average down. I'm hoping to do a bit better than that this round.

My idea is to only ask for 15 new pounds of myself each round. So this round I want to get down to 150, and my third round I'll hopefully get down to 135. After

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