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  1. Hi Tracylee,
    No I haven't ever condensed mine but for a 5000iu vial of premix for a condensed version would be 4ml of solution to the 1ml of premix and then just take 2.5ml per dose 2x/day for 500iu per day. That should still last you 10 days for the 5000iu vial or 5 days each if sharing.
  2. Hi Diane,
    You have so much experience with the rx sublingual, I wondered if you had tried condensing the dose (Belluscio method) to help absorption. My daughter and I tried a condensed dose for a standard 166iu 2x times a day and it was much easier to take. I want to try the heavier 250iu dose but with less wound wash/liquid but my math stinks. Have you tried converting it? With a bottle of 5000 iu do you have a recommendation of how much wound wash to mix and then a proper dose? Thanks for your help.
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