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    ROund 2 went pretty good. It was very different from round 1. I was a tad more hungry than on round 1, but not starving. I got two sunburns which made me stall for a week total between the two of them :P I thought I was done after the second sunburn, then I decided after a week off of hcg, that I shouldn't waste the hcg I had already mixed So I reloaded and went for another 2 weeks. 5 weeks total (not including the week break). I did pretty good and lost 22lbs total that round! yay! I am in p4 now. I am going to order my hcg for round 3 in the next few days.... I would have already, but what I wanted was out of stock- so I keep checking back. Let me know if you have any questions or need a few meal ideas. I went slightly rouge a few times to see what would work for me. Sometimes it was successful, sometimes not!
  2. Round 1 40 days lost 23 pounds. Started p3 on first day of vacation to Hawaii....admittedly not the smartest thing I've done. Gained 5 lbs while in Hawaii. No scale so no steak day to correct. I decided to live with the new weight as my weight and go from there worry about it in round 2. I just started eating regular and all the weight plus an additional pound came off on it's own within the next week. It will be 3 weeks this Thursday and I am 1lb less than by last drops day. I'm thinking I'm starting round 2 a week from tomorrow. Do load days over the weekend. May just wait until after TOM in September since so close. I read I can start after p3 and not do p4. I have been adding more carbs in but just making better choices. Not that hungry. Thoughts on p4?
  3. Doing good day 27, wow is that right? I'm going day by day. If I lose, I keep going. Guess what I keep losing. Good thing but my head still wants different food.
  4. Ok 24 days in and have lost 15.5. I was hoping to have lost 20 by now but that's ok...I am down 15. I did cheat over the weekend and ate 2 handfuls of popcorn and was up 1pm but have since lost it. Not sure how much longer going to do it because we are going to Hawaii at the first of august. We are going to be gone a week. I've heard you can take a "break" and start back up. How would I do that? Wondering if better off phasing off now or just taking a "break" since I'm on a roll. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    After load weight: 182
    Today: 166.5
    Goal for round 1: 160
    Overall goal: 140
  5. I'm on round 1. This is my second week. I seem to have hit a wall. Haven't lost in 2 days. I have lost almost 9 lbs so far but mow nothing. Suggestions? I will definitely check out the cookbook thanks
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    Hey Tay, Have you read the Rogue Saloon thread? Lots of us on there that are tweaking the diet. Gotta do what works! I see on your wall that you love to cook and are discouraged by having steamed veggies and chicken all the time. There is a good HCG recipe book called The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook. I lived off those recipes for the first 2 weeks. Also, one of the other members, Takisha, started a thread with some really delicious recipes. The thread is called something like, Chef and foodie here. What round/phase/day are you on?
  7. A friend did this diet which is what got me started except she did injections and I'm drops. Her first week she lost 8.8 lbs and I only lost 7.5. Listen to me "only 7.5". How much have you lost total, maybe we need to look at big picture loss and not focus so much on daily. I don't know because I'm sure hoping I see a loss tomorrow
  8. What day did you say you started? Hang in there I'm sure you'll lose.....how can we not 500 calories, right? I didn't lose any yesterday just hoping it was bad food choices. I'm not hungry my head is wanting different food. Steamed chicken and veggies for 20 days, really?

    The hardest thing for me is I love to cook and now when I'm cooking for my family I can't taste it.
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    I gained back the .5 that I have been toying with all week, I think I am not drinking enough water or getting enough protein.
    I am getting somewhat depressed. Help
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    How are you doing???
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Day 7 vlcd

by Tayscafe on June 29th, 2011 at 06:10 AM
Not feeling hungry at all, thank heavens. I'm having to make myself eat. I think I need more water, more veggies and less salt. Ate Chinese yesterday steamed chicken and snap peas with soy sauce only....didn't lose anything today. I think I know why so I'm ok. Hopefully tomorrow will show better results.

Day 5 vlcd. Burger, did I mess up?

by Tayscafe on June 26th, 2011 at 05:39 PM
We went to lunch today. I ordered a chicken salad minus the glaze plain grilled with all the "goodie" left off the salad. Our waitress comes out and tells me the chicken is marinated in the maple glaze. Do I want it she asks. No , I said.....yay me for sticking to it. But the only other choice on the menu was burgers or battered food. I ordered the hamburger pattie and a side salad. I only ate half the pattie, but did I mess up? It's thAt TOM so I don't need anything else to throw

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Down another 1 lb!

by Tayscafe on June 25th, 2011 at 07:01 AM
Started Monday with my 2 load days. Now on Saturday, I'm down a total of 5 pounds! Went to a movie last night armed with a bag of apples and water. Survived it.

I am feeling a bit hungry this morning but I have started my ton of water. Any suggestions for more flavorful food. I've been eating chicken or shrimp and salad or broccoli or spinach. I've used various seasoning but I'm definitely in need of some more robust flavor. Any tips.
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