My Healing Hcg Diet

My Healing HCG Diet Journey

Hcg Diet 169

I’ve started my Hcg Diet once again and am doing remarkably well. For those who are not familiar with my blog, let me catch you up… I initially lost over 80 lbs on the Hcg Diet, over a decade ago and kept it off until having my son, who is now 2.  After I was finished breastfeeding, I decided to start the Hcg Diet once again.  Well, I made it through one round, losing over 20 lbs that month.  At the beginning of my break between rounds, I unfortunately lost my brother (note to all my readers: please put carbon monoxide detectors in your garages, and not just in your home.)

The following months, I kept the majority of the weight off, but I definitely found it hard to stay on-phase.  I was ready to begin again… when an unfortunate, second tragedy came about in my family.   I lost my baby sister and 10 year old niece to domestic violence.  I cannot tell you the heartbreak that has followed myself and my family since this happened, but it has been the most difficult time of my life, with indescribable pain and sorrow.  The emotional turmoil has certainly wreaked havoc on my health.  In the first month, the stress put 2 sizes on my body, gave me near-constant migraines, and has even had me losing my hair, and just looking pitiful.  Being the woman that I am, I have decided to stay strong, hold my chin high, and focus on healing, helping my family to heal, and not “give up” and get swallowed into the grief.  Not an easy plight, I can tell you.  Most days, I honestly want to stay in bed, crying and eating whipped cream from the can.  But alas… after a month of being away for the services, I returned home and immediately tried to get back into my routine of pilates 3 times a week, yoga 3 times a week, and random gym workouts… futile attempts… I was lucky to stick to pilates 3 times a week, before crawling back into bed and crying.  Heck, I’m crying right now!  I still know it is important not to let all my hard work go in vain… but more importantly, I know that staying on top of my health will probably be one of the most healing things to focus on.

Last week, I ordered all my Hcg diet supplies from Nu Image and started to make my plans.  To be honest, this has been a very different approach than I have had to the Hcg Diet in the past.  It is hard to put into words, but for the most part, I find it hard to throw myself into it as I always have.  Instead, I have decided…. “Screw it. I’m not going to obsess over the planning, or worry about slips. I am healing here, and I will follow what my heart and soul need at this time.”  So far, this has been a blessing, making this the easiest Hcg Diet approach ever (famous last words before the diet starts, right? 😉 )  Well, all my supplies arrived in exactly 5 days, which didn’t give me much time to plan anyway.  I created a list in my FitBook journal, about what I felt my body needed.  It was a short list:

What my body needs to heal…

    Cleansing of toxins;  greens, ginger
    Cleansing of sugars
    Healthy green vegetables and superfoods
    Vitamins, minerals
    Stress relief
    Good sleep
    Movement & light exercise

When I asked myself how I could go about this, it was certainly off the original Hcg protocol and one that I feel even better about.

So here is my approach….

I will break the rules and use this as a cleanse and refresh approach to getting healthy.  I am going to get crazy and wild, mixing my vegetables, allowing myself to have a day here and there where I go off-diet and not kick myself for it.  I’m going to go heavy on the “giving” to my body rather than staying focused on the restriction side and I’m going to see how it goes.

To be honest, I’m not sure how this approach will work, but I feel stronger about it than I have at the beginning of any other round I have ever started on Hcg.  In the past, this has been the only diet that has worked for me, and allowed me to keep the weight off.  I have no doubt in my mind that this approach will work, although I am curious as to how well, and if it will hinder my process or prove to be a fabulous new approach to losing weight with Hcg.

UPDATE:  End of week 1, I have lost 12 pounds.  I have had more food and calories than is allowed on the original Hcg Diet Protocol by Dr Simeons and I had 1 day where I went off-protocol and had regular food while away for the weekend.  I am happy to have still come out 12 pounds lighter and eager to see how my 2nd week goes.

Wish me luck!


Hcg Diet 169
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7 Responses to “My Healing HCG Diet Journey”
  • Jen – I just started following you and literally over the weekend was looking for a status update from your last round, this just popped up in my Google list of updates. I’m so sorry to hear of your families loss and will keep you all in my prayers. I am glad you have begun to take steps towards healing and listening to your body. Sending good thoughts your way. K

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes Kaye. It has been a devestating few months, for myself and my family. We are doing our best to stay positive and send loving energy out to the world… it is much needed. Light and love to you Kaye!

  • Dear Jen, I am very sorry to hear about ur family.. !! Losing loved ones is very hard.. u will be in my prayers u poor thing. Yes don’t be so hard on your self. Grief is like a roller coaster. Try some support groups out U are not alone. sweetie.. Just take care of yourself . .You are doing good. Sending love peace healing light love blessings prayers ur way. take care, Looking forward on the update. 🙂

  • Hi Jen,
    I just found your site minutes before heading out to food shop. I have been looking for this exact kind of information for ever it seems.The basic plan is unappealing as myself love the green healthy juices!
    I have a rebounder as well, and love just bebooping around on my work breaks.
    Your a blessing and very inspirational.
    I’m following your plan to the t! May peace be with you! Kathryn

    • Kathryn, you are my new favorite reader!!!! We are such like-minds! I’m glad this helped you and I really hope you will come back and give me updates. Let me know what you decided to put in your grocery card, and what works for you.

      Thank you for your kind words too! You made my day 🙂

  • Jen, I”m going in for my blood workup on Friday. I”m about 20 lbs overweight but not obese…just poofy. I read your information and love it. I have a BIG question though. I cannot tolerate raw greens at ALL… I love them…my body does not. Something about the chloryphill and my body reaction to that. Any suggestions? So for green smoothies, ,kale, ( I CAN do spinach in small amounts) no peppers, onions, garlic or most veggies (unless cooked). I”ve been on a higher fat content Paleo plan but it’s just not workng (Prob drinking too much coffee/cream) and eat fairly well..just not as active. Any suggestions on foods when greens are not an option?

    • Hello Holly,
      This is so interesting…I can’t say that I have come across too many people who can’t do raw greens so I’m going to ask you to email me privately. I would like to know a little more information so maybe we can come up with a solution. I’m curious too, have you tried something like Amazing Grass Superfoods? I’m curious if supplements wouldn’t be a better route for you.

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