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  1. Hey thanks Christy and HCGpro2 on the feedback. I...

    Hey thanks Christy and HCGpro2 on the feedback. I will look into the Accuflora and I will start out slowly with some fruits and veggies. Any thoughts on what would make for a good breakfast???? I...
  2. What to start eating after P3??? Tommorow starts Phase 4

    Hi Everybody,
    Here is my situation. Since I have been starting P3 for a couple of days I have been eating eggs in the morning and chicken for lunch and dinner with with a couple of mini cucumbers....
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    Missed Meal phase 3 day 1

    I have a question??? Has anyone missed a meal on phase 3 diet and does it make a big impact at all?? My wife missed lunch on day 1 of phase 3 and she is concerned that everything is messed up. Any...
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