What is colon cleansing and how does colon cleansing help us to lose weight?

Colon cleansing is a simple solution to many health problems while also providing numerous benefits. For dieters, the most desirable of these benefits includes the significant weight loss that results after even one colon cleansing treatment. In fact, it is not uncommon for colon cleansing to flush ten to thirty pounds of matter, resulting in instant weight reduction. Not only does this result in a healthier colon, but rapid weight loss and a healthier, detoxed system.

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Ailments treated by colon cleansing include:

* constipation
* fatigue and insomnia
* parasite infection
* excess weight
* bad breath
* irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
* a protruding belly
* frequent colds
* hemorrhoids
* yeast infections

A frequent bowel problem for most people, and particularly dieters, includes constipation. Most often, constipation is attributed to a low fiber diet and lack of sufficient water, which cause fecal matter to become compressed and condensed. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it results in slower weight loss or even a complete stall simply because the system is “backed up” rather than continuously moving forward.

Over time, a constipated system results in the slow release of toxic wastes, causing strain on the intestinal system- most often signs of this include hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hernia and similar problems. In fact, the longer the waste is permitted to stay in the body, the more the proteins become rancid and the carbohydrates ferment. This ultimately manifests in physical ailment and disease and has been attributed to everything from obesity to cancer.

With even one bowel movement per day, there is still a minimum of three meals worth of waste matter in your system at all times, and a constipated body can hold several days, months or even years of fecal matter. Furthermore, your system can become toxic from the poisonous gases that are caused by foods you don’t tolerate. This is known as “self polluting” in which the poisonous gases can enter your bloodstream and irritate your joints and organs. When your body is in this state, it cannot efficiently operate, let alone lose weight and become healthy.

Most often, people rely on bran and raw vegetables to stay regular. However, these are so rich in fibrous bulk they cannot get through the small spaces remaining for passage of waste in a constipated colon. Instead the waste matter backs up, begins to ferment, and contribute further to poor digestive health.

For those that want lose weight, maintain a healthy body and balance between body spirit and mind, colon cleansing is a must try. Not only does colon cleansing result in instant weight loss, provide fast relief from numerous ailments, and act as a preventative agent for health issues, but for those seeking to lose weight and maintain optimum health and mentality will find colon cleansing to be an essential addition to their efforts in healthy living.

Author Jen Larson, HDI Founder
I lost 88 lbs with the HCG Diet in 2002, and I kept it off for over 10 years and I’m currently on a mission to lose 45 lbs of baby weight with HCG from Nu Image and Diet Doc. This diet changed my life, leading me to start the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. 15+ years later, 100 million visits, over a million pages, & countless lives changed… HDI has become the true highlight of my journey.
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