How to Mix HCG Injections for Weight Loss

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HCG Mixing Instructions from Grammy, HDI's Chief Forum Moderator.

How to Mix your Hcg

Here is the standard way on the forum to mix your hCG. If you have a liquid hCG like the Hucog brand, deduct 1 cc of bacteriostatic water.

Clean the tops of the sterile vial, the hCG vial, and the bottle of bacteriostatic water with alcohol. I like using an 18 gauge needle with a 10 cc syringe. Withdrawer 2 cc of air from the hCG vial before mixing. Keep the needle at the top of the hCG vial so you are only withdrawing air. Be careful not to get it down into the hCG. Remove needle from hCG vial and insert into bottle of bacteriostatic water, then withdraw 2 cc of bac water and insert it into the vial of hCG powder. You may get a bit of a squirt out as you put the water in but this is usually harmless, and if you’re careful to pull the air out first, this should be minimal.

Swirl gently, don’t shake. Insert large needle back into the hCG vial and tilt to one side so all the hcg goes to one end. Angle needle into the mixed hCG and pull it up into the syringe. Insert the liquid in the syringe into the sterile vial. Repeat until you are sure there is no more hCG in the hCG vial. Add more bacteriostatic water to the mixing vial (that empty sterile vial you started with) to equal the TOTAL water below. 

* 5,000iu vial – Add 10 cc total bacteriostatic water (add 8 cc to the 2 cc in the mixed hCG)

And here is the amount you would draw for your daily dose. It is the same no matter what size vial you started with.

.25cc (25 units) = 125iu hCG

.3cc (30 units) = 150iu hCG

.35cc (35 units) = 175iu hCG

.4cc (40 units) = 200iu hCG

I suggest starting at 150 iu per day. It’s a good dose for the majority though if you have hunger, you may need to go up or down (usually down.)

Hunger is usually dose related. If your hunger starts about 1pm even though you’ve eaten already, it’s likely the dose is too high. If you’re hungry at night only, it’s likely the dose is too low. Adjusting hCG Dosage if you are hungry.

If you are doing sublingual, then I would order the 5000 iu vials which would last for 2 weeks if you do the standard mix. Then you take 30 units (150 iu)How m on a syringe and hold under the tongue for 2-5 minutes.

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Another HCG Diet Mixing How-To

How to Mix hCG Injections for Weight Loss – This resource was provided by HDI Moderator and hCG Diet Specialist, Mgsondance.  Please visit her in the hCG Diet Forums and give her a “thank you” click!

Please note: HDI recommends using a compounding pharmacy or purchasing hCG Diet Injections pre-made.  For reviews of recommended hCG Diet Suppliers, please visit the hCG Diet Directory.

How to Mix hCG Injections for Weight Loss

I've posted these instructions with as many details as possible but sometimes it's difficult to get this concept from a description- if that is an issue, look on youtube for a video. But use my amounts, when you mix.

1) Set out your 3 vials- hCG, Bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride, and sterile vial. Pull off any caps covering the tops. Have either a bottle of rubbing alcohol ready, or pre-moistened alcohol prep pads. Use either paper towel or a soft rag for the rubbing alcohol. Wet the rag (or take the prep pad) and wipe off the top of one vial, in one direction only. Repeat that twice with each vial, using a different part of the rag or pad each time. Don’t rub back and forth, or you’ll just rub any contaminants back on to the top of the vial.

2) I don’t recommend vials with glass tops, but if you have one, break it off with an approved tool or carefully with a rag. Make sure no glass goes into the Hcg vial, or use a filtered needle to prevent contaminating your mixture with glass.

3)Start by adding all but 2 cc’s of your bact. water or SC to your sterile vial, so that you don’t contaminate the rest of your water bottle with hcg. 

Note- All these sterile vials are pressurized. In order to keep the pressure steady, add 2 cc’s of air before you withdraw 2 cc’s of fluid. To do this, pull the plunger back to 2 cc’s, then push the needle into the vial (preferably into the air space, not the fluid), and push the plunger. This will make it much easier to withdraw the liquid. Now turn the water vial upside down and pull the plunger back out to the 2 cc mark. Generally I’ll draw back a little more than I need, then carefully push the plunger back in until the black ring on the syringe lines up with the 2 cc mark. Flick the syringe with your thumb and middle finger to make sure that you get any air bubbles to come to the top where you can expel them, so that you know that the amount you have is only hcg- not air.

Pull the syringe out and add this water to your sterile vial. After you do so, pull the tip of the needle back into the air space and then draw the plunger back to the 2 cc mark before removing the syringe. Remember- if you’re withdrawing something from a vial, put air in first. If you’re putting something into a vial, take air out afterward. This will keep the pressure balanced and make it easier to get fluids in and out. If the pressure gets unbalanced, don’t worry about it. If it’s too hard to pull out the liquid, go back and add additional air. If the vial “spits” hcg out of the hole when you pull the needle out, you know the pressure is too great and you need to remove air from the vial. Once you do this a few times it will be second nature to adjust this as you go along.

3) Now that you have added 2 cc’s of water to your vial, take another 2 cc’s of water from that vial and add it to your hcg vial. GENTLY roll the vial back and forth between your fingers until all the powder is dissolved, then withdraw it and add it to your sterile vial. If your hcg is liquid, use one less cc of fluid in this step. To make sure you get all the hcg out, hold the vial at a 45 degree angle. Making sure you have a needle that is long enough to reach to the bottom of the vial (at least 1.5” long), stick the tip of the needle into the little crescent of fluid that has collected between the side and the bottom of the hcg vial and withdraw it. This way you know you have all the hcg and have not left any in the neck of the vial. It’s ok if you’re sucking up extra air in order to make sure you’re getting all your hcg out. Once you withdraw the needle, hold it upright, flick the syringe to get the bubbles out, then push the plunger until the extra air is out of the syringe.

This is plenty of fluid to dilute your hcg, and still leaves you with a reasonable amount in case you need to make small dose changes. BUT- some people prefer to double this amount. 

Most docs or pharmacies will mix so that you have 1000 iu’s per cc, and a dose of 200 is .2 cc’s. Personally I do not recommend this for several reasons: 1) when it is this concentrated, it’s easier for it to get “stuck” in your fat and not disperse well; 2) it makes small dose adjustments much harder, 3) too much hcg gets stuck in the neck of the syringe so you may not be getting a full dose.

5) With a vial of 5000 iu’s hcg, you will mix with a total of 10 cc’s of fluid. This again gives you 500 iu’s per cc, so your shot amount are the same as I mentioned about- .25, .3, .35 and .4 are equal to 125, 150, 175 and 200 iu’s. Once again, you can double this amount if you want a larger shot volume. BUT, that requires that you buy the sterile vials that hold 30 cc’s, rather than 10 cc’s.

6) The mixing needle that you use should be at least 3 cc’s, and at least 1.5” long, so you can reach to the bottom of the hcg vial. The gauge does not really matter, but is commonly 25 gauge.

7) To draw out a shot, let’s say you’re going to draw out .3 cc’s. Pull the plunger out to .3 and push that into your mixing vial so you are adding that much air, and then withdraw .3 cc’s. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the syringe. Although it’s best to store your hcg in glass (it retains potency better), for convenience I generally draw up 3-4 shots at a time. Make sure your vial and shots are either wrapped in foil or in a container that does not let in light, and store them in the refrigerator.

8) Syringes- If you are going to mix like I first described, you can buy syringes that hold .5 cc’s- although I prefer the 1 cc syringes because they are a little more sturdy, and thus easier to handle. I prefer 28 or 29 gauge needles. 30 or 31 gauge are thinner, for those who are really wimpy about shots. But you have to be much more careful because the needles are so thin that they bend very easily. You can get a needle length of either ½ “ or .3”. Either are ok, although I prefer the ½ “ for most people. Preferred shot locations are your thigh or abdomen. Clean the area with alcohol and let it dry. Make sure the needle only gets below the skin, into the fat. You do NOT want to get into the muscle, if you’re doing subcutaneous injections (which we recommend). If you do the shots in your belly, inject slightly below your naval, and at least 1.5” away from your belly button. In your thigh, choose the upper third, right on the top. You may put the needle in on a bit of an angle, if you prefer. The injection might be more comfortable if it’s at room temperature. Take your shot out and leave it out for 10’ before you use it, OR hold the syringe under your armpit for a minute and then inject.

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