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  1. heyy yea I LOVE FSU its pretty awesome here ... im a nursing major and I pretty sure TCC is one of the top community colleges and its right near FSU .... We have a wonderful nightlife and greek life and tons of events all the time Im glad I chose FSU so definitely check into it and transferring from TCC from what I hear is rather easy so good luck and let me know where you end up going! As for me although im a sophomore this year, I plan on rushing the beginning of next year so thats one of the reasons I really wanted to get back into shape how are you doing so far?
  2. P.S. if you need a buddy you've got one here too!! :]
  3. hello! sorry I haven't replied I haven't been on here for a while! I'm either going to Florida Gulf Coast University, University of South Florida or TCC and transfer to Florida State! I haven't quite decided yet. I can not wait though! I saw on your profile that you go to FSU, do you like it there?
  4. Hey good luck on your journey! Where are you going to school in the fall? And I completely understand when I started college I wanted to be in tip top shape so i lost a lot and now its my sophomore year and gained it back lol so im getting it off again!!! good luck && if you need a buddy youve got one =) yay for us young ones
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