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    Hey you!

    Thanks for the shout out on that other thread. Okay... so I am mostly vegetarian, but at times more pesectarian (eats fish) I do hard boiled eggs and just throw out the yolk. Cooking it that way flavors it. I do cottage cheese, MRM protein shakes (suppersupplements.com) I do the dutch chocolate (almost the same as jay robs) I add in zero fat greek yogurt to that or eat it with fruit. Trader joe is good or chobani. (24 grams of protein per cup) Naked quorn cutlets (soy free) They also have meatballs and crumbles and I make taco's. The dressing is greek yogurt with seasonings and I eat it with cabbage. Feel free to share some ideas with me! Take care.
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    Dearest VM,

    I am back on track, sticking to protocol, and am down the about 11 lbs thus far. Sadly, don't have health insurance, but am able to do self-care to bridge the gap, as much as possible. I've been using Arnica on the joint that has the gout (ugghh), and it relieves the pain, which thankfully is minor.

    Your support has been very helpful, and I am thrilled your cleared for your next round and that we can share the journey of P2 together.

    Sending lots of good wishes your way, and thank you again VM!
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    Ugghhh~Had a setback. I found out I have gout (could anything be less sexy), and it freaked me out. I went off the diet for about 3 days, ate complex carbs, sulked, gained back 3lbs, but today, 9/8 I'm back on it. I also got sick of drinking tea, water & the limited food, and was fearful of harming my body with the vlcd, and protein consumption.

    BUT, I don't want to have gout, don't want to get heart disease, am tired of being fat, and need to change my life, SO~I'm back to it. I may not make it to 40 days, I will make it to (my new) 23 day round.

    I'm counting today as day 10, (even though it's day 12) and moving forward.

    I'm so glad that you are sharing your success because it gives me strength to keep on it!

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    Yes! Granny answered and said the 7th day skip is for injections only. I know there's the "Need Answered NOW" forum, but I haven't been able to find it. So far so good; I'm down 9.8 lbs.

    The hardest part of this diet for me has been drinking the allotted amount of approved liquids-ugh! Hunger is rare and short lived. Still, I can feel my colon going spastic at times, and I am concerned how all this meat and chicken consumption will affect it in the long run-

    I was wondering if I could skip a meat and substitute a protein shake, but I can't do dairy (whey), and rice is verboten, and the pea protein seems hard to digest, so that leaves the egg protein. Have you tried any protein shake substitutes?

    Thanks VM!

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    Sorry to bug you VM, but I just learned something I need help with. On R1P2D6, doing a 40 day round. Bodyshapers, (where I got my drops) says to "skip day 7 to avoid immunity."

    I don't recall that from Dr. Simeon's P & I's. I am feeling little if any hunger-so far so good.

    Do I not take my hcg tomorrow to avoid immunity?

    Ghaaaa. . .

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    Thanks so much, VeggieMama! I truly appreciate your help! This morning I did some research to find vegan protein powders, easily digestible, and good tasting, and I found a few keepers. Also looking to get on Biotin asap since I already have more scalp than hair in places.

    You have a great holiday weekend too, and be safe!

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    Thank so much! Your feedback is very helpful. I wasn't sure if there was and Hcg "vegan" protocol, and I have been searching the board for related posts, but it appears that there is no one Hcg vegan approved food list.

    And essentially, you're saying that you replace meat with either 1 serving of cottage cheese or 1 protocol egg-thingy (1 egg, 3 egg whites). Is that it? Do you know how many oz there are in 100g of cottage cheese? I have a scale, but I think weighting cottage cheese might be a bit too messy.

    I've been grilling, baking or boiling all foods, even apples to help out my IBS. Raw food for this prolonged a period will be horrid.

    Are you off of P4 now? How's it going?

    Thanks again,
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    Your pics are amazing! What a difference. And my goodness you look young! :-)
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    Hello VeggieMama, just wanted to know how you were doing with the diet? Have a great weekend.
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    Hi VeggieMama I never had the chance to thank you for helping me with the ticker, i just didnt know how to reply lol. Thanx and have a great weekend.
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WHAT FAILED: Slimfast, Lean Cuisine, exercise alone, portion control, diet soda, lowfat-whole grain, throwing out the scale
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Texas. Steak Day Alternatives (Vary Type for Multple Days): Fage (36 oz + 1 cup berries p/day)
Steak Day Alternatives: Egg Day (8-12 p/day), Apple-Cheese Day (2 oz cheese & 2 apples for 3 meals)
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