How long should i do the hcg diet? How long should i do the hcg diet?

The HCG diet is unique in that if you follow the timing rules and phase instructions, you can actually reset your metabolism to remain at a lower set point. It may seem like you are saving time by staying on a weight loss plan until you reach your goal, but what happens is that even if you get there, most people will not be able to stay at their goal weight that way. The body, being calorie or nutrient-deprived for too long, will force the weight back up again by relentless cravings and hunger. People that fail to maintain their losses usually blame themselves for being weak and undisciplined, but it is truly a force of nature they are battling. The body will fight to regain its fat stores. And the body will win.

But there is good news!   The HCG diet is different in that  weight loss is accomplished in short “rounds”. There is a stabilization and maintenance time in between the periods of weight loss.  That allows the body to recover, reset  at a lower weight, and also gives you the opportunity to figure out and practice your strategy to maintain your losses once you reach your goal.

How Long is the Weight Loss Phase of the HCG Diet?

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Timing rules are important!

Observing the HCG round time limits and the time between rounds ensures that your hypothalamus gets the rest it needs to reset your metabolism and lower your set point. Because of this it is critically important to observe those guidelines.


What is the Minimum Hcg Diet Round Length?

The minimum HCG round length is 23 dose days. That includes the 2 loading days plus 21 dose days on the low calorie diet, plus 72 hours additional without HCG. (48 hours if using the homeopathic form.) However, it is not recommended to use a series of short rounds to get to your goal, but to use the short round as a final round when there are 15 or less pounds to lose. You can also use the short round to reset again should you happen to gain weight later. In fact, we recommend that even if you are doing a short round, that you make the effort to complete 30 dose days, as that seems to give the same stabilization success as doing the 40 dose round.

Tips for HCG Dieters

Recommended Hcg Diet Round Length

The intent of the protocol is to allow someone that has even 100+ pounds to lose to do so with a series of 40 dose rounds. This allows you to lose both quickly and safely and effectively get to goal with the least stress to body. This allows the metabolism a chance to rest and reset.


Waiting Times Between Rounds

Equally important to doing rounds that are long enough, is the waiting time in between rounds. There must be at least 6 weeks between the first and second rounds, and that waiting time increases each time and can be as much as 6 months.  Basically, those waiting times prevent immunity to the HCG, and just as importantly, give you the opportunity to practice your maintenance plan for when you get to your goal.  For an in depth explanation of why these waiting times are so important, please see this article:  Why it is important to wait the specified times between rounds.



So in answer to the title question, once you have used a series of rounds to get you to your goal, you are finished. Because you have permanently changed your eating style, you should be able to maintain your goal weight without extraordinary measures. Sometimes other issues (hormones, medications that cause gains, etc) can cause some regain and you can then use this HCG tool again to come back to goal. In a lifetime of dieting experience, this is the only method in which I have not felt ill or deprived during the diet phase. It is almost miraculous that you can feel so good while eating so little, but that is the magic of the HCG diet. It is worth it to follow this very strict protocol because at the end you know you can have the long term result we all want.


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