How to Mix Hcg for Hcg Diet Injections

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  1. I was given hcg diet pills from a friend but not in original container. I don’t know how many to take or how many milligrams they are. I would send a pic but don’t know how. Please help would love to start diet. Thank you

    1. Hello Carolyn, do you happen to know where your friend bought her pills from? Was it Nu Image Medical by chance? or maybe, Diet Doc? These are the two most popular Hcg sources, so I’m guessing. If you can find out the source where the pills came from, we can fill in the details. Do keep in mind though, that this is a prescription drug, so I cannot legally recommend taking someone else’s medication. If you want to email me privately, feel free: hdihealth (@) gmail .com. <3 Jen

  2. I started hcg 2 weeks ago lost 9 lbs so far, started at 125 then 150 bc I was still feeling hungry and right now my stomach rumbles still and I do get hungry off and on throughout the day but some days like yesterday I wasn’t very hungry? What’s going on ? Sometimes I wonder if my doc damaged my HCG when she mixed it for me as she shook the vial hard, which I’ve come to find out from the pharmacist that she could of damaged the proteins. What should I do?

    1. Jen, HCG Diet Info Founder says:

      Hello Lisa,

      Congrats on the 9 pound loss!

      Your pharmacist is right; Hcg should be swirled, not shaken. Before worrying too much, try lowering your dose and see if that addresses the hunger you are feeling. Often times, hunger is a sign that your dosage is too high. This can change every single round, depending on the brand, the type of injection (sub q or intramuscular) and your body’s ever-changing chemistry. For this reason, it’s important to be flexible and address hunger as soon as possible.

      Here are some additional tips for addressing hunger:

      If you lower your dosage but still find yourself hunger, I would certainly suggest requesting another bottle from your doctor. Explain your concerns and what the pharmacist explained about shaking the vial. Hopefully she will replace the bottle without any additional expense to you.

      Also, if you need help adjusting your dosage, feel free to ask one of the coaches or vets in the forums. There are plenty of pros there, happily waiting to offer their help.

      I hope you find this useful Lisa- let me know if you have any other questions.

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